Diablo 2 Necromancer: Best builds for Resurrected

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Offering a glimpse into the realm of darkness, Diablo 2’s Necromancer emerges as an eerie figure whose profound control over the forces of mortality grants him the power to intensify its wrath upon his adversaries. Engaging in a perilous battle against vitality, Diablo inadvertently finds himself entangled in a relentless conflict with the inevitable end. Without further ado, let us explore the finest Necromancer constructions available.

When it comes to selecting a character, the Necromancer offers a more intricate option compared to the Barbarian or the Sorceress. This mystical sorcerer, who harnesses the power of death and resurrection rather than conventional magic, employs venomous attacks, bone-incantations, and an array of undead allies to confront Diablo and his malevolent forces.

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Although not a conventional ranged DPS class, the Necromancer utilizes spells as a vital component of their build, albeit not reaching the same prowess as the mighty Sorceress. Conversely, in terms of close-quarters combat, the Necromancer cannot rival the Barbarian or the Paladin.

Instead, the Necromancer harnesses an array of extraordinary abilities, all centered around wielding death as a formidable weapon within the game. However, his greatest prowess lies in the power to summon fallen souls and command them to fight by his side. As adversaries perish, the Necromancer’s ranks of the undead swell, continuously replenishing his formidable army.

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Diablo 2 Resurrected necromancer trailerBlizzard Entertainment

With an eerie aura and lethal skills, the Necromancer emerges as a sinister and formidable combatant, harboring a profound loathing for Diablo akin to the masses.

Is the Necromancer right for you?

Rewritten output: Envision yourself embodying the Night King from the iconic Game of Thrones series. This unique perspective allows you to perceive the Diablo 2 Necromancer in a whole new light. The Necromancer relies heavily on the strategic deployment of minions and his shrewdness, which form the backbone of his formidable offense. As he deftly summons his loyal minions, he defies conventions by effortlessly maneuvering in the shadows, unleashing curses and ensnaring foes within bone prisons.

Although he may lack the resilience of certain close-quarters combatants such as the Barbarian, he is far from defenseless in close-range encounters. In the event that adversaries manage to bypass his minions and confront the Necromancer directly, a plethora of malevolent surprises lie in wait to ensnare them.

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The daggers, his preferred armament, possess the ability to be infused with deadly toxins. When empowered by the enhancements of emeralds, enchantments, and mystical energies, these blades unleash devastating havoc upon any adversaries foolish enough to approach within their reach.

Diablo 2 Necromancer: Best builds

For those seeking a touch of ingenuity, it’s worth noting that the true allure of the Necromancer lies in his army of loyal minions. Consequently, if the concept of being accompanied by a troupe of skeletons or reanimated adversaries who bear the brunt of the combat doesn’t quite captivate your imagination, it may be prudent to explore alternative character options.

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Within the realm of Necromancer builds, the art of summoning minions reigns supreme. The sheer delight lies in witnessing your loyal troops unleash chaos upon the battleground, overpowering the opposition. However, it should not be forgotten that players themselves are more than capable of immersing into the heart of the melee.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer

Mixed Summoner

Unleash the true power of the Necromancer in Diablo 2 with this legendary build. Immerse yourself in the art of summoning and witness your formidable squad flourish. As you embark on this epic journey, channel your skill points into the summoning tree, gradually witnessing your forces multiply. Prepare to command an awe-inspiring legion of 62 followers, a testament to the immense strength of the Necromancer.

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A concoction comprised of:

  • A horde of twenty skeletal warriors, armed for close combat, was raised.
  • A formidable force of twenty skeletal mages, masters of ranged combat, emerged.
  • 1 Gollum.
  • A horde of twenty resuscitated adversaries.
  • A solitary, contracted soldier.
  • The inclusion of every skeleton or revived creature demands a valuable skill investment, making it a testament to advanced gameplay. Don’t forget about the opportunity to allocate skill points towards ‘Skeleton Mastery,’ an ability that enhances the strength and vitality of your skeletal warriors and mages. Occasionally, it’s more rewarding to possess a smaller yet more powerful group of skeletons, rather than a horde of underdeveloped and feeble minions.

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    Mixed summoner continued – Gollums

    The mighty Gollum, a formidable summon, remains faithfully by your side until his final breath – or until you cleverly dismiss him. Nevertheless, remember that you can only possess a single Gollum at any given moment. In battles, he possesses a greater resilience than the ordinary skeleton and is less prone to perishing (unless faced with insurmountable odds). Moreover, he has the ability to progress in power through the extraordinary ‘Gollum Mastery’ skill tree, yet his potential does not end there.

    Blood Gollums, the formidable successors of Gollum, surpass the strength of the ordinary Clay Gollums. These mystical creatures, with their vampiric nature, possess the ability to replenish your vitality through the demise of your foes. However, one must bear in mind that their well-being is intricately intertwined with your own, thus caution must be exercised, as it can potentially backfire.

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    Behold the forthcoming enhancement, the Iron Gollum, crafted with a forged weapon, thus infusing the Gollum with the very essence of its enchantments. No longer in need of a potent venomous blade? Transform it into an Iron Gollum and witness your adversaries succumb as if plagued by swarming flies.

    At long last, behold the mighty Flame Gollum, the embodiment of unrivaled might. It engulfs foes who dare approach, and in its final moments, it self-destructs, often dragging its slayers into oblivion. Moreover, amidst a swarm of adversaries, one can dismiss their Gollum, harnessing the destructive spectacle to their advantage.

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    Mixed summoner continued – Revived

    Unlocking the power of revival comes as a reward for reaching level 30 in the game. With this skill, players gain the ability to resurrect fallen foes, up to a maximum of 20 enemies per skill point, within a certain time frame. However, it’s important to note that only those who have surpassed level 50 can fully master this remarkable skill.

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    Reanimated allies shall join your side, marching alongside your skeletal warriors, your faithful Gollum, and any hired soldiers that accompany you. However, their presence remains fleeting, for they shall soon succumb to eternal slumber, unable to be resurrected once more.

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    The drawback of having revived minions on a timer is that they are less advantageous compared to indestructible skeletons, who persist in battle until their demise. However, there is one remarkable aspect that sets them apart. When an enemy is revived to fight for you, they showcase their true potential at the exact level they perished, carrying along all their enhancements and abilities.

    As a high-level character facing challenging difficulties, your revives possess remarkable strength, surpassing even your skeletons. They stand as formidable as the foes you confront, capable of holding their ground. Unfortunately, there exists no Revived Mastery skill to enhance their prowess.

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    In the realm of summoner builds, a truly captivating one would embrace the summoning prowess of a Gollum, accompanied by a horde of leveled skeletons and a handful of resurrected creatures for each character.

    Diablo 2 resurrected

    Summoner build – Melee

    Delve into the realm of summoning by honing your skills in close-quarters combat summons such as skeleton warriors and a Gollum. Channel your points into their development, transforming your skeletal allies into formidable warriors. Unleash an army of up to 20 summoned beings simultaneously, granted you have invested the necessary skill points.

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    Nevertheless, this construction truly thrives upon a myriad of remarkable capabilities, particularly the art of casting curses and conjuring bone-infused spells. In doing so, your skeletal minions gain a distinct upper hand against their formidable adversaries.

    Summoner build – Elemental magic/projectiles

    In a parallel realm, diverging from the previous scenario, you beckon forth a battalion of necromantic sorcerers instead of mere skeletal soldiers. These formidable conjurers wield the forces of nature, unleashing elemental spells upon their adversaries, and when united in great numbers, they unleash a devastating onslaught of immense power.

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    Although lacking in close-quarters combat prowess, their main focus lies in safeguarding their skeletons from adversaries through the utilization of curses and various other formidable skills.

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    For those who embrace the dark arts of Necromancy, it is highly advised to acquire a handful of curses, regardless of the dominance of your minion-focused strategy. These curses possess the remarkable ability to instill fear and chaos within your foes, compelling them to flee in terror, turn against one another, or sluggishly advance. Undoubtedly, these malevolent enchantments hold immense utility, offering both you and your loyal minions a significant edge during intense battles.

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    In the realm of gaming, a curse build thrives by unleashing a multitude of sinister curses to weaken foes before swiftly eliminating them. This calculated approach holds immense value, yet demands a considerable investment of skill points, limiting one’s autonomy to acquire diverse abilities.


    The Necromancer’s prowess in close combat pales in comparison to certain Diablo 2 heroes. Swinging mighty mauls or axes is not his forte. However, his daggers possess a deadly potential when employed in a toxic manner. Furthermore, his arsenal boasts other venomous incantations, including the enigmatic poison cloud and the devastating poison nova.

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    Similar to hexes, a venomous concoction alone might not suffice. However, fuse it with the art of summoning and the infliction of curses, and behold, a truly versatile necromancer emerges.

    Bone spells

    The fallen adversaries hold far more potential than simply resurrecting as skeletons or zombie creatures. Through the power of bone spells, the Necromancer can unleash devastating explosions upon the lifeless bodies, inflicting immense harm and proving to be an exceptional method for handling large groups of enemies.

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    The formidable bone walls ensnare foes amidst your loyal minions, severing their ties with comrades. Additionally, the bone spear manifests as a formidable projectile, capable of escalating in lethality. Unleashing these projectiles amidst the chaos of battle, as your minions engage in close-quarters combat, unveils a highly potent and strategic approach.

    And that concludes our comprehensive guide on mastering the Diablo 2 Necromancer. If you’re eager to embark on your thrilling journey through the mystical realm of Sanctuary, make sure to explore our extensive collection of Diablo 2 guides:

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