Diablo 2: The Best Solo Classes Ranked Worst To Best

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  • Spoiled for choice with solo classes, Diablo 2 beckons you to embark on a thrilling quest to determine the ultimate pick.

    The class selection screen for Diablo 2

    The revelation of Diablo II: Resurrected ignited a sense of exhilaration among loyal enthusiasts and newcomers alike, prompting a reevaluation of age limitations. Experiencing the revival of this iconic action role-playing game evoked an unexpected wave of emotions, blending affection and apprehension. It’s a challenge to maintain unwavering trust in Blizzard following the turbulent saga of Warcraft III: Reforged in 2020 (although the involvement of Vicarious Visions in this remake offers solace).

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    In order to avoid upsetting their most devoted supporters, Blizzard must ensure that Diablo II is remade with skill and also includes support for mods. Ideally, we would have the opportunity to relish Diablo II once more on contemporary devices, complete with controller compatibility, for this game truly embodies the PC gaming experience of its era. For those adventurers who are prepared to embark on a nostalgic solo journey, we have meticulously ranked each class in the game from the least favorable to assist in fueling your impending addiction to collecting loot.

    7 Assassin

    An assassin from Diablo 2

    In order to achieve triumph in Diablo II, one must master the art of acquiring the perfect loot during the thrilling campaign. Without a meticulously crafted assortment of formidable weapons and impenetrable armor to equip our stealthy assassin, this particular class unfortunately finds itself occupying the lowest position on the rankings.

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    Venturing into the treacherous realms of Hell difficulty alongside an Assassin can quickly transform into a futile endeavor, unless the benevolent RNG deities decide to grace you with their favor. A cunningly crafted monk build, specializing in devastating area of effect attacks, or a formidable vampire capable of siphoning mana, might just be your ticket to survival. However, be warned, this perilous journey is not meant for the feeble-hearted.

    6 Barbarian

    A promotional shot that features a Barbarian in Diablo 2

    Should the notion of embarking on a mundane solitary adventure as a melee-oriented Paladin fail to excite you, the Barbarian class is bound to stir up some madness. Nevertheless, don’t despair, as there is absolutely no hindrance in crafting a formidable tank persona capable of effortlessly cleaving and dashing through a solo escapade.

    If you revel in taking the lead amidst the chaos of the game alongside your comrades, and if you yearn for a character who doesn’t conform to goody-goody norms, then the Barbarian class is your ultimate choice. However, this valiant hero does possess a vulnerability when confronted with formidable bosses or overwhelming hordes of undead, thereby making it advisable for newcomers to steer clear of this class during their initial journey through Diablo II: Resurrected.

    5 Amazon

    An Amazon in Diablo 2

    Within the realm of the Amazon class lies an extraordinary being, embodying the spirit of a rogue-like character capable of effortlessly mastering both the art of weaponry and the arcane forces of magic. With graceful finesse, she possesses the power to impede the progress of foes, unleashing devastating blows upon them. Yet, one should tread cautiously, for engaging in close-quarters combat with her is an ill-fated endeavor.

    For those who relish the thrill of annihilating the undead with their trusty bow and arrow, embarking on a maiden solo adventure with a Bowazon build could prove to be a captivating choice. The formidable Amazon class packs a mighty punch, although their vigor depletes swiftly, thus vigilantly monitoring one’s vitality becomes imperative for triumph.

    4 Sorceress

    A sorceress from Diablo 2

    Enthusiasts who revel in casting enchantments while obliterating the undead and plundering remains will find immense pleasure in employing the Sorceress for a solitary adventure. This remarkable class holds a solid position in the hierarchy, as it possesses remarkable power without relying on excessive advantages that other classes may provide.

    With a sorceress build, players can unleash formidable AOE attacks to effectively control crowds, yet few opt to bring this character into PvP battles. However, for those embarking on a solo adventure, a fiery, icy, or electrifying variant of this class offers an unparalleled advantage.

    3 Necromancer

    A necromancer from Diablo 2

    Unleashing the untamed forces and mastering the art of Necromancy in Diablo II has the potential to elevate any gamer to divine status. Let it be known that this prestigious rank on the list is by no means an indication of diminished passion (nor should it overshadow the other astonishing revelations at Blizzconline 2021).

    There’s an unparalleled satisfaction in crafting a Bonemancer, a character that instills no fear when venturing into PVP or the treacherous Hell difficulty. The necromancer reigns supreme in the realm of minion control, offering a haven for avid Diablo II players who crave the intricate art of micro-management and beyond.

    2 Druid

    A druid from Diablo 2

    Don’t underestimate the incredible prowess of the Druid, even though it may not claim the top spot on our list. This class possesses the extraordinary ability to embark on a solo adventure in Diablo II, showcasing a remarkable blend of the Necromancer, Barbarian, and Sorceress classes from the Lord of Destruction expansion.

    For those who delight in having loyal minions take charge in battle on behalf of their character (and seek respite from the tedium of playing as a Necromancer), embarking on a Beastmaster journey is an excellent choice. However, if your desire is to amass an impressive reservoir of vitality, opting for a Ferocious Werewolf build can grant you a staggering 5,000 health points upon the culmination of your solitary expedition.

    1 Paladin

    A paladin in Diablo 2

    When your D&D comrades witness your decision to embody the righteous path of a lawful-good Paladin, they may scoff, but no one can fault you for constructing a formidable Paladin in the realm of Diablo II. This particular class claims the pinnacle position due to its excessive strengths, rendering it an impeccable choice for embarking on a solitary adventure.

    Constructing an Avenger Paladin bestows upon players the formidable prowess of elemental devastation, capable of effectively managing hordes of enemies. Should you succeed in unearthing the perfect artifacts amidst your perilous expeditions within the depths of dungeons, a Hammerdin emerges as an indisputably unparalleled choice for both PvE and PvP encounters.

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