Will Diablo be in Diablo 4?

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Input: You would expect that a Diablo game must feature the iconic character of the franchise, but Diablo 4 might take a different approach by putting emphasis on Lilith and Inarius. So far, the information released about the game has provided very little news about the Lord of Terror. Will Diablo make a prominent appearance in D4, or will the game primarily revolve around Lilith’s chaotic exploits across Sanctuary?

Input: Fair warning, reader: There are some story spoilers ahead. If you prefer to avoid all Diablo 4 spoilers until the game’s release on June 6, might I recommend our entire backlog of weekly cuteness? Or perhaps some Diablo lore.Brace yourself, dear reader, for a cautionary note: Prepare to encounter a few tantalizing story spoilers. Should you wish to steer clear of any revelations until the highly anticipated release of Diablo 4 on June 6, may I suggest delving into our extensive collection of endearing weekly delights? Alternatively, immerse yourself in the captivating realm of Diablo lore.

However, for the time being, let us delve deeply into the captivating tale of Diablo and ponder upon the potential part he could possibly assume in the highly anticipated Diablo 4.

A brief history of the Lord of Terror

Diablo, known as Al’Diabolos, the formidable Lord of Terror, stands among the trio of Prime Evils, the supreme demonic overlords of the scorching depths of the Burning Hells. Born from a single head of the legendary dragon Tathamet, Diablo, along with his siblings, emerged as a result of Anu’s expulsion, driven by a relentless pursuit of absolute perfection. Dominating the Realm of Terror within the fiery abyss, players in Diablo 3 find themselves transported to this nightmarish realm for an epic showdown against the very embodiment of evil, the Prime Evil.

In the world of Diablo, players are first introduced to the diabolical character during the events of Diablo 1. It all begins when Archbishop Lazarus unleashes Diablo from the hidden soulstone within Tristram Cathedral. Despite his initial failed attempts to possess King Leoric, Diablo sets his sights on Leoric’s younger son, Albrecht, as his chosen vessel. As the game reaches its climax, we come face to face with Albrecht, now controlled by Diablo, serving as the ultimate boss to be defeated. The tale concludes with the triumphant warrior, Aidan, who is the older brother of Albrecht and the rightful heir to Leoric’s throne, successfully slaying Diablo and removing the soulstone fragment from the demon’s forehead. This reveals the lifeless body of Albrecht, and in a desperate attempt to contain the Lord of Terror, Aidan places the gem into his own skull.

Regrettably, Diablo swiftly initiated his corruption.


Aiden swiftly departs from Tristram and embarks on a journey towards the eastern lands, donning a mysterious new identity as the enigmatic Dark Wanderer. His sole purpose is to discover a means to effectively imprison Diablo, but unbeknownst to him, time has already slipped away. Throughout the entirety of D2, our focus lies in the relentless pursuit of the enigmatic Dark Wanderer, engaging in an intense battle against Diablo himself as the formidable Act 4 boss, within the confines of the Chaos Sanctuary. Eventually, we succeed in obliterating his soulstone, completely shattering his tenuous hold on existence. However, in the wake of this victory, Diablo cunningly retreats to the ominous Black Abyss, also known as the Void, surreptitiously leaving behind fragments of his demonic essence within the realm of Sanctuary.

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Twenty years after his defeat in Diablo 3, Adria, Diablo’s loyal servant, embarks on a journey across Sanctuary to collect the demonic essences of the vanquished Great Evils. Unbeknownst to the player, they unwittingly aid Adria in acquiring the Black Soulstone, believing it to be the key to vanquishing Azmodan and Belial, the last remaining Lords of Hell. Little do they know, the Black Soulstone, now brimming with power, becomes Adria’s weapon of choice as she plunges it into Leah, birthing Diablo anew as the Prime Evil, possessing the combined might of all seven Lords of Hell. Our ultimate triumph over Diablo takes place within the Silver Spire of the High Heavens, and we successfully restore his essence back into the confines of the Black Soulstone, where it belongs.

Throughout the trilogy of Diablo games, Diablo reigns as the ultimate nemesis. Initially, he emerges as the ultimate adversary in Diablo, later resurfacing as the formidable boss in Act 4 of both Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, effectively securing his position as the final boss prior to expansions. Contemplating his ability to recover from defeat inevitably prompts the question: could Diablo be the menacing force in D4, our ultimate antagonist?


Will Diablo show up in Diablo 4?

Input: Diablo, from a lore perspective, is available for a fight. Per Blizzard’s official story guide, Malthael’s defeat at the end of Diablo 3 released all of the souls he consumed — including Diablo’s. But was Diablo released back into Sanctuary? The Burning Hells? Or did he return to the Black Abyss?In the realm of lore, Diablo emerges as a formidable contender. As stated in Blizzard’s authoritative story guide, the downfall of Malthael in Diablo 3 resulted in the liberation of all the souls he had devoured, including Diablo’s. Yet, the question lingers: Did Diablo reemerge within the confines of Sanctuary, the fiery domain of the Burning Hells, or perhaps, he found his way back to the enigmatic depths of the Black Abyss?

Since we have everything from serene ocean cliffsides to the gaping maw of Hell itself, what does that mean for the bestiary?

In the fiery depths of hell, where chaos reigns, the Diablo 4 release date trailer unravels its tale. Caught amidst the clash of powers, Inarius boldly faces off against the enigmatic Lilith.

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Within the realms of Sanctuary lies a gateway to the fiery depths of the Burning Hells, a tantalizing prospect that beckons the possibility of the nefarious Lord of Terror himself traversing this portal. As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of Diablo 4, the burning question remains: will he assume his role as the formidable adversary, much like he has in the preceding three installments? And perhaps, in this upcoming chapter, shall we be granted the opportunity to vanquish Diablo once and for all?

Indications point towards an improbable scenario. Although Diablo could potentially have a minor part in the forthcoming game, all the glimpses we’ve caught thus far portray Lilith as the primary adversary. In truth, there exists a chance that Lilith triumphs over Diablo single-handedly.

Lilith holding Diablo's skull

Within Blizzard’s blog post introducing Diablo 4, a captivating visual emerges – Lilith, adorned with immense horns, clasping a scarlet demon skull. Curiously, the BlizzCon 2019 Art Studio panel unveils an illustration of the infamous Lord of Terror himself, bearing a striking resemblance to the very skull Lilith possesses. Furthermore, tantalizing previews from the forthcoming Book of Lorath reveal a section dedicated to Demonic Relics, highlighting three potent artifacts found amidst the remains of the Prime Evils, including the enigmatic Horn of Diablo. Astonishingly, the depiction of this horn bears an uncanny likeness to Lilith’s prized possession. Surely, this convergence of imagery cannot be mere happenstance.

Yet, the open beta’s accomplishments hint at Diablo’s absence or perhaps a deviation from the expected battle against him. Notably, there are feats to be earned by eliminating the formidable foes of the game, such as the recently introduced Astaroth, the reappearing Lesser Evil duo of Duriel and Andariel, and even the revered figure of the Blessed Mother Lilith. Surprisingly, there is even recognition for vanquishing the infamous Butcher. However, noticeably absent from this list is Diablo.

Where is this all leading? In the Diablo 4 beta, it is revealed that Lilith is on a mission of her own, one that involves acquiring a key from her son Rathma in order to unlock the fiery depths of the Burning Hells. The reasons behind her actions remain a mystery, although the release date trailer shows a menacing demonic army surrounding her. Opening the gates to the Hells serves a dual purpose: amassing her forces and obtaining a formidable weapon like the Horns of Diablo. Lorath vividly describes the destructive capabilities of these horns, stating that anyone unfortunate enough to be wounded by them should hope for a swift and merciful end.

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It could serve as a suitable conclusion for Inarius, the ex-partner of Lilith, who, driven by prophecy, took the life of her eldest child.

Should Lilith be on a quest to acquire the formidable Horns of Diablo, whether to wield them against Inarius or for some other purpose, it could suggest an intriguing possibility: the demise of Diablo at the hands of Lilith or another. This hypothesis might account for the depiction of Lilith adorned with a skull and the conspicuous absence of any accolades for slaying Diablo.

On the other hand, Lilith’s intentions might encompass an entirely different agenda, and the image merely serves as a mere depiction.

Should Diablo have a role in Diablo 4?


Oh, how disappointingly uneventful was that? Regretfully.

Diablo, the game of confusion. It’s perplexing to play a Diablo game without Diablo. As a sequel, certain elements are expected. The Butcher and Diablo make appearances in the first and third installments, while the remaining Great Evils emerge in Diablo 2. Despite her crucial role in creating Sanctuary, Lilith remains unseen in the previous games as she was trapped in the Void for centuries since the first Diablo game. Although she was involved in the Diablo 2 Pandemonium Event, it was only as a manifestation. The true introduction to Lilith for players is discovered within the lore books scattered throughout Diablo 3, particularly in the Pandemonium Fortress, with hints of her presence in the stories of other characters throughout the game.

Input: But the game isn’t called Lilith, it’s called Diablo 4. Whether we’re fighting alongside the Daughter of Hatred or against her, I fully expect Diablo to show up along the way in all his terrifying glory, and I look forward to stomping his demonic self back to the Burning Hells again.However, the game goes by the name Diablo 4, not Lilith. Regardless of whether we join forces with the Daughter of Hatred or oppose her, I anticipate encountering Diablo himself in all his awe-inspiring grandeur, eagerly awaiting the chance to crush his demonic presence back into the depths of the Burning Hells once more.

Input: What do you think? What should we see, if anything, of Lord of Terror in the next Diablo title? Or will Lilith’s shenanigans keep us fully occupied for the next 8-10 years?Care to share your thoughts? Shall we encounter the Lord of Terror in the upcoming Diablo installment? Or will Lilith’s mischievous antics captivate us entirely for the next 8-10 years?

Initially released on June 19th, 2020, but subsequently refreshed on April 17th, 2023.

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