Diablo 3: All Classes, Ranked

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  • The destiny of Sanctuary teeters on the edge, making the selection of the perfect class in Diablo 3 absolutely vital, especially when there are 7 unique character classes to choose from.

    Diablo 3 Imperius Logo Diablo

    Prior to embarking on Act 1 and reuniting with the esteemed Deckard Cain, one must embark on the crucial task of choosing a character class. Out of the magnificent array of 7 classes, each possesses its own distinct playstyle, offering a splendid combination of strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, these classes bring forth an assortment of game mechanics that intricately mold the way one engages with the game.

    The classes in Diablo 3 are incredibly captivating and finely-tuned (to a certain degree), thus it is advisable to select a class that resonates with your inner cravings. To assist in making this decision, this compilation delves into the exhilaration experienced when playing each class, as well as the abundance of viable strategies it offers in the endgame.

    7 Witch Doctor

    Diablo 3 Witch Doctor

    The Voodoo Shaman, known as the Witch Doctor, possesses the extraordinary ability to conjure formidable beings to unleash upon adversaries and effortlessly endure enemy assaults. Commanding an entourage of zombies, spiders, piranhas, and an array of other creatures, the Witch Doctor strategically maintains a secure vantage point while skillfully weaving potent incantations.

    Although boasting a plethora of captivating incantations and the ability to pursue various paths in its development, the Witch Doctor’s gameplay is imbued with a passive essence, rendering it a class that progresses at a leisurely pace. Despite its initial appeal as an introductory choice, this mystical practitioner struggles to sustain a riveting gameplay experience, proving less efficient in rift-clearing endeavors and bounty completion.

    6 Barbarian

    Diablo 3 Barbarian

    The Barbarian, exuding a raw and captivating aura, stands as a formidable force on the battlefield, embodying the essence of a robust front-line character. Boasting an array of potent incantations that further enhance the Barbarian’s fierce temperament, this class offers an exhilarating gaming experience when accompanied by a well-chosen build.

    For those aspiring to embody the raw power of a Barbarian, embarking on a daring adventure with a Leap + Quake build is an absolute must. Centered around the awe-inspiring abilities of Leap and Earthquake, this extraordinary build grants unparalleled agility, allowing you to gracefully traverse the terrain while leaving a trail of chaos in your path. Alas, beyond this exceptional build, the Barbarian falls short in matching the exhilaration and nimbleness offered by its alternative end-game possibilities.

    5 Necromancer

    Diablo 3 Necromancer

    Harnessing the dark arts to raise a legion of undead warriors and extracting life force from its foes, the Necromancer emerges as an enigmatic sorcerer adept at confronting the diabolical forces. Possessing mastery over manipulating and detonating lifeless corpses, as well as wielding the formidable forces of Blood, Bone, and Poison, the Necromancer presents a visually captivating spectacle and a truly captivating gameplay experience.

    From commanding Skeletons to hurling Bone Spears, the Necromancer unveils a myriad of thrilling playstyles and an arsenal filled with potent spells. Whether you’re a novice adventurer or a seasoned veteran, this class boasts an abundance of enticing possibilities to explore.

    4 Monk

    Diablo 3 Monk

    For those who find solace in spending their weekends indulging in the captivating world of Kung Fu movies or perceive the art of combat with a bare fist as the epitome of honor, behold the Monk class. An embodiment of martial prowess, the Monk expertly embodies the esoteric Way Of The Hundred Fists, capable of unleashing a devastating Seven-Sided Strike.

    The Monk, known for its unparalleled versatility, offers a plethora of choices for avid melee enthusiasts. Not only does it present a unique zero-DPS support build, but it also possesses the ability to transform into a spellcaster with a formidable ranged attack known as the Wave Of Light. If you have a fondness for playing as a Paladin in Diablo 2 or a Druid in World of Warcraft, the Monk’s remarkable jack-of-all-trades essence is guaranteed to captivate you.

    3 Wizard

    Diablo 3 Wizard

    As the rightful heir to Diablo 2’s Sorceress, the Wizard embodies all your desires in a magical practitioner. Possessing the remarkable skill to swiftly traverse the chaos of the battlefield and unleash a barrage of elemental projectiles, the Wizard offers an enthralling and captivating gameplay experience.

    The mystical sorcerer possesses an array of potent archetypes to embrace, capable of embodying a fragile yet explosive force or harnessing their arcane prowess to repel imminent harm. Boasting unparalleled mastery in the arts of Meteor, Hydra, and Energy Twister, the enigmatic Wizard exerts dominion over the very elements, obliterating ghastly creatures with naught but a flick of their wrist.

    2 Crusader

    Diablo 3 Crusader-1

    The Crusader, though appearing as an immovable fortress in its heavily armored tank-like form, surprises all with its unparalleled agility within the game. Norvald’s Ferver, a remarkable set comprising a Flail and Shield, bestows upon every build the eternal presence of Steed Charge, rendering the Crusader an exceptionally dynamic class.

    Armed with the mighty powers of Heaven’s Fury, Condemn, and Bombardment, the Crusader embodies the essence of a nimble, formidable, and mystical warrior, effortlessly obliterating obstacles in the treacherous rifts. Whether you embrace the perilous realm of Hardcore or simply seek resilience in the face of adversity, the Crusader vows to shield you from harm and unleash unrivaled devastation upon your foes.

    1 Demon Hunter

    Diablo 3 Demon Hunter

    The Demon Hunter, a master of ranged combat, possesses the remarkable ability to adapt to your desires through a myriad of effective playstyles. Should you seek a secure and effortless approach, the timeless archer build of Multishot combined with the mighty Unhallowed Essence is at your disposal. On the other hand, for those yearning for exhilaration and audacity, embrace the chaotic thrill of Hungering Arrow alongside the formidable Gears of Dreadlands set, allowing yourself to spin with wild abandon.

    The Demon Hunter excels both as a lone warrior and as a formidable ally in a team. With the ability to assume the role of a zero-DPS support, a versatile utility player, or a relentless force of destruction, this class offers endless possibilities. Its simplicity makes it ideal for novice players, while its potential for mastering intricate strategies and conquering challenging rifts appeals to the most ambitious adventurers.

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