How to add games to the Steamdeck

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As of June 7, 2023, an intriguing discovery has been made regarding the accessibility of Battle.Net on the SteamDeck. Surprisingly, the most convenient method appears to be utilizing NonSteamLaunchers-On-Steam-Deck, as reported by Gaming On Linux. Although I have yet to personally test this approach, it seems remarkably simple, although it does not provide separate game entries within Steam. Nevertheless, it should suffice for swiftly satisfying your Diablo cravings.

Amidst Battle.Net’s exhilarating spring sale, the captivating allure of Diablo II: Resurrected has held my attention for quite some time. Seizing the opportunity, I promptly took the plunge (and even added StarCraft Remastered to my collection). However, being an ardent Steamdeck gamer nowadays, I found myself pondering over the challenge of installing Battle.Net on my trusty deck, along with the individual launchers for these enthralling games.

To embark on my gaming journey, I foolishly decided to experiment by installing the Battle.Net launcher directly through Steam Proton. Oh boy, what a blunder that was! It turned out to be a colossal undertaking with no favorable outcome. Determined to find a better solution, I turned to Lutris. Lutris had already earned its place on my computer for quite some time, and if it hasn’t found its way to your gaming arsenal, I highly recommend installing it first via the Discover app. Now, let’s proceed with the next step:

  • Step into the realm of desktop mode.
  • Input: Head over to https://lutris.Net/games/battlenet/ and give that enticing “Install” button a tap. Watch as it ignites an installation script within your marvelous Lutris setup. Simply proceed by following the delightful instructions presented by the app.
  • After the installer has completed its journey, proceed to log into Battle.Net. Now, you will have the capability to acquire various downloads.
  • To enhance your gaming experience, simply perform a right-click on Battle.Net within Lutris. Opt for the intriguing option of “Add steam shortcut” and behold the magic unfold (In case you stumble upon “Delete steam shortcut” instead, fret not, for the shortcut is already in place). It’s important to note that the availability of this feature is contingent upon restarting Steam, but let’s not concern ourselves with that for the time being.
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    Diablo II: Resurrected

    In desktop mode, a fascinating creation awaits you – a Lutris application seamlessly integrated with your Battle.Net installation, sharing the mystical Wine prefix. Embrace the significance of this enchanting union!

  • Input: Navigate to https://lutris.Net/games/diablo-2-ressurected/ (not a typo, there is a typo in that slug indeed), click “Install”. Follow the steps.Embark on a thrilling journey by visiting https://lutris.Net/games/diablo-2-ressurected/ (don’t be fooled, there’s a delightful typo within that slug), and with a simple click, initiate the installation process. Now, faithfully tread the path outlined before you.
  • Input: Should you have not yet done so, commence the launch of Battle.Net and proceed with the installation of Diablo II: Resurrected.
  • Begin your thrilling adventure with Diablo on Battle.Net, but remember to make a swift departure.
  • Input: Within the realm of Lutris, simply perform a right-click maneuver upon the esteemed Diablo entry, subsequently opt for the wondrous option labeled “Configure”, and venture forth into the mystifying domain known as “Game options”.
  • Navigate to the “Executable” option and select “Browse” to unveil a world of possibilities. Journey through the mystical realms of /home/deck/Games/battlenet/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Diablo II Resurrected/D2R.Exe, where the ancient powers of Diablo II Resurrected await your arrival. Embrace the path less traveled, ascending one folder up, and immerse yourself in the Diablo folder to uncover the legendary D2R.Exe.
  • Input: Under Arguments add -launch.Incorporate -ignite within the Arguments.
  • Save..
  • Ensure that the app’s Steam shortcut has been incorporated.


    In order to ensure seamless compatibility with Battle.Net, it is imperative that the StarCraft edition adopts the identical Wine prefix employed by Diablo II. You have two options to achieve this: either replicate the preexisting “Diablo II: Resurrected” entry, or, if you prefer a different approach, kindly adhere to the outlined steps 1 and 2. Subsequently, apply the following modifications to your game entry:

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  • Embark on an epic journey by initiating Battle.Net and immersing yourself in the captivating world of Starcraft Remastered.
  • Simply perform a right-click on the specified game entry (whether it’s your replicated version of Diablo II or the Diablo II entry that you have no intention of using), and opt for the “Configure” option.
  • Transforming the realm of “Game info”, let’s venture into the enchanting land of “Starcraft Remastered” and endeavor to embrace its captivating essence through the identifier “starcraft-remastered”.
  • Input: Modify the executable in the “Game options” section to /home/deck/Games/battlenet/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/StarCraft/x86_64/StarCraft.Exe and include -launch in the Arguments.
  • Save..
  • The art in Lutris should update automatically. Ensure that the app’s Steam shortcut has been incorporated.

    Once all the tasks are completed, venture back into gaming mode. Don’t hesitate to modify the visuals of the recently added elements, such as utilizing the SteamGridDB plugin for Decky. Moreover, I have arranged a special assortment called “Battle.Net” and included Battle.Net along with both games in it.

    Screenshot from the Steamdeck, showing a “” collection containing, Diablo II: Resurrected and StarCraft Remastered shortcuts

    Now, you have the capability to initiate your games using their unique Steam shortcuts. Keep in mind that our setup may not provide complete access to Battle.Net, so if you require it for multiplayer or unlocking DLCs, you must launch through the Battle.Net shortcut instead. However, for the Cartoon skin in StarCraft Remastered, a single launch through Battle.Net was sufficient ^^.

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