Diablo 3: How To Claim Season Rewards (Season 27)

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Diablo 3: How To Claim Season Rewards (Season 27)

Input: How can one obtain season rewards in Diablo 3? Assuming you possess a fair amount of experience in the game, this information may not be news to you. Nevertheless, there exist individuals who remain unaware, and given the influx of new players on a daily basis, a comprehensive guide would prove beneficial in acquainting everyone with the necessary knowledge.

With every fresh season of the game, an array of enticing rewards awaits players, regardless of their gaming tenure. The allure of novel treasures and cutting-edge equipment beckons, urging them to push their limits.

Unsure of how to proceed as a novice player? Fear not! Delve into the realm of Season Rewards in Diablo 3 with this concise guide.

How To Claim Season Rewards In Diablo 3?

Embark on the Season Journey, a thrilling adventure where players can conquer diverse quests and reap the bountiful rewards that await them. Unlock a treasure trove of cosmetic wonders to adorn your collection, ranging from adorable Pets to captivating Portraits, majestic Wings, striking Pennants, and much more. Additionally, delve deeper into the realm of practicality as you earn valuable rewards like extra storage capacity and coveted armor sets.

The Season Journey consists of nine captivating chapters, with each subsequent chapter posing a greater challenge than its predecessor. However, conquering every chapter promises a delightful reward. Refer to the table below to discover the enticing rewards that await you upon completing each chapter.

Keep in mind, the Haedrig’s Gift set that will come your way is determined by the Class of your character at the moment of unveiling each Haedrig’s Gift. In order to amass a complete Class Set, you must unlock all three gifts using the very same character.

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Once you’ve successfully finished Chapters 2, 3, and 4, the gateway to your well-deserved season reward for that specific chapter will swing wide open. There’s no need to hold your breath until all the chapters have been conquered; you have the power to seize your rewards without delay.

Chapter Reward
I None
II 1st Haedrig’s Gift
III 2nd Haedrig’s Gift
IV 3rd Haedrig’s Gift, portrait frame and aesthetic item (This could be a pet, pennant, or wings)
V: Slayer Journey Portrait frame
VI: Champion Journey Portrait frame
VII: Destroyer Journey Portrait frame
VIII: Conqueror Journey Stash tab, portrait frame
IX: Guardian Journey A new Portrait Frame and aesthetic item(s) (This could be a portrait frame, and pet or wings)

How To Claim Diablo 3 Season Rewards On PC

PC gamers will discover a charming little envelope symbol tucked away in the lower left corner upon conquering each chapter. Embrace the allure and click this exquisite button to seize your well-deserved Season Reward within the realms of Diablo 3.

How To Claim Diablo 3 Season Rewards On Console

Console players in Diablo 3 have a slightly unconventional process for claiming their Season Rewards. Instead of the traditional method, they must navigate to the Season Journey menu and locate the enticing “View Rewards” button. From there, they can embark on a satisfying clicking adventure, claiming their well-deserved rewards chapter by chapter.

What Are The Season Rewards For Diablo 3 Season 27?

With the arrival of Season 17, Blizzard developers embarked on a captivating journey of reintroducing past rewards, ensuring that players who might have overlooked them initially could now relish in their glorious offerings.

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Season 27 brings with it a delightful surprise – the revival of awards that were once only obtainable in Season 15. Alongside the coveted Conqueror Set’s Chest and Glove slots, players will also have the opportunity to acquire a stunning collection of portrait frames that beautifully capture the essence of the eternal conflict. And for those who can’t resist the allure of cosmetic pets, Belphegor eagerly awaits to snatch your coins as it embarks on thrilling escapades by your side, traversing the vast lands of Sanctuary.

Discover a plethora of awe-inspiring armor sets bestowed by Haedrig’s Gift in the adventurous Season 27. Satiate your curiosity by simply clicking on the link provided.

Embark on the epic Season 27 Guardian Journey and unlock the coveted Laurels of Knowledge portrait along with the enigmatic Corvus Cadaverous pet, showcased below.

Here’s the complete guide on how to claim your Season Rewards in Diablo 3. If you’re in search of an abundance of Diablo 3 Tier Lists, Builds, and tips, you’ll discover a plethora of guides through the following links:

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