Diablo 4: All Stronghold Locations in Hawezar

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In the heart of Diablo 4’s fourth act lies Hawezar, a realm brimming with untold adventure. Within this mystical land, ancient marshes exude an otherworldly aroma, while the windswept highlands whisper secrets of perilous encounters. Sinister beings, ranging from relentless demonic cultists to an enigmatic breed of serpentine monsters, inhabit this treacherous domain, their existence veiled within the confines of Hawezar’s boundaries.

In Diablo 4, Hawezar boasts a trio of formidable Strongholds awaiting conquest by players. To truly ascend in Renown and leave no area unexplored, one must embark on a treacherous quest to locate and liberate these accursed domains from their monstrous overlords. Brace yourself, for the whereabouts of all of Hawezar’s Strongholds are about to be unveiled.

Eriman’s Pyre

Eriman's Pyre location in Diablo 4

Nestled on the edge of the northern realm of Hawezar and the unforgiving frozen expanse of the Fractured Peaks lies the Cinder Wastes, a scorched terrain left in ruins by the wrathful specter. Amidst the desolation and debris, a dilapidated village emerges, its centerpiece being the eternal flame of Eriman’s Pyre.

In this quaint Stronghold, players embark on a sacred mission to gather the fallen villagers’ lifeless bodies, gradually extinguishing the towering pyre and liberating their tormented souls. Assemble all four corpses to ignite a climactic battle against a formidable Banshee-like miniboss, armed with blazing fire assaults. Triumph over this malevolent entity to grant the villagers eternal peace and unveil the enigmatic Oblivion dungeon, where the Aspect of Shared Misery awaits.

Crusaders’ Monument

The Crusaders' Monument in Diablo 4

Beyond the boundaries of Zarbinzet, lie the pathways that guide one towards an enigmatic relic, erected to commemorate a doomed Crusade and the valiant souls who perished in its name. This sacred ground, once imbued with sanctity, now suffers from the intrusion of despicable Graveplunderers, provoking the slumbering deceased to awaken, consumed by an unwavering wrath.

Embark on a thrilling adventure within this petite yet formidable Stronghold, which promises to challenge you for a mere few minutes. Seek out the lifeless bodies of Graverobbers, seize their precious Crusader Skulls, and set ablaze this macabre collection upon the Ritual Brazier stationed at its heart. Engage in a formidable encounter against three ethereal Crusader ghosts, a task not insurmountable but one that demands caution. Although the completion of the Crusader’s Monument does not grant any new treasures, it contributes significantly to your progress in conquering the illustrious Hawezar map.


Vyeresz village in Diablo 4

Hidden within the murky marshlands of Hawezar lies a charming hamlet harboring a dark enigma. Standing proudly as the grandest bastion in the vicinity, Vyeresz is now infested with an unsettling array of serpents, each more disquieting than the last. Meanwhile, an enigmatic ceremony unfolds within the domain of the local serpent worshippers, adding to the already burdensome predicaments faced by the inhabitants of Sanctuary.

Rewritten In the initial part of the Stronghold adventure, players will embark on a search for Snake Eyes within Vyeresz. These mystical artifacts are crucial for unlocking the grand temple gate situated in the heart of the town. Upon opening the gate, the nefarious cultists will be replaced by the formidable Nangari snake monsters, known for their venomous assaults and paralyzing stares. The ultimate challenge lies in defeating a significantly larger Nangari boss, which surprisingly poses little difficulty. Emerging victorious against this formidable foe will grant access to a brand new Waypoint and a vendor station, conveniently located on this side of Hawezar.

Brace yourselves, for the epic realm of Diablo 4 has now unfolded its gates, beckoning warriors from across the gaming cosmos. Prepare to embark on this thrilling odyssey, as the game stands ready to conquer the realms of PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Surrender to the call of destiny and immerse yourself in a world where darkness and adventure collide in an extraordinary symphony of gaming brilliance.

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