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The Rogue of Twisting Blades boasts unparalleled swiftness in the realm of Diablo 4, rendering it a supreme choice for expedited leveling. By seamlessly merging a close-quarters combat approach with extraordinary nimbleness, this build magnifies the capacity to strike numerous adversaries simultaneously, propelling the player through zones with unparalleled efficiency. Although it demands a certain level of skill, the gratification derived from its harmonious execution is simply awe-inspiring.

Twirling Blades entails a captivating Core Skill that inflicts a fair amount of damage on a single target within close quarters, only to unleash a flurry of blades that pursue you and wreak havoc on anything unfortunate enough to cross their path. The entirety of this build centers around the latter aspect of the skill, as it possesses greater strength and has the capacity to obliterate entire groups in a single sweep. Consequently, this metamorphoses an initially straightforward melee build into an astonishingly dynamic hit-and-run playstyle that demands swift cognition and nimble maneuvering.

In order to achieve complete synchronization, we channel our investments into Dash and Shadow Step, allowing us to swiftly navigate the battlefield and unleash devastating waves of returning blades. As we constantly reposition ourselves amidst adversaries, we rely on the stunning abilities of Methodical Shadow Step, the incapacitating power of Poison Trap, and the unrivaled defensive advantage provided by the Ultimate Passive Momentum, effectively minimizing any potential harm that may come our way.

Embark on a thrilling journey through the realms of Diablo 4 alongside the enigmatic Twisting Blades Rogue, as this comprehensive guide unveils the secrets to conquering the elusive endgame. Brace yourself for an adventure like no other!

This build guide takes you through the Campaign up to Level 50. If you’re looking for Endgame guides, check out our Rogue Guides section. 

Lightning speed ✔Swift vanishing acts ✔Unpredictable teleportations ✔Strike and never glance behind ✔.

❌ Challenging to Master ❌ Subpar Defensive Skills ❌ Intense and Energized Gameplay ❌ Requires Continuous Motion.

Our primary prowess lies in Twisting Blades, an extraordinary ability. By deftly embedding a pair of knives into our foe, these blades gracefully retrace their path back to us after a mere 1.5 seconds. The crux of this skill lies in its subsequent impact, forming the cornerstone of our entire strategy, ingeniously crafted to unleash its utmost potential. Furthermore, the inclusion of the Advanced Twisting Blades enhancement significantly diminishes our cooldowns, thereby transforming this build into a remarkably swift and seamless experience.

In order to embark on this journey, we must allocate 2 points to Basic Skills, thereby unlocking the myriad of other sections awaiting us. Opting for Puncture seems most fitting, as it not only grants us a substantial boost in Energy, but also possesses the ability to bestow Vulnerable upon formidable adversaries, thereby aiding us in conquering larger targets.

Tier 2: Perforation.

Puncture Perfected: Level 3.

The essence of this build lies within the enigmatic Twisting Blades. Once you engage in close combat with an adversary, the blades gracefully retreat to your present location, only to resurge 1.5 seconds later, striking all foes that dare to cross their path.

Maximizing the impact of your returning blades becomes pivotal when faced with multiple adversaries. As of now, without the forthcoming mobility tools at your disposal, your options narrow down to walking and Evade in such circumstances. Engage in 1-3 consecutive attacks against the enemies and swiftly initiate a retreat, ensuring that the trailing monsters bear the brunt of your strikes from the rear.

Use the Slider to see Progression Steps

Blade Twisters at Level 4.

Twisting Blades Unleashed: Level 5 Upgrade

The Art of Twisting Blades: Mastered at Level 6.

Puncture of the Core: Level 7

Input: At this juncture, you gain access to one of the Rogue’s trademark abilities: Dash. This nimble maneuver grants you two charges, offering swift options for initiation, evasion, or strategic repositioning. And while we’re on the subject, we acquire Shadow Step as well, another tool for enhanced mobility that excels in initiating combat or swiftly teleporting to a new target, enabling you to strike multiple adversaries with the artful prowess of Twisting Blades. Moreover, it facilitates teleportation over precipices, proving remarkably advantageous in open-air environments.

Upon reaching level 13, a realm of Subterfuge Skills unveils itself, revealing the coveted Dark Shroud. This particular skill holds great significance within the intricate tapestry of Rogue builds, for its unparalleled safeguarding capabilities. Not only does it shield us from harm, but it also serves as a catalyst for enhancing our agility through the cunning art of Subverting Dark Shroud.

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Upon reaching level 15, a gateway opens to the captivating world of the Rogue’s Specialization class mechanic. Swiftly embark on the Priority Quest to amass an abundance of Combo Points. Although the significance of this effect may not be of utmost concern, Puncture remains a steadfast companion, frequently employed to amplify our destructive prowess and augment our fleet-footedness intermittently.

Dash: The Eighth Level.

Unveiling Level 9: Shadow Dance.

Blades of the Spiral: Levels X to XII.

Thirteenth Level: Shrouded in Darkness.

Dark Shroud Unleashed: Unleashing the Power of Level 14

Unraveling the Veil of Darkness: Level 15

Welcome to the pivotal moment when the entire build springs to life! Behold the magnificent Poison Trap, a formidable instrument that effortlessly neutralizes hordes of monsters, enabling you to conduct your nefarious affairs without fear. Embrace the exhilaration of leaping into battle with Shadow Step, effortlessly striking down your adversaries with remarkable precision.

Upon reaching level 20, a world of possibilities unfolds with the unveiling of the Inner Sight Specialization. This extraordinary power holds the key to resolving our Energy dilemmas. Embrace this transformative Specialization and keep a watchful eye on the mesmerizing purple eye icon hovering above adversaries. These enigmatic symbols mark the prime targets that must be struck in order to invoke a complete replenishment of resources. Combine this newfound knowledge with the potent force of Innervation, and you shall find yourself effortlessly employing Twisting Blades without the overwhelming reliance on Puncture.

The Enigmatic Stage: Venomous Snare.

The seventeenth level: Empowered Venomous Snare.

Blade Dance at Level 18: The Dance of Swirling Blades.

Shadow Dance Amplified: Ascending to the 19th level

Stage 20: Systematic Stealth Leap.

Unleash the power of Inner Sight by converting your Combo Points at Level 20.

Levels 21-23: Unleashing the Power.

Tier 24: Resilient.

Explore the realm of Innervation at levels 25-27, where the ancient powers of vitality await your discovery.

Stage 28: Thrill of the Rush.

Swift as the wind, Levels 29-31 bring forth the power of Haste.

Momentum stands as the definitive Passive we opt for in our build. Twisting Blades, a melee skill, allows us to effortlessly accumulate 3 stacks as we swiftly retreat from a vanquished group, thanks to the returning blades component. Maintaining the effect demands minimal effort, except in minor skirmishes. Every employment of Shadow Step guarantees an additional stack, ensuring its perpetual motion. To sustain the effect during encounters with formidable bosses and majestic elites, intermittently dash or sidestep behind them.

By now, the fundamental groundwork has reached its culmination. Our focus now revolves around amplifying our damage, fortifying our defenses, enhancing our speed, or further honing our previously assigned abilities. Such meticulous attention ensures a seamless transition into the endgame with this particular build.

Unleashing the Art of Traps: Levels 32-34

Stage 35: The Power of Progress.

Levels 36-38: Mind-blasting.

Unleashing the Power: Siphoning Strikes at Level 39-41.

Venomous Vengeance: Level 42.

The Alchemical Advantage awaits at Level 43, inviting you into a realm of limitless possibilities and untapped potential.

Toxicity Unleashed: Levels 44-46

The Path of Weapon Mastery Unlocks at Levels 47-49.

In Diablo 4, amassing all the Renown grants you a delightful bonus of 10 additional Skill Points to allocate to each of your characters. Your utmost focus should be on investing these points in the leveling journey we have meticulously laid out for you. Once you have successfully traversed this path and reached the ultimate destination, it is time to channel your efforts into the nodes that pave the way for the astounding Twisting Blades Endgame Build Guide.

Renown 1: Turbocharged Sprint.

Renown 2: The Art of Focused Speed.

Renown 3-5: The Eloquent Shuffle.

Infamous 6-8: Malevolence.

The illustrious 9-10: Dash.

Check out our Renown Guide to unlock all your additional rewards efficiently. 

Within the realm of the Rogue’s Class Specialization lies a realm of endless possibilities, where you are bestowed with the opportunity to embrace one out of three mighty passive effects, capable of elevating your build to new heights. These three alluring choices await your discerning eye:

  • Fusion Points (lvl 15) – Employ Fundamental Abilities to amplify your following Essence Abilities.
  • Input: Inner Vision (lvl 20) – Unleashes a surge of Energy replenishment upon engaging with designated foes.
  • The Art of Readiness (level 30) – Unleashes the power of your Ultimate Skill, granting it the ability to reset all other skills.
  • Upon reaching the esteemed level 15, a captivating odyssey awaits you, commencing in the enchanting town of Menestad, nestled amidst the majestic Fractured Peaks. Enshrouded in utmost importance, a beckoning Priority Quest impels you to lend a helping hand to the illustrious Leyrana. Embarking on a riveting journey, your path meanders through several captivating locations on the outskirts of town, until you find yourself venturing into the treacherous depths of the Forsaken Quarry Dungeon, culminating in the triumphant completion of the enthralling questline, thereby unlocking the coveted Combo Points. As you bask in the glory of this achievement, the mystical realm bestows upon you the automatic unveiling of the other two extraordinary Specializations, once you have attained their minimum level.

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    Every Specialization possesses immense power, demanding your strategic mastery. However, our focus in this particular build lies within the realm of Inner Sight, a formidable tool in our quest for enhanced Energy recovery. Prior to unlocking Inner Sight at level 20, we shall rely on Combo Points instead. Once activated, Inner Sight manifests as a captivating purple eye icon, embellishing both our resource globe and the ethereal visage of nearby adversaries. Striking these marked foes fuels our gauge, ultimately culminating in a bountiful Energy replenishment and the boundless barrage of Twisting Blades for a fleeting 4 seconds. The significance of this effect hinges upon the scarcity of your resources, necessitating a discerning level of vigilance accordingly.

    Ascending in Diablo 4 bears resemblance to numerous other ARPGs and MMOs – our fate lies in the hands of fortuitous loot drops. Primarily, this entails swapping out Rares with superior Rares as we progress towards level 50. Should fortune smile upon us and grant us the discovery of Legendaries, a substantial surge in power awaits, compelling us to swiftly equip such treasures. In the event that we remain unfortunate in finding such rarities, let us divert our attention to several pivotal statistics that warrant our scrutiny throughout our journey.

    Try this tip: Hold down the SHIFT key while hovering over an item to make a comparison with what you currently have on!

    Maximize your destructive potential by wielding the fiercest Melee Weapon in your arsenal. Your Ranged Weapon, on the other hand, serves as a catalyst for their might, making its DPS a secondary concern. The key attributes to seek in these weapons are:

  • Input: 1-H Weapons: Dagger enthusiasts rejoice! Embrace the exhilarating power of high DPS, as you unleash devastating core skill damage and inflict vulnerability on your foes. Feel the thrill of dealing damage to those standing in close proximity, as you wield these lethal weapons of choice.
  • Preferred ranged weapons include crossbows, with a focus on core skill damage, vulnerability damage, and inflicting damage on nearby foes.
  • Upgrade your Melee Weapons at the Blacksmith as you level up, ensuring you conserve materials for future item endeavors.

    When it comes to armor pieces, they usually bestow us with Defense and Utility stats, with the exception of the Gloves that unleash an overwhelming surge of Offense. Now, let’s take a closer look at the crucial statistics to keep an eye out for:

  • Helm: Enhancing Cooldown Reduction, Fortifying Armor, and Revitalizing Life.
  • Shielding: Diminishing Harm, Shielding, Vitality.
  • Blade Twisters: A Hierarchy of Gloves, Enhancing Critical Strikes, and Accelerating Attacks.
  • Trousers: Mitigation of Harm, Protective Attire, Vitality.
  • Footwear: Enhanced Mobility, Reduction in Energy Expenditure.
  • When embarking on our leveling adventure, it is crucial to acknowledge the immense impact of jewelry, which offers formidable Offensive stats. However, it is prudent to exercise caution and scrutinize the rolls meticulously, as higher-tiered accessories do not necessarily guarantee enhanced performance.

  • Enchanted Charm: Swift Stride, Vitality Conservation, Havoc Infliction, Temporal Compression.
  • Circlets: Chance to Strike with Precision, Fierce Strike Magnitude, Devastating Power.
  • Should fortune smile upon you and bless your possessions with sockets, adorn them with the following treasures:

  • Weapons: Emerald.
  • Armor: Topaz.
  • Jewelry: Skull.
  • The Tome of Dominance is a compilation of Mythical Elements that can be etched onto Scarce or Mythical artifacts at the Occultist’s den. They become accessible once we conquer certain Enigmatic Labyrinths scattered throughout the realm of Sanctuary. In our quest for advancement, there exist a handful of potent abilities that can greatly assist us, provided we possess the necessary wealth to etch them.

    The Ultimate Ranking of the Top 3 Powers for Ascending in Codex!

    Aspect Dungeon
    1. Bladedancer’s Offensive Aspect Jalal’s Vigil

    2. Ravenous Resource Aspect Shifting City

    Dry Steppes
    3. Edgemaster’s Offensive Aspect Oldstones


    Extra Reward: Upon completion of the campaign or opting to bypass it while leveling an alternate character, seize the opportunity to acquire the Offensive Aspect of the Blast-Trapper from Kor Valar Ramparts situated in the mesmerizing Fractured Peaks.

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    Caution: Refrain from engraving your Weapons as they will undergo frequent substitutions during leveling. Instead, allocate Offensive Attributes to your Amulet, Rings, Gloves, or Ranged Weapon.

    If fortune smiles upon you during your leveling endeavors, and you stumble across a Legendary item, it’s highly likely that it will serve as an upgrade for you, urging you to equip it promptly. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that not all Legendary items are crafted with the same level of excellence, and a select few possess the ability to propel your adventure forward at an astonishing pace. Now, let us delve into the realm of the five most extraordinary powers you may come across, and uncover the secrets to harnessing their potential to the fullest.

  • Input: Accelerating Offensive Aspect – Unleashes a surge of unstoppable momentum, granting a substantial increase in Attack Speed upon successfully landing a critical hit. This exceptional ability elevates the build to unprecedented levels of potency.
  • Offensive Annihilation – Grants an augmented chance to land critical strikes and enhances the duration of crowd control effects, thereby fortifying one’s defensive capabilities.
  • The Defensive Essence of Rebellion – Unleashes a myriad of defense mechanisms, effortlessly accumulating power as our strikes strike numerous adversaries. Unearth this formidable force within the Dungeon Halls of the Cursed, nestled in the heart of Kehjistan.
  • The Umbral’s Resource Aspect – Enhances the build’s fluidity by granting additional resources. Seek it within the treacherous Dungeon Champion’s Demise nestled in the arid expanse of Dry Steppes.
  • The Ghostwalker Mobility Aspect offers a thrilling burst of speed and the uncanny ability to effortlessly traverse through adversaries, making it a formidable asset for enhancing precision. Seekers can unearth this coveted treasure within the enigmatic depths of the Dungeon Broken Bulwark nestled amidst the mysterious realm of Scosglen.
  • Leveling Tips and Tricks

    As we conclude this leveling guide, let’s delve into a plethora of invaluable insights and clever maneuvers that apply universally to every class and specialization!

    Embark on an adventure with our Campaign Guide. Experience the exhilaration of exploring the game firsthand (Coming Soon!).

    Enhance Your Elixir: Unveiling the secret to the growth of your character’s potion lies in the acquisition of essential ingredients. While traversing through Sanctuary, be vigilant in gathering all necessary materials, with a particular emphasis on the coveted Gallowvine, a vital component in numerous concoctions!

    Alchemist location in Kyovashad

    Input: Compare your items, but with a twist. Hold down the Shift key while hovering over an item in your inventory to unleash the power of comparison. Witness the magic as it reveals whether the item you’re eyeing is a worthy upgrade or not.

    Rewrite: Embrace the power of Renown as your faithful companion. As you venture through the vast realms, seize every opportunity to amass Renown. The rewards it offers extend far beyond your immediate endeavors, encompassing a wealth of Skill/Paragon points and an abundance of Potion charges. Embark on this journey to accrue Renown by activating Waypoints, unearthing the sacred Altars of Lilith, conquering Side Quests/Dungeons, and liberating Strongholds.

    Input: Exercise Caution with Gold. Many late-stage procedures, such as procuring and etching Mythical Attributes, come with exorbitant costs for a freshly-minted persona. Refrain from squandering your entire Gold reserves during your journey!

    Don’t Engrave Your Armament. The utmost pivotal contraption during the process of advancing is your armament, perpetually being substituted. Consequently, imprinting a Legendary Dimension upon it is an extravagant depletion of resources. Alternatively, allocate your superlative offensive Dimension onto your Amulet, ensuring its prolonged utility.

  • With its lightning speed and exhilarating gameplay, the Twisting Blades Rogue emerges as an extraordinary leveling build, promising an incredible gaming experience.
  • Unleash a fierce onslaught upon your adversaries, followed by the swift execution of Evade, Twisting Blades, and Shadow Step, allowing the lethal blades to strike multiple foes upon their return.
  • Enhance your Energy management by optimizing Innervation, cultivating Inner Sight, and implementing cost reduction measures wherever feasible.
  • Employ the Venomous Snare and Shadow Veil to safeguard against hostile assaults.
  • Devote your energy to enhancing your Melee Weapons above all other possessions.
  • Keep a keen eye on the Codex of Power for extraordinary Legendary Powers, particularly the mesmerizing Bladedancer and those that yield an abundance of Energy while enhancing your prowess in dealing damage or reducing damage inflicted upon you.
  • Crafted by the imaginative mind of wudijo, thoroughly examined by the discerning DiEoxidE and the insightful Xtra37.

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