Diablo 4: Altars of Lilith (All Locations)

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Fear not, for we shall guide you through the treacherous realm of Diablo 4 in search of the elusive Altars of Lilith, unveiling their hidden sanctuaries at every turn.

Discover the mystical enigma surrounding the Altars of Lilith as we embark on this captivating journey. Unveil their secrets, unearth their hidden locations, and immerse yourself in a realm of invaluable insights, tips, and tricks.

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What are Altars of Lilith?

Scattered throughout the vast realm of Diablo 4, one can stumble upon the enigmatic Lilith Altars. Although a few of these statues are conveniently placed, others remain cunningly concealed, waiting to be discovered in the depths.

Discovering a fresh Altar of Lilith bestows upon the player an enduring enhancement to a specific attribute, amplifies their capacity for Murmuring Obol to the maximum, or even offers the valuable reward of Paragon Points!

Each Altar has a preassigned bonus, ensuring that discovering all of them will produce identical outcomes for all players.

Behold, the grand compilation of the Altar buffs:

  • +2 Dexterity.
  • +2 Intelligence.
  • +2 Strength.
  • +2 Willpower.
  • Capacity of the Whispering Obol +5.
  • Gaining one Paragon Point boosts your prowess.
  • In addition to the enduring enhancement in stats, discovering each Altar will bestow a substantial amount of Renown.

    diablo 4 renown system

    Unlocking renown brings forth a plethora of extraordinary treasures and holds significant significance in the advancement of one’s character. The Altars of Lilith serve as a splendid avenue to swiftly amass renown, with each statue granting a generous 10 units, surpassing the time-consuming endeavors of engaging in lengthy side quests or treacherous dungeons.

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    Where can I find Altars of Lilith?

    Altars of Lilith lurk surreptitiously amidst myriad corners of the map, their elusive nature posing a challenge to the most intrepid explorers. However, should your eyes chance upon a crimson radiance, verily, you have stumbled upon one. Lo and behold, a grand tally of 160 Altars of Lilith awaits your discovery.

    Fractured Peaks

    Fractured Peaks proudly houses an exquisite collection of 28 enchanting Altars dedicated to the divine presence of Lilith.

  • The Abandoned Uplands: Four.
  • Dobrev Taiga: The Triumphant Trio.
  • Arctic Abyss: Quintet.
  • Gale Valley: The Triad
  • The mighty and fierce warrior, Kor Dragan, stood tall and proud as he faced his opponent.
  • Malnok: 1.
  • Nostrava: 1.
  • The Ghostly Grove: 3.
  • Unlocking the Mysteries of Sarkova Pass: Journey Through the Enigmatic 4th Dimension
  • Celestial Throne: Trio.
  • Scosglen

    Scosglen Altars of Lilith Locations

    Scosglen boasts an impressive count of 34 Lilith Altars scattered throughout its mystical lands.

  • The Enchanted Woods: 3.
  • Wilds of the Highlands: Six.
  • Hope’s Radiance: 1.
  • Welcome to the enchanting Moordaine Lodge, where magic and wonder await at every turn. Step into a world of fantasy and adventure as you embark on a journey like no other. With its mystical charm and captivating allure, Moordaine Lodge is the perfect destination for those seeking a truly extraordinary experience. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, surrounded by lush forests and shimmering lakes. Indulge in luxurious accommodations fit for royalty and indulge in delectable cuisine that will tantalize your taste buds. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or an exhilarating escapade, Moordaine Lodge has something for everyone. Discover the secrets hidden within its walls and let your imagination run wild. Are you ready to unlock the magic of Moordaine Lodge? Step inside and prepare to be amazed.
  • Northshore: 4.
  • Strand: 3.
  • The Enchanting Downs: Trio
  • The Enigmatic Pursuit: Trio
  • The Mystical Marshlands: Trio
  • Tur Dúlr: 1 – Unveiling the Enigma
  • The Haunting Valleys: Trio
  • The Enchanted West: Trio of Lowlands.
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    Dry Steppes

    Dry Steppes Altars of Lilith locations

    The Dry Steppes houses a grand count of 33 Altars dedicated to the enigmatic entity known as Lilith.

  • The Enchanted Chambatar Ridge: A Trio of Wonders.
  • Explore the Enchanting World of Dindai Flats: 3.
  • Hatred’s Realm: 1.
  • The Mystical Jakha Basin: A Trio of Wonders.
  • The Enigmatic Khargai Crags: A Thrilling Trio.
  • The Majestic Kotama Grasslands: A Captivating Sight to Behold
  • Black Jesus: 1.
  • The Rotting Sanctuary: 1.
  • The Cursed Desolation: Two.
  • The Enigmatic Obsidian Observatory: II
  • The Wounded Shoreline: Quattro.
  • The Enigmatic Tusmaa Rift: A Journey into the Unknown.
  • Unbridled Ridges: Four.
  • Hawezar

    Hawezar Altars of Lilith Locations

    Hawezar boasts an impressive count of 34 sacred Altars dedicated to the enigmatic deity, Lilith.

  • Blightmarsh: 4.
  • Monument of the Crusaders: 1.
  • Gloomy Slopes: Four
  • Eriman’s Inferno: 1.
  • Fethis Wetlands: The Enchanted 4
  • Abandoned Shores: Trio
  • Delta of the Rotspill: A Thrilling Trilogy.
  • The Enigmatic Remains of Rakhat Keep: Part 1.
  • The Twisting Quagmire: Four
  • The Venomous Marshlands: Four
  • The Enigmatic Umir Plateau: A Mysterious Journey
  • Vyeresz: 1.
  • Kehjistan

    Kehjistan Altars of Lilith locations

    Kehjistan boasts a grand sum of 31 divine sanctuaries dedicated to the revered entity known as Lilith.

  • Alcarnus: 1.
  • The Ruin’s Altar: One.
  • The Enigmatic Amber Sands: A Mysterious Number Seven.
  • Caldeum: 3.
  • Hatred’s Harvest: Trio.
  • Omath’s Fortress: 1.
  • Unkempt Shoreline: 4.
  • Sands of Exuberant Exploration: 6.
  • The Vast South: Five.
  • Do I need to find Altars every time I make a character?

    Input: Uncovering each and every Altar may prove to be a challenging task, yet the fruits of your labor shall be a remarkable treasure. The blessings bestowed by these Altars shall extend to all forthcoming characters within your account!

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    The skill tree system in Diablo 4 promotes specialized builds by making it costly to reallocate skill points, in contrast to Diablo 3. Consequently, players may opt to create new characters instead of respecing to achieve a different build. The introduction of Altars will greatly facilitate the leveling of alternate characters, granting them instant strength. Ultimately, the time invested in discovering each Altar will undoubtedly yield time savings in the future.

    Input: It is important to remember that discovering Altars of Lilith can still hold value for future characters, as they will continue to grant Renown upon discovery. Therefore, if you happen to come across one in a nearby area, it might be worthwhile to take a slight detour. Nevertheless, it is not mandatory, as there are numerous alternative methods to accumulate Renown.

    Do Altar bonuses reset for new Seasons?

    The developers have officially announced that the empowering effects of the Altars of Lilith will persist as we venture into fresh Seasons. This news brings an immense sense of relief, as it means we can avoid the tedious task of constantly searching for these altars.

    Ultimately, the developers have demonstrated their admiration for our precious time and desire for the Altars of Lilith to be a gratifying escapade rather than a monotonous endeavor.

    Thank you for perusing! Make sure to explore our plethora of Diablo 4 guides and articles.

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