Who are all of the characters in the Diablo 4 trailer?

who are all of the characters in the diablo 4 trailer 034628

Within the captivating Diablo 4 trailer, only a solitary individual unveils their identity: Lilith. The remaining characters embody a realm of unfamiliar faces or individuals whose names remain concealed throughout the cinematic masterpiece.

Isn’t that wonderful? It allows us to indulge in endless speculation about their true identities.


Get ready to embark on a wondrous journey, but first, indulge in the captivating marvel above. If this magnificent spectacle has eluded your gaze prior to this moment, the forthcoming article may bewilder you. Yet, even if you’ve beheld its enchantment before, taking a moment to relish it once more shall invigorate your recollections.

And now, let’s delve into the enigmatic ensemble of the silver screen.

An group of treasure hunters driven by greed

As we cast our eyes upon the scene, a peculiar sight unfolds before us – a band of individuals, seemingly adorned with the attire of treasure seekers rather than the renowned Nephalem or valiant heroes. Their purpose is clear, unadulterated pursuit of riches, as they have taken it upon themselves to invade an ancient church situated in the most desolate reaches of the land. Deep within this hallowed ground, they tirelessly excavate a passageway, leading them to an enigmatic subterranean tomb or temple. While the precise whereabouts of this location may point to Scosglen, as indicated by the tombstone in the enthralling cinematic, such details hold little significance in the present moment.

Consumed by sheer avarice, their souls are tormented by the cruel reality that one among them is abandoned to face certain death, justified by the callous proclamation that “dividing gold among three is more profitable than among four.” Unsurprisingly, the unity of this assembly swiftly crumbles into oblivion.

A Zakarum priest leads the way

However, within the group, not all are driven by the pursuit of treasure. Amongst them resides a devoted priest of Zakarum, whose initial quest for knowledge has unexpectedly thrust him into a perilous battle against malevolent entities. Distinguished by his unwavering recital of a sacred prayer that invokes Akarat and the timeless brilliance of the Zakarum faith, he stands as a unique presence among the adventurers.

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With the knowledge that Mephisto corrupted the Church of Zakarum by concealing his Soulstone prison beneath Travincal, it is intriguing to witness a Zakarum priest venturing into a tomb in search of enlightenment. Equally fascinating is the priest’s flawed invocation of Akarat and the Eternal Light, which proves to be easily shattered by the conclusion of the cinematic.

Regardless of his underlying intentions, the Priest skillfully decodes the time-honored enigmas, potentially dating back to the era of the ancient Nephalem ruins unearthed by Rakkis beneath the Blood Marsh. Astonishingly, he unravels the revelation that blood is the key to unveiling the enigmatic passage within. Upon entry, an overwhelming sense of horror consumes this enigmatic priest as he unravels the solemn purpose behind the monument—a shrine devoted to the resurrection of “the Daughter of Hatred” in Sanctuary.

I am intrigued by the source of the ancient knowledge possessed by a priest of Zakarum, predating Akarat’s vision of Yaerius. It appears probable to me that this knowledge is somehow linked to the Temple of the Triune, which was operational during the Sin War. It was during this time that Lilith, seeking to restore the Nephalem’s power after Inarius weakened them into feeble humans using the Worldstone, walked Sanctuary. The ritual itself demands three willing sacrifices, although the concept of “willingness” seems to be quite loosely defined.

Mephisto, one of the three powerful Evils lurking beneath Travincal, had spent centuries corrupting the Zakarum. He also played a role as Mefis within the Temple of the Triune, where his own son Lucion initially led. However, Lilith, Mephisto’s sister, plotted to overthrow Lucion and reclaim control over Uldyssian Ul-Diomed, the first of the reemerging Nephalem.

Despite the mysteriousness surrounding the identity of this priest, he exudes an intriguing presence within the unfolding drama. The enigmatic nature of the Zakarum and Mephisto further adds to the captivating allure.

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A mysterious chalk-faced figure

Emerging from the shadows is a resurrected cadaver, one of those intrepid seekers of hidden riches, now transformed into a pallid specter. Whispers circulate, yet concrete evidence remains elusive, suggesting that this ethereal being could possibly be none other than Rathma. Unveiling the enigma of their true identity lies solely within the cryptic dialogue exchanged between this mysterious figure and the esteemed Zakarum priest.

The exchange between them is absolutely captivating as it skillfully exploits the Priest’s lackluster comprehension of Akarat’s teachings, which, in all probability, was made feasible by Mephisto’s long-standing corruption of Zakarum’s doctrines. The argument stating “There is no light here” is purely sophistical and should not have convinced anyone who truly comprehends that the Light mentioned by Akarat resides within, carried within the very souls of every individual, regardless of gender. The mere fact that the Priest ventured to the tomb in search of knowledge, only to fall for such an easily debunked doctrinal fallacy, speaks volumes about his true devotion to Akarat.

Perhaps this enigmatic being is none other than Rathma, also recognized as Linarian, the illustrious offspring of Lilith and Inarius, and the very first Nephalem. While it may seem like a simple deduction due to the mention of Lilith as “mother,” we should not hastily assume a direct familial bond, considering Lilith’s role as the progenitor of Sanctuary and the Nephalem.

Lucion, once the esteemed Primus of the Triune and Lilith’s kin, faced a fate of vanishing into oblivion after Uldyssian’s intervention during the Sin War. The enigma of his disappearance leaves us pondering the possibility of his improbable resurgence.

Inarius, the very essence of likelihood, could be the one behind it all. Imprisoned in the depths of Hell for countless millennia, he found an opportunity to break free when Mephisto was banished to Sanctuary as part of the Dark Exile. Nevertheless, a fleeting glimpse of an ethereal being bound by chains, quite possibly Inarius, amidst Lilith’s triumphant return, casts doubt on this possibility.

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Amidst an abundance of potentialities, I perceive an equal likelihood that this enigmatic individual may be an unfamiliar entity, intricately connected to Mephisto and the Coven orchestrated by Maghda and Adria, an ancient lineage originating from the hallowed Temple of the Triune.

The return of Lilith

Lilith, shrouded in silence throughout the trailer, reveals her unmistakable presence. “Utter the incantation. Summon her essence,” entices the enigmatic being to the clergyman. The summoning rite reaches its fruition as these phrases are spoken aloud.

By three they come

By three thy way opens

By the blood of the willing we call thee home

Hail, Daughter of Hatred, Creator of Sanctuary

Hail Lilith

After the completion of her sacrificial act, Lilith emerges back into the realm of the living. A cloaked enigma addresses her as the revered “mother of blessings” and earnestly beseeches her to come forth and rescue them.

What does it all mean?

The film leaves us with a myriad of questions, particularly piquing my curiosity about the priest’s role. The enigmatic connection between Mephisto and the Zakarum adds to my uncertainty regarding the unnamed Zakarum priest showcased in this cinematic. Surprisingly, his proficiency in the language of Demons or the ancient Nephalem surpasses expectations as he immediately identifies Lilith and declares the forbidden ritual to summon her. It begs the question, where did he acquire such knowledge? Could it be from Mephisto and his tainted Zakarum followers, like Archbishop Lazarus? Furthermore, why does he exhibit a lack of expertise in actual Zakarum theology? What drove him to assist a group of treasure-hungry hunters in infiltrating a church in search of mere coins?

The cinematic is brimming with captivating elements, and I eagerly anticipate unraveling its mysteries.

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