Overview of Season Journey in Diablo 3

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The Season Journey unfolds an array of challenges and goals, creating a captivating path for both novice and veteran players, shaping the rhythm and essence of seasonal gameplay.

In the realm of Diablo, the ever-changing seasons span a span of around three moons, offering players an opportunity to embark on a thrilling journey through the game’s arduous challenges with renewed vigor. During these seasonal escapades, no trace of gold, items, or characters from the non-seasonal realm is retained, compelling players to embark on a fresh chapter by nurturing a fledgling Level 1 character.


The Season Journey for Season 28

Embarking on the Season Journey grants players the opportunity to conquer a myriad of challenges, unlocking a treasure trove of rewards. These rewards encompass not only enchanting cosmetic trinkets like adorable pets, captivating portraits, and majestic wings, but also practical advantages such as expanded storage capacity and complete attire sets tailored for the season.

Diablo Back Spikes

At the beginning of the season, it offers players an expedited method to swiftly equip themselves and rewards them with an assured complete set of gear, specifically tailored to that particular season.

Embark on a thrilling journey through four captivating chapters, each brimming with enchanting quests that bestow exquisite set pieces. Delve further into the realm of adventure to unveil a myriad of supplementary objectives, enhancing the allure of the seasonal portrait frame while lavishing you with delightful rewards.

Behold, the magnificent array of sets for Season 27 unravels before us:

  • The Savage Ninety Barbarian Horde’s brand new level 70 initiation construct.
  • Unleash the power of the Crusader’s Aegis of Valor with this innovative and exciting level 70 beginner’s build.
  • Unleash the Power: A brand new, fearsome ensemble for the Demon Hunter in the treacherous realm of Dreadlands.
  • Unleash the Power: Monk Patterns of Justice – A Revitalizing Journey at Level 70!
  • The Burning Carnival’s Necromancer Masquerade, a fresh 70 starter build, exudes an aura of mystique and enchantment.
  • Embrace the mystical allure of Witch Doctor Mundunugu’s Regalia, a spellbinding ensemble crafted exclusively for those who dare to venture beyond the mortal realm. This extraordinary fresh 70 starter build unveils a world of unparalleled power and untamed magic, waiting to be harnessed by the chosen few.
  • The Veil of Wizard Typhon, a refreshingly innovative starter build for level 70.
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    Completing the Season Journey

    Embark on a thrilling journey through the primary 4 chapters, where a speedier path awaits, tailor-made to suit your group dynamics and the ever-changing seasons.

    In order to swiftly assemble your classroom for Season 27, adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Ascend to level 70, traversing the path we unveil in our Season Commencement manual. This shall guarantee your acquisition of Kanai’s Cube and the vital resources required.
  • After reaching Level 70, unleash your creativity by designing an exhilarating game for your comrades, set it on the formidable Master difficulty, and embark on a thrilling adventure to conquer all the bounties scattered across Acts I to V. However, for a more collaborative experience, leave the boss bounties for the grand finale, considering that certain classes might find them quite arduous to tackle alone.
  • After successfully obtaining and gathering all the bounty caches bestowed by Tyrael, it becomes crucial to meticulously verify if the obligatory boss eliminations for the expedition have been accomplished. Should the designated bounties in your gaming session fail to encompass the essential bosses, proceed forthwith to their locations and swiftly terminate them.
  • After accomplishing this task, venture into the realm of other objectives awaiting you within every chapter. These tasks include empowering your loyal companions and forging remarkable equipment. It is within your capabilities to conquer all the challenges presented in Chapters 1, 2, and 3 without ever stepping foot outside the safety of the town. Should your follower require additional tools to be fully equipped, fear not, for the Blacksmith possesses the knowledge to craft a follower token for you.
  • Upon successfully finishing these chapters and acquiring the 4-set bonuses from the gear rewards, elevate the game to Torment IV difficulty and eliminate the Keywardens residing in every act, with a single Keywarden assigned to each of the initial 4 acts.
  • After completing this task, join forces and venture forth to eliminate the pair of formidable adversaries known as the designated bosses.
  • As a united force, the ultimate task awaits: conquering a Nephalim Rift on Torment IV. This triumphant feat shall bestow upon each individual the coveted Greater Rift Keystone, a key to unlock boundless possibilities at the next stage, while simultaneously unveiling the sacred realm of Greater Rift Level 20.
  • Successfully conquer a solo Greater Rift Level 20, and upon triumph, you shall triumphantly conclude the chapter within the sanctuary of the town, claiming the ultimate fragments of your set.
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    Extended Seasonal Journey

    After conquering the primary four chapters, a door to embark on the extraordinary expedition will unlock, awaiting your arrival on the sacred grounds of the Season Journey page within the game.

    While a significant portion remains consistent with what we covered in the initial chapters, there exist remarkable new elements that deserve special attention.

    Embark on the adventurous journey of The Slayer chapter, where you shall venture into the mystical realms of a “Set Dungeon”. These enigmatic dungeons have been intricately crafted to challenge players with specific class sets, accompanied by captivating objectives that await your triumph.

    In this chapter, your task will be to conquer the set dungeon, without the need for complete mastery, unlike in the subsequent chapter, Champion. The distinction lies in the fact that completing a set dungeon only entails fulfilling the primary objectives, whereas mastering it demands the accomplishment of bonus objectives and the eradication of all mobs dwelling within the dungeon.

    Explore a treasure trove of set dungeon guides by navigating through the enchanting class menus gracing the pinnacle of this page.

    Conquests represent distinctive challenges that cyclically alternate with the seasons, providing players with diverse opportunities to showcase their abilities. Each conquest emphasizes a different style of play, ranging from those demanding swiftness to ones that prioritize skill, and occasionally relying on a stroke of fortune.

    With the arrival of every new season, an array of thrilling conquests awaits players, beckoning them to embark on extraordinary quests. Behold, the conquests that await you in the realm of Season 27, accompanied by handy guide links for each daring endeavor:

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  • Sprinter/Speed Racer.
  • Avarice/Avaritia.
  • Master Mode/Realms Apart.
  • The Thrill/Superhuman.
  • Guardians of the Cosmos/Keepers of the Assemblage.
  • In order to progress in the Destroyer chapter, you must successfully accomplish one conquest for any of the objectives. On the other hand, the Conqueror chapter demands two conquests, whereas the Guardian chapter sets the bar even higher by demanding three.


    The Final Chapter Rewards

    Unveiling its ultimate chapter, Guardian, bestows upon players an extraordinary companion and an exquisite frame for their portrait, as vividly depicted down below.

    Season 27 Completion Rewards

  • February 22nd, 2023: Revamped for the 28th season.
  • August 25th, 2022: Refreshed and reinvigorated for the enchanting arrival of Season 27.
  • Upon the arrival of the 15th of April, 2022, a meticulous evaluation was conducted in order to assess and analyze the intricate details pertaining to Season 26.
  • December 10, 2021: A Refreshed Look for Season 25.
  • Revamped for the 24th season, behold the glorious update of 22nd July 2021.
  • March 26, 2021: Revamped to embrace the arrival of Season 23.
  • November 17, 2020: Revamped and ready for Season 22.
  • July 1st, 2020: Revamped for the arrival of Season 21.
  • March 12, 2020: Revamped manual for the much-anticipated Season 20.
  • A new guide was incorporated on the 23rd of November 2019.
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