Diablo 4: Endgame Rogue Frost Archer Build

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In Diablo 4, the Rogues are bestowed with an array of elemental enhancements to fuel their builds. Among these options, the Ice Imbuement stands out, delivering a unique blend of awe-inspiring Crowd Control prowess and unparalleled damage potential against any adversary.

Embark on a thrilling journey in Diablo 4 by harnessing the powerful icy prowess of the Rogue class. With an array of frosty abilities at their disposal, players can construct a formidable endgame build that dominates the battlefield, effortlessly slowing, freezing, and vanquishing any foe they encounter. From treacherous Nightmare Dungeons to the highest tiers of challenge, this setup offers a perfect starting point for aspiring adventurers.

On June 27, 2023, Blizzard introduced Patch 1.0.3 to Diablo 4, bringing along bug fixes and delicate tweaks to enhance gameplay. Nevertheless, it is essential to highlight the enduring significance of our endgame Rogue Frost build guide.

Diablo 4: Rogue Frost Build

Rain of Arrows skill in Diablo 4


Total Points

Fundamental Puncture


Improved Rapid Fire


Mixed Cold Imbuement


Methodical Caltrops


Disciplined Dash


Supreme Rain of Arrows


This build thrives on the synergy of Chilled targets, enhancing the player’s Vulnerable status and amplifying their Critical Strike Damage. Rapid Fire, infused with the power of ice, stands as the foremost offensive arsenal, while Caltrops remains a viable alternative with equally devastating potential.

The skill known as Disciplined Dash not only enhances crowd control but also offers enhanced mobility in this particular build. With this skill alone, players have the power to slow down and daze their opponents, but when combined with Caltrops, the effects become even more reliable and impactful.

In the final slot, players can choose between Rain of Arrows and Shadow Clone. The latter grants Unstoppable power and superior damage when focused on a single target, whereas the former presents enhanced AOE clearing capabilities.

Passive Skills

Diablo 4 Rogue Ranged Build Bow



Weapon Mastery


Rapid Gambits




Trick Attacks


Precision Imbuement


Frigid Finesse




Adrenaline Rush






Enhancing damage against Crowd-Controlled foes constitutes the core passives of this particular build. These passives encompass adversaries who have been subjected to Slowness, Chilling, Freezing, Stunning, or Dazing.

By employing Rapid Gambits, the cooldown of Evade is significantly diminished whenever players successfully Daze their targets, a remarkable feat that triggers each time players execute Dash against Slowed adversaries. To topple foes swiftly, employ Rapid Fire to send them crashing down, courtesy of the Trick Attacks passive, while simultaneously acquiring an augmented chance of critical strikes with Concussive.

The epitome of specialization lies in thorough preparation for this particular scenario, as the success of the strategy hinges upon unleashing powerful Ultimates to decimate hordes of enemies. When it comes to essential passives, embracing the art of precision is the key choice to make.

Gear and Aspects

Diablo 4 Rogue Starting Gear






Explosive Verve





Snap Frozen



The powerful combination of Frostbitten and Explosive Verve collaborate harmoniously, allowing Caltrops to swiftly encase adversaries in ice, thereby unlocking an array of passive abilities that specifically target Frozen and Crowd-Controlled foes.

Repeating’s essence should reside within the player’s Crossbow, granting respite to Rapid Fire’s vulnerability when faced with hordes. Combine this with the Accelerating Aspect to attain swifter assaults, and complement it with Edgemaster to unleash more forceful projectiles.

Rewritten Shadowslicer bestows upon Dash the power to bewitch with a single cast, granting players respite from expending a Caltrops charge. Concurrently, the Snap Frozen Aspect bestows players with an impregnable Barrier whenever they artfully evade through Chilled or Frozen adversaries. This wondrous ability further allows players to relish the advantages of the Conceited Aspect, so long as their Barrier remains steadfast.

Paragon Boards

In this realm of Rogue builds, the board arrangement bears resemblance to countless others. Begin by placing the Combat Glyph upon the initial board, lending aid to the management of Energy. Subsequently, acquire Cunning Stratagem, for it bestows Core Skill bonuses, and skillfully embed the Exploit Glyph within its socket.

The ultimate choice for this build is undeniably Cheap Shot, a Legendary node that seamlessly engages with adversaries under the influence of Crowd-Control. Those who don’t mind sacrificing early Exploit can opt for this route instead of Cunning Stratagem, broadening their strategic horizons.

Witness the awe-inspiring realm of Diablo 4 as it unveils its captivating presence on a myriad of powerful gaming platforms, including PC, the mighty PS4, the trailblazing PS5, the iconic Xbox One, and the revolutionary Xbox Series X.

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