Skyy’s Twisting Blades – Diablo 4 Rogue Build Guide

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    Resurgence of the Rising Stars.

    Resurgence of the Rising Stars.

    Blades of Skyy’s Twisted Dance.Rogue.. build

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  • Unleashing the potential of Combo Points, minions and monsters can now be harnessed to gain incredible speed.
  • Unleash the hidden power within to unleash a tremendous surge of damage on formidable bosses.
  • Aspects

    1H Weapon.

    1H Weapon.


    2H Weapon.




    Ring 1.

    Ring 2.





    Paragon Board

    The path you take could vary based on the gears and stats you choose, however, we will delve into the most efficient boards and the precise positions of the glyphs.

  • In order to maximize your damage potential, it is recommended to prioritize Exploit Weakness for exploiting vulnerabilities, Deadly Ambush for dealing critical damage against bosses, Tricks of the trade for a comprehensive increase in overall DPS, and Cunning Stratagem for a significant boost in movement speed.

  • The true essence of the meta lies in the enigmatic choice between harnessing the power of legendary tiles or swiftly maneuvering glyphs across countless boards. However, when it comes to prioritizing glyphs, a specific order prevails.

  • Combat, Closer, Exploit, Pride, Efficacy, Chip
  • Stat Priority

    Input: % Vuln DMG → % Core Skill DMG → %DMG to Close → % Crit DMG.Boost your damage by a percentage through Vulnerability → Enhance your core skill damage by a percentage → Increase damage dealt to nearby targets by a percentage → Amplify critical damage by a percentage.

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    Input: % Vuln DMG → % Core Skill DMG → % DMG to Close → % Crit DMG.% Damage Amplification → % Mastery of Essential Abilities → % Devastation upon Foes in Close Range → % Critical Strike Intensity.

    Skill Mastery → Amplified Critical Damage → Probability of Critical Hits → Accelerated Attack Speed.

    Rewrite: Ascend the ladder of mastery in all X skills, unlocking a surge of % damage, % cooldown reduction, % school damage, and % ultimate damage.

    Input: % Vuln DMG → % DMG to Close → % Core Skill DMG → % Crit DMG.% Vulnerability Damage transforms into % Damage to Proximity which further translates to % Damage to Essential Abilities and finally culminates in % Critical Damage.

    Rewrite: Skill Prioritization: Elevate Non-Core Abilities → Boost Maximum Life → Enhance Cooldown Reduction.

    Close Combat grants a reduction in damage, while the utilization of Agility Skills results in a percentage increase in damage dealt.

    Input: Agility Spell → Subterfuge Spell → % DMG Reduction → % Max Life.Spell of Nimbleness → Enigmatic Spell → % Decrease in Damage → % of Maximum Life.

    Input: Agility Spell → % Resource Cost Reduction → % Move Speed.Spell of Swiftness → % Reduction in Resource Expenditure → % Augmentation in Movement Velocity.


    Enchanting Emerald to Amplify Damage for Vulnerable Foes.

    Maximizing Life with the Power of Ruby.

    Armor’s Macabre Guardian

    Skyy’s Twisting Blades Rogue.. Build Details

    Embracing the power of Twisting Blades, we shall wield it as our ultimate weapon for inflicting DPS in this remarkable build. Our focus lies in attaining unparalleled swiftness, boundless energy restoration, and swiftly annihilating both minions and elites, leaving them utterly vanquished within mere moments. By skillfully accumulating the might of twisting blades and imbuing shadows upon our foes, we shall unleash grandiose explosions. With flawless execution of our rotation, we shall never cease our relentless movement.

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    The Dominators and Beasts.

  • Before delving into a confrontation, unleash the power of Shadow Imbuement to acquire a pair of primed stacks. Moreover, ensure its cooldown is reset prior to the commencement of the initial engagement.
  • When faced with a formidable foe or running low on energy, utilize Puncture to inflict vulnerability or employ it as a temporary measure until your energy levels are replenished.
  • Commence your rotation by executing the Twisting Blades maneuver 2-3 instances, then proceed to reanimate the Shadow Imbuement technique.
  • Swiftly glide amidst a horde of adversaries, empowered by the ethereal essence of shadows. Employ the artful maneuver of Shadow Step to seamlessly traverse to additional clusters of foes, all while your Twisting Blades gracefully trail in your wake.
  • If you happen upon a formidable or challenging adversary, release your Venomous Snare directly onto them, inflicting vulnerability with a Penetrating strike. Employ the Spinning Razors until your energy is depleted, then swiftly maneuver or stealthily glide towards distant foes, allowing your Spinning Razors to pursue. Continuously repeat this sequence.
  • Bosses:.

  • Enhance your survival capabilities significantly during Boss encounters by swapping Shadow Step with Dark Shroud.
  • Before the encounter, unleash the power of Dark Shroud and Shadow Imbuement, patiently awaiting their cooldowns to refresh. Moreover, infuse yourself with the Inner Sight specialization.
  • Skillfully maneuver around enemy attacks by utilizing your Evade and Dash abilities strategically, ensuring minimal damage. Maximize the accumulation of Inner Sight by effectively utilizing Dark Shroud and inflicting Vulnerability upon your foes.
  • Harness the power of Shadow Imbuement and unleash the deadly Poison Trap just moments before the enchanting spell of Inner Sight takes effect, creating a grand opportunity for an overwhelming surge in damage output.
  • When you activate Inner Sight, unleash a relentless barrage of Twisting Blades until your energy is completely depleted. Swiftly dash away and patiently await the reset of your cooldowns. Rinse and repeat this process to ensure utmost safety.
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