Diablo 4 map – How big is it?

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  • On the 8th of June, 2023, at precisely 11:21 in the morning, the universal time coordinated by the UTC time zone was set at +00:00.

    In this article, we are going to tell you how big the Diablo 4 map is

    Diablo 4: The character is walking somewhere in the forest

    Diablo 4 features a surprisingly big open world. The size of the map in the beta game is roughly six times smaller than it will be at the full release. Intriguing, right? We’ve got all the details you need on how big the Diablo 4 map is.

    Diablo 4 promises to be a huge addition to the franchise that could be even more successful than Diablo 2, and of course more content means more fun. To ensure it impresses, Blizzard has made the map in the new game much larger than it was in all the other Diablo titles.

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    How big is the Diablo 4 map?

    In game, the true map size isn’t revealed, so it’s down to players to work it out.

    According to Guided News, who have measured the game’s map, the map of Diablo 4 is six times bigger than it was in the beta version of the game, so it covers roughly 60 km² in game. The map is 7.62 km wide and 7.98 km high.

    You can read all about how they’ve got these measurements in their guide.

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    How big is the Diablo 4 beta map?

    The same Guided News measurements, Fractured Peaks is 3.7 km wide and 2.8 km high, so in the beta version of the game, the map is roughly 10 km².

    That was enough for players to spend dozens of hours in the game, exploring every corner of the available location. Thus, we are sure that the full map game will keep you busy for a couple of months of intense exploration. Adding promising multiplayer to all that and Diablo 4 is one of the most exciting releases of 2023.

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