Diablo 4 Runs Great on the Steam Deck, But There Are Problems

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  • Steam Deck users ecstatically laud the exceptional gameplay of Diablo 4 on the portable device, yet amidst the euphoria, not everything is pure bliss.


    User reports indicate that Diablo 4 exhibits commendable performance on the Steam Deck. However, amidst its triumphs, certain issues arise that cannot be easily overlooked due to the unique characteristics and intricacies of the device. Blizzard’s legendary ARPG has already garnered immense success, solidifying its status as a precious treasure. Its initial surge of fame is guaranteed to secure its enduring allure.

    Unsurprisingly, Diablo 4 has shattered all previous records at Blizzard, emerging as the developer’s most rapidly selling game to date. Naturally, Steam Deck owners are eager to immerse themselves in this experience, and initial reports suggest that the game seamlessly adapts to the handheld device. However, upon closer inspection, several intricate challenges come to light, posing potential difficulties to overcome.

    Notably, the Steam Deck has garnered rave reviews from owners who have experienced seamless gameplay with Diablo 4 right out of the box. With its compatibility for various input methods, some even argue that playing with a controller surpasses the traditional mouse and keyboard setup, making it effortlessly enjoyable. The only drawback lies in the need to install the game through Lutris in order to ensure smooth performance of the launcher, Battle.Net. While certain issues, like the absence of sleep mode and offline play, may deter a few players, the overall experience remains extraordinary.

    The inclusion of live-service elements in Diablo 4 renders the game unplayable in offline mode, making a stable Internet connection imperative for optimal functionality. Dedicated players who have immersed themselves in the world of Diablo 4 have observed that the game exerts considerable strain on their devices, particularly during encounters with fellow players. Further examination is required to determine if this phenomenon is a mere aberration or a common occurrence over extended gameplay sessions.

    Input: Although Diablo 4 is not currently included in the roster of top-notch RPGs for the Steam Deck, all the evidence presented indicates that it has the potential to secure a spot on that prestigious list in due course. The only minor setback, however, is its unavailability on Steam, which means it will not be granted an official verification badge regardless of its performance on the Deck, be it exceptional or lackluster.

    The enthusiasm among Deck owners to play Blizzard’s highly anticipated flagship game on the go is evident. The game’s launch has caused a worldwide frenzy, with exclusive Diablo 4 promotions happening in Sydney and in collaboration with KFC to celebrate this momentous occasion. Fortunately for Deck users, stress testing Diablo 4 won’t be a lengthy process, allowing them to quickly determine if the game is truly compatible with the device, even during intense endgame sequences.

    Unleash the realms of Diablo 4 on your gaming platform of choice – be it PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X/S.

    Unveiling an intriguing parallel, Diablo 4’s supplementary elements bear a striking resemblance to Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s captivating side quests.

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