Diablo 4 Season 1 Release Date, Battle Pass, And Character Reset Details

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The grand unveiling of Diablo 4 has taken place, unveiling a world of endless possibilities for all players to venture into the mystical land of Sanctuary, honing their character to perfection and thwarting the formidable demon, Lilith. Presently, enthusiasts are solely engrossed in the core game that has been unleashed upon them. Undeniably, embarking on the campaign of Diablo 4 and delving into the captivating endgame and PvP endeavors is an endeavor worth cherishing. Nevertheless, a yearning may stir within certain fans, eagerly awaiting the advent of the inaugural season that promises a bountiful array of additional marvels.

Currently, the information regarding Season 1 of Diablo 4 remains quite scarce. Nevertheless, the ingenious minds at Blizzard have graciously divulged some crucial aspects of Season 1, shedding light on the potential contents of the battle pass and its anticipated launch timeframe. In the following guide, we shall delve into all the pertinent particulars that are essential for you to comprehend regarding the battle pass and the highly anticipated Season 1 of Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Season 1 release date and content

As of now, the release date for Season 1 remains a mystery, with only a hint of “mid-late July” provided by Blizzard. The developers have mentioned that Season 1 will make its debut approximately six weeks after the game’s initial launch on June 6. As we progress through June, we eagerly await further official announcements regarding the exact release date for Season 1.

When it comes to the content that Season 1 has in store, we have an exciting vision of what awaits. Players can expect a thrilling array of new questlines, showcasing both fresh and familiar characters. Additionally, there will be intriguing tweaks to class dynamics and gameplay items, as well as the introduction of captivating legendary items and exciting new gameplay features. However, before diving into the bounties of Season 1, players must first complete the enthralling campaign of Diablo 4 with at least one character on their account. Blizzard strongly advises players to accomplish this now, ensuring they are fully prepared to embark on the adventures of Season 1 as soon as it arrives.

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Season 1 battle pass

The current look of the Season 1 battle pass
The current look of the Season 1 battle pass

Alongside the abundance of content, Season 1 will generously feature the game’s inaugural battle pass. It is important to note that Blizzard emphasizes the battle pass as a voluntary purchase, with numerous free tiers (27 in total) available for players to indulge in. For those inclined to acquire the battle pass, a whopping 63 paid tiers await, granting access to all 27 free tiers and beyond.

By engaging in the realm of Diablo 4, players have the remarkable ability to enhance their battle pass. Conquering formidable demons and ferocious monsters, triumphing over treacherous dungeons, and embarking on exhilarating endgame adventures will all contribute to the accumulation of battle pass XP, enabling players to ascend to higher tiers. However, it is worth mentioning that players can expedite their battle pass progression through the Season Journey. It is important to bear in mind, though, that accessing the Season 1 content necessitates starting anew with a fresh character, a particular detail that has caused confusion or even dismay among certain players.

Hey Paul! In order to embark on the thrilling adventure of the seasonal questline, delve into the exciting mechanics, conquer the epic season journey, and unlock the amazing battle pass, you’ll need to bring forth a brand new seasonal character. If you wish to partake in the campaign with your seasonal character, it will not only satisfy your desire to finish it but also propel you forward in the season journey and battle pass.

— Rod Fergusson (@RodFergusson) June 19, 2023

The Season Journey presents players with the opportunity to accomplish tasks in various Chapters, resulting in the acquisition of Favor. This valuable currency serves the purpose of advancing your battle pass through its tiers. By accumulating more and more Favor, you can swiftly progress to tier 100. Moreover, the Season Journey’s objectives and Chapters offer additional rewards, including Murmuring Obols, Legendary Aspects, and various other enticing items. Each season of Diablo 4 is designed to span approximately three months, aligning with the customary practice of releasing four seasons per year in many other games.

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Diablo seasons and what carries over

As previously stated, in order to experience the seasonal content, it is required that you engage in it with a fresh character after successfully completing the game at least once with any character. Fortunately, there is no need to replay the entire campaign to unlock the seasonal content. Additionally, Blizzard has recently disclosed their modifications to the in-game systems that will be refreshed at the beginning of each new season.

In the past, the team had intended to request players to rediscover every Altar of Lilith, regain their Renown, and essentially begin anew as a new season approached. Fortunately, that is no longer the situation. In a publicly shared dev chat, general manager Rod Fergusson announced that player progress in terms of Renown levels, revealing world maps, and locating Altar of Lilith will not be reset with each new season. However, although fast-travel waypoints will still be indicated on the map, players will be required to revisit them in order to reactivate them.


Fergusson mentioned that players will have to revisit various tasks such as dungeons, Strongholds, and side quests. However, he also mentioned that the team is constantly re-evaluating these reset requirements, hinting at potential future modifications. It’s quite common for teams to extensively experiment with new live-service components during the initial stages of a game.

Battle pass price

In the realm of live service games, the pricing model chosen for a battle pass often stirs up potential controversy. Diablo 4 introduces an intriguing twist with two versions available for purchase: the Premium track and the Accelerated track. The Premium version, priced at 1,000 Platinum ($10), offers its own unique perks. On the other hand, the Accelerated version, priced at 2,800 Platinum ($25), presents a more extravagant offering. For those who have chosen the Deluxe Edition of Diablo 4, the Premium version is automatically unlocked, while the Accelerated version awaits those who have embraced the Ultimate Edition. Notably, the Accelerated version grants players a head start with 20 tier skips and an exclusive cosmetic item, setting it apart from its Premium counterpart.

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Speaking of the enchanting realm of cosmetics, the ethereal tapestry of Diablo 4’s inaugural battle pass shall be adorned with an abundance of opulent treasures within the hallowed Season 1. Players shall embark upon a quest to amass untold riches, including gleaming gold, captivating emotes, resplendent character cosmetics, prestigious titles, and a plethora of other illustrious rewards. Yet, amidst this grand tapestry, lie tiers of unparalleled magnificence, bestowed upon the worthy in the form of Season Boosts and Smoldering Ashes. These Season Boosts, akin to elixirs of experience, shall elevate the prowess of your character, while the enigmatic Smoldering Ashes shall serve as the key to unlock the mystical Season Blessings. These divine blessings, imbued with mystical energy, bestow upon the fortunate ones an abundance of bonus experience, shimmering gold, or coveted Obols, all whilst they remain active. Behold the splendor, for you shall have the privilege of invoking multiple Season Blessings simultaneously, thus ensuring a bountiful harvest of bonus experience, gleaming gold, and coveted Obols, as you traverse the realms of Diablo 4.

Season Blessings provide players with extra boosts in Diablo 4.
Season Blessings provide players with extra boosts in Diablo 4.

In order to unleash the power of Season Blessings, players must reach a specific character level, adding a thrilling twist to the game. This clever requirement thwarts any attempts to gain an unfair advantage by purchasing tier skips for instant gameplay boosts.

Stay on the lookout for exciting updates on Diablo 4 Season 1 as the summer progresses, as we approach the game’s first-ever season.

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