Diablo 4 Season 1: Season of the Malignant Start Date and What to Expect

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Brace yourselves for the epic commencement of Diablo 4’s much-awaited Season 1, scheduled to commence on the glorious day of July 20th. But before that, prepare yourself, for the preseason patch shall descend upon us on July 18th. Ensure your battle-axes gleam with newfound sharpness and your incantations crackle with potent energy, for the battles that lie ahead demand nothing less than your utmost readiness!

Diablo Seasons Explained

Overview of Seasons

Prepare to be enthralled by the mesmerizing gameplay and exhilarating storyline that awaits you. This page shall act as your beacon, guiding you through the labyrinth of revelations and enlightening your journey with every precious tidbit of knowledge. Stay tuned and ready yourself for an electrifying inaugural season of Diablo 4, where adrenaline will flow like a raging river.

If you’re a newcomer to the mystical realm of Diablo, you might find yourself pondering, “What precisely constitutes a Season within the enigmatic Diablo 4?” Building upon the wisdom gained from our adventures in Diablo 3, a Season in Diablo 4 presents an enchanting chance for every player to embark on a fresh journey, delving into unexplored realms and captivating narratives that unfold over the course of approximately three mesmerizing months.

The notion of seasons within the realm of Diablo games infuses a vibrant energy into the entire adventure. As you embark on a thrilling seasonal journey, your newly minted character evolves into a timeless entity once the season concludes. The beauty lies in the fact that once you have triumphed over the campaign with any character, regardless of their seasonal or non-seasonal nature, you are bestowed with the freedom to bypass the campaign and plunge straight into the exhilarating realm of relentless progress.

Seasons present an incredible chance to delve into the realm of fresh personas or captivating constructs that have captured your curiosity. Moreover, the exhilaration of impending equilibrium modifications and novel additions to the game ensures a riveting experience. These tweaks disrupt the well-established meta, infusing a rejuvenating spin into the gameplay following the initial release phase.

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Delving into captivating architectures and a well-established meta, your curiosity may lead you to peruse our tier list of class builds. Should you be inclined, don’t hesitate to have a look at it right here:

Whether you have mastered the game or are venturing into the unknown, Seasons offer a thrilling opportunity to embark on a fresh adventure in your Diablo odyssey. Embrace the chance to carve your own unique tale in the history of Diablo 4’s very first Season!

Seasonal Characters

What is the functioning mechanism behind a Seasonal Character?

  • Upon achieving triumph in the Campaign, you shall possess the power to effortlessly bypass the campaign when embarking on a fresh seasonal character.
  • Should you have unlocked your mount on any character, it shall be bestowed upon you from the very start.
  • Unlocking the Altars of Lilith and exploring uncharted territories will grant you access to their hidden secrets and earn you the well-deserved recognition, provided that you have already unlocked them before.
  • When the season concludes, your beloved seasonal personas and their precious hoard shall seamlessly traverse into the Eternal Realm, the very abode of your non-seasonal counterparts.

    Season of the Malignant

    Season Start

    Prior to the commencement of the season, we strongly recommend embarking on the main campaign and thoroughly traversing the map, while also uncovering every last Altar of Lilith. By doing so, the accomplishments and reputation earned will seamlessly transition into the upcoming season. Additionally, it is essential to log in with your most accomplished characters after the 18th patch to ensure the continuity of your progress throughout the season and beyond.

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    Once you’ve triumphed over the campaign and decide to bypass it at the beginning of the season (a recommendation we strongly advocate), you’ll be transported to Kyovashad at level 1, where you can promptly embark on the enthralling journey of the seasonal narrative.

    Season Mechanic

    The Season of the Malignant introduces a fascinating game mechanic by introducing Malignant monsters. As you progress through the initial stages of the Season Story questline and acquire the Cage of Binding, you will encounter Partly Corrupted enemies, which are a unique breed of Malignant Monsters. Upon defeating them, a valuable Malignant Heart will be dropped, and you can utilize the Cage of Binding to unleash a Fully Corrupted enemy. Once you vanquish this formidable foe, it will release a Malignant Heart that corresponds to its specific Monster type. These precious Malignant Hearts can then be inserted into specially colored sockets within Jewelry, unlocking their true potential.

    Get ready for an exhilarating season ahead, as it unveils a captivating array of 6 fresh Uniques and 7 awe-inspiring Legendary Aspects. Stay tuned for updates on these remarkable additions, for we will be sharing them here. Brace yourselves, as our brilliant build writers are geared up to revamp and forge thrilling new creations with these incredible assets!

    Unavoidably, a surplus of unwanted Malignant Hearts will come your way, but fear not, for there is a silver lining. These surplus hearts can be transformed into valuable crafting materials, enabling you to forge powerful Invokers. With their help, you can venture into the depths of Malignant Tunnels and selectively harvest specific colors of Malignant Hearts.

    The Malignant Tunnels, an extraordinary realm within the world, offer unrivaled replayability and serve as a breeding ground for Malignant Monsters, presenting a significantly increased spawn rate. Moreover, these elusive tunnels house the exclusive encounter with Varshan the Consumed, the formidable new boss introduced this season.

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    Season Journey

    New insights into the Season Journey and its mechanics for Season 1 of Diablo 4 have emerged, enlightening us with a deeper understanding of its intricacies.

    Just like the structured seasons in Diablo 3, this upcoming experience will bear a striking resemblance. Embark on an exciting journey through various chapters, achieving diverse objectives and unlocking abundant rewards, all while unraveling the intriguing storyline of the season.

    Aim to conquer each of the 7 captivating chapters, granting you access to a treasure trove of enticing rewards.

    Season Battle Pass

    Each season, players can expect the release of three enticing battle pass tiers. These tiers include a complimentary tier, a premium tier priced at approximately $9.99 USD, and an exhilarating accelerated premium battle pass priced at around $24.99 USD. The latter option offers a splendid bonus in the form of an exclusive cosmetic item, adding an extra touch of allure.

    Fear not, dear ones who wish not to purchase the battle pass, as only the complimentary path of this thrilling competition shall grant you delightful advantages in gameplay. Meanwhile, the premium and turbo-charged premium battle pass shall exclusively bestow upon you purely cosmetic treasures, fit for the most fashionable warriors.

    Smoldering Ashes, a remarkable form of currency, awaits as a splendid reward within the free battle pass. This distinctive currency holds the power to unlock and enhance season blessings, granting their effects to all of your cherished characters throughout the entire season. Fortunately, we have been bestowed with a delightful glimpse into the enchanting blessing interface, accompanied by a tantalizing revelation of a handful of these awe-inspiring blessings themselves.

    Delve deeper into the realm of Season Blessings by exploring our comprehensive guide, accessible right here.

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