Diablo Immortal works on Steam Deck, plus a fix for Battle.net being slow

diablo immortal works on steam deck plus a fix for battlenet being slow 789382

Since Diablo Immortal is the latest sensation, I thought I’d give it a whirl on the Steam Deck. It appears that the Battle.Net launcher despises certain connections, but fear not! I have a solution and an enticing Diablo Immortal video to share.

Presently, Diablo Immortal functions smoothly on Steam Deck, extending its compatibility to Linux desktops. However, the integration of gamepad support remains pending. Therefore, users are required to employ Steam Input to tailor their gamepad or Steam Deck settings to emulate a keyboard and mouse. Overall, this workaround proves reasonably effective, although I cannot endorse it due to the exorbitant micro-transactions prevalent within the game.

First and foremost, behold the mesmerizing footage of its magnificent execution.

The loading time and functionality of the Battle.Net launcher, which can be easily installed with Lutris (refer to the Steam Deck Lutris Guide), may sometimes seem like an eternity. This issue could be related to the type of WiFi hardware you are using. In my case, the Google Mesh WiFi system doesn’t seem to go well with Blizzard. However, there is a simple solution – manually setting your DNS to (or any other available free DNS service). To do this on Steam Deck, just right click on the WiFi icon in Desktop Mode and select Configure Network Connections:.

From there in the IPv4 (and IPv6 tab if you use it), switch it to “Automatic (Only addresses)” in the Method dropdown box and then set DNS Servers to After that, disconnect and reconnect via the WiFi icon on your Plasma taskbar at the bottom and then reload Battle.Net and it will work properly. It’s incredibly weird but it works.Output: Once you’re in the IPv4 (and IPv6 tab, if applicable), select “Automatic (Only addresses)” from the Method dropdown box and assign DNS Servers as Afterwards, disconnect and reconnect through the WiFi icon on your Plasma taskbar at the bottom. Finally, reload Battle.Net and witness its flawless functionality. It may seem peculiar, but it does the trick.

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If you have encountered this peculiar issue, rest assured that once resolved, you will be able to seamlessly utilize the Battle.Net launcher on the remarkable Steam Deck.

Additionally, you have the option to include Lutris in Steam as a Non-Steam application, granting you the ability to initiate Lutris and delve into the immersive Gaming Mode, liberating you from the confinements of Desktop Mode. I can assure you that this method operates flawlessly.

Excerpt extracted from GamingOnLinux.Com’s fascinating article.

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