Diablo IV: All Dungeon Locations

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Diablo IV: All Dungeon Locations

Input: What would a Diablo game be without its mysterious dungeons? Although not the central focus of the game, these enigmatic labyrinths present a crucial test for players to conquer. Within their depths lie a plethora of enticing rewards, including valuable experience points and coveted loot. Nevertheless, uncovering the elusive entrances to these dungeons can often prove to be a perplexing endeavor. Fear not, for we are here to guide you on an epic journey, unveiling the hidden locations of every dungeon in the thrilling realm of Diablo IV.

All Dungeon Locations in Diablo IV

Map of All Diablo IV Dungeon Locations

The cartographic credit goes to the talented Map Genie.

Fractured Peaks boasts an array of over 20 diverse dungeons, eagerly awaiting your conquest. Within each dungeon lies a horde of adversaries, challenging your mettle as you progress towards the ultimate goal. It’s worth noting that these dungeons currently exist solely within the game’s beta version, limited to a single region. However, with the impending launch of the full game, the prospect of a plethora of new dungeons to conquer becomes increasingly promising.

Let’s embark on a thrilling journey through the mysterious dungeon realms of Fractured Peaks in the captivating Diablo IV beta. As you unveil your map, behold the enchanting gate icons that mark the entrance to these treacherous labyrinths. Navigating the maze-like paths hidden within might prove to be quite the challenge, thus relying on the map is highly recommended.

Here, we present a comprehensive guide to all the dungeon spots. Utilize their unique numbers to cross-reference the map provided above and pinpoint the precise whereabouts of each dungeon.

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Place: Barren Uplands.

1) Tainted Underground Labyrinth.

2) Vanished Chronicles.

3) Haunted Remnants.

Enchanted Wilderness: Dobrev Taiga.

4) The Vigil of Illumination.

5) Maulwood.

The chilling realm known as Frigid Expanse is the designated dungeon location for the highly anticipated Diablo IV.

6) The Shadow’s Refuge.

7) Abandoned Quarry.

8) Sacred Crypt.

9) Eternal Manifestation.


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The Enigmatic Abode of Diablo IV: Gale Valley.

10) Dredging the Remains.

The Enchanted Realm of Kor Valar beckons.

11) Zenith.

Location: Malnok.

12) Anica’s Assertion.

13) Cavern of Whispering Ice.

Location: Nostrava.

14) Haven of Devotees.

The Enigmatic Grove – the mystical abode of Diablo IV’s foreboding dungeon, The Pallid Glade.

15) Gateway of the Caldera.

16) Abandoned Manor.

17) Unveiling the Enigma of Nostrava Deepwood.

The Enigmatic Sarkova Pass, where secrets lie in wait.

The Forbidden City, a mesmerizing sanctuary of history and secrets, stands tall as an enigmatic masterpiece.

The 19th remarkable location is none other than the Kor Dragan Barracks.

20) The Boundaries of Mercy.

Celestial Throne: Where the Heavens Reside.

21) The Frosty Death.

22) The Crimson Sanctuary.

Presently, behold the complete array of dungeons awaiting your exploration in the beta phase. Yet, amidst this captivating selection, a 23rd enigmatic dungeon named Capstone remains elusive, tantalizing adventurers with its uncharted secrets.

Dungeon Rewards in Diablo IV

Delving into diverse dungeons offer an array of distinctive Aspect Rewards upon conquering the final boss and reaching the end. Within these dungeons, you may stumble upon chests brimming with versatile items suitable for any class, while certain chests cater to specific classes. Below, we have meticulously cataloged each and every one of them.

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  • Tainted Underground Lair – Essence of Strengthened Strikes (Warrior Class).
  • Forgotten Chronicles – Guardian’s Essence (For Every Class).
  • Haunted Remains – Guardian’s Visage (For All Classes).
  • The Illuminated Sentinel – Flaming Essence (Enchanter Discipline).
  • Maulwood – The Dormant Nature (Barbarian Class).
  • Obsidian Sanitarium – Torment’s Visage (Necromancer Archetype).
  • Abandoned Quarry – Enveloping Blades’ Essence (Rogue Class).
  • The Sacred Crypt – Incarnation of Eternal Wrath (Barbarian Class).
  • Eternal Manifestation – Twisted Facet (Druid Class).
  • Frostbite’s Embrace – Frozen Chill (Enchanter Caste).
  • Pinnacle – Revitalizing Essence (Sorcerer Class).
  • The Assertion of Anica – Stormclaw’s Essence (Druidic Path).
  • Rimescar Cavern – Essence of Abyssal Descent (Necromancer Class).
  • Sanctuary of the Devotee – Emberweaver’s Manifestation (Sorcerer Archetype).
  • Rewritten The Caldera Gate – Escaping Perception (All Categories).
  • Abandoned Retreat – Essence of Blazing Vigor (Rogue Class).
  • Nostrava Deepwood – The Devouring Essence (Necromancer Class).
  • Enchanted Abode – Twilight’s Avatar (Druidic Mastery).
  • The Kor Dragan Barracks unveils the awe-inspiring Aspect of Anemia, an embodiment of power within the realm of the Barbarian Class.
  • Mercy’s Grasp – Essence of the Blood Hunter (Necromancer’s Calling).
  • Frostfall’s End – Crimson Veil (Necromancer Class).
  • Chapel of Crimson Vigor – Revitalizing Essence (Rogue Class).
  • Experience the gripping world of Diablo IV as it unveils its splendor in the open beta phase, inviting players to venture forth into its dark realms on PC, PS5/PS4, and Xbox One and Series.

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