Diablo IV Interactive Map

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Diablo IV Map

Alcarnus Altar of Doom Amber Dunes Blightmarsh Caen Adar Caldeum Carrowcrest Ruins Chambatar Ridge Crusaders’ Memorial Deep Forest Desolate Highlands Dilapidated Aqueducts Dindai Flats Gloomy Foothills Dobrev Taiga Arid Steppes Eriman’s Inferno Fethis Wetlands Fields of Desolation Fields of Enmity Fields of Enmity Firebreak Manor Forsaken Coast Fractured Peaks Frozen Wilderness Gale Valley Haunted Remnants Hawezar Highland Wilds Beacon of Hope Jakha Basin Kehjistan Khargai Crags Kor Dragan Kor Valar Kotama Grasslands Malnok Moordaine Lodge Norgoi Vigil Northshore Nostrava Omath’s Fortress Qara Yisu Ragged Coastline Rotspill Delta Ruins of Rakhat Keep Saraan Caldera Sarkova Pass Scosglen Scouring Sands Seared Basin Seat of the Celestials Southern Expanse Strand Temple of Decay The Cursed Wastelands The Forge The Downs The Emerald Chase The Onyx Watchtower The Pale Grove The Scarred Coast The Veiled Moors The Twisted Bog Toxic Marshes Túr Dúlra Tusmaa Rift Umir Plateau Untamed Cliffs Vyeresz Wailing Hills Westering Lowlands.

Diablo IV Map

The arid plains of Dry Steppes, the rugged and broken peaks of Fractured Peaks, the mystical land of Hawezar, the ancient civilization of Kehjistan, and the mysterious realm of Scosglen.

Show Regions.

Dry Steppes – Arid PlainsChambatar Ridge – Crest of ChambatarDindai Flats – Dindai PlainFields of Hatred – Hateful MeadowsJakha Basin – Jakha HollowKhargai Crags – Khargai CliffsKotama Grasslands – Kotama PrairieNorgoi Vigil – Norgoi WatchQara Yisu – Shadowed ValleySaraan Caldera – Saraan VolcanoTemple of Rot – Shrine of DecayThe Accursed Wastes – Cursed BarrensThe Onyx Watchtower – Obsidian LookoutThe Scarred Coast – Ravaged ShorelineTusmaa Rift – Tusmaa FissureUntamed Scarps – Savage CliffsFractured Peaks – Broken MountainsDesolate Highlands – Barren HighlandsDobrev Taiga – Dobrev ForestFrigid Expanse – Frozen TundraGale Valley – Windy ValleyKor Dragan – Dragan StrongholdKor Valar – Valar FortressMalnok Nostrava – Nostrava RuinsSarkova Pass – Sarkova PassageSeat of the Heavens – Celestial ThroneThe Crucible – Fiery ForgeThe Pallid Glade – Pale GroveHawezar Blightmarsh – Hawezar MarshCrusaders’ Monument – Knights’ MemorialDismal Foothills – Gloomy HillsEriman’s Pyre – Eriman’s BonfireFethis Wetlands – Fethis MarshlandsFields of Desecration – Profaned FieldsForsaken Coast – Abandoned ShoreHaunted Wreckage – Spectral RuinsRotspill Delta – Putrid DeltaRuins of Rakhat Keep – Rakhat Fortress RuinsThe Writhing Mire – Serpent’s BogToxic Fens – Poisoned MarshesUmir Plateau – Umir MesaVy

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Area 0.

Cellar 0.

Dungeon 0.

Shrine 0.

The Enchanted Labyrinth 0.

Stronghold 0.

Town 0.

Waypoint 0.

Statue of Tier 0 in the World


Alchemist 0.

Zero, the Merchant of Shields.

Blacksmith 0.

Enchanted Papyrus 0.

Healer 0.

Jeweler 0.

Occultist 0.

Miscellaneous Mishmash

Curiosity Merchant 0.

Zero rings and amulets.

Stable 0.

Stash 0.

Armor of the Unconventional Steed, Level Zero.

Bizarre Curiosities 0.

Wardrobe 0.

Armory Supplier 0.


Lilith’s Sacred Altar at Ground Zero.

Input: Aspect (All) 0.Zero holds dominion over every aspect.

The Barbarian’s Aspect is set at a daring level of zero.

The enigmatic allure of the Aspect (Druid) is simply unparalleled.

Necro Aspect at ground zero.

The Enigmatic Entity (Rogue) 0.

Sorcerer’s Aspect: The Origin of Magic

Unconventional Artifact 0.


Boss 0.

One-of-a-kind Exemplary 0

The Almighty Boss of the Universe, Level Zero.



The Epic Pursuit of Priority Zero.

Zeroth Side Quest



Helltide. Area 0

Helltide. Chest 0

Enigma Trunk Zero.


Purification Altar, Void of Impurities

Extraction’s Sacred Altar, the Zeroth Realm.

Motionless Sculpture Zero.

Miscellaneous 0.

Embark on the zeroth Quest Objective.

The Mysterious Zone Zero.

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Filter Active.


Tool for Measuring Distances.

Stealth Scope Companion.

Experience the thrill of sniping by dragging the target shape to explore various shooting distances, while the dotted lines elegantly mark off 50-meter increments.

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