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Levels 1 – 5

Embark on an extraordinary journey with the following enigmatic quests that await you on this page:


  • Toxic Fluid Contaminating the Aquatic Resource.
  • The Malevolence of King Leoric.
  • The Butcher.
  • Ogden’s Sign.
  • The Feeble Gharbad.
  • The Enchanted Stone.
  • Toxic Fluid Contaminating the Aquatic Resource.

    Embark on a thrilling journey as Pepin the Healer seeks your aid in putting an end to a devastating malady that plagues the town. The root cause of this affliction is a corrupted water source. Descending to Level 2, a conspicuous entrance known as “To A Dark Passage” awaits, adorned with an assortment of mystical symbols typically reserved for ancient manuscripts. Venturing through the crack, you will be transported to a meticulously designed labyrinthine realm. Brace yourself for battle upon arrival, as a motley crew of adversaries eagerly awaits your arrival.

    Journey through the narrow rocky passages, vanquishing the Goat Demons and other lowly foes. As the final Demon falls, a resounding trumpet of victory will echo in the distance, unveiling a miraculous transformation of the contaminated waterway into a pristine shade of blue right before your very eyes.

    Input: Return to Pepin. He’ll bestow upon you the Ring of Truth, a one-of-a-kind artifact that will prove invaluable in the early stages of the game, and may even prove to be a powerful asset as you venture deeper into the depths of the dungeon.

    The Malevolence of King Leoric.

    The journey commences as Ogden the Tavern Owner seeks your aid. He shall recount the tale of King Leoric, who, in the past, suffered the heart-wrenching loss of his son to merciless abductors. Consumed by sorrow, Leoric descended into madness, compelling his loyal warriors and devoted priest to vanquish him. With his demise, a malevolent curse befell the town and its once faithful followers. Now, resurrected from the grave, Leoric reigns over a formidable horde of undead servants deep within the labyrinth.

    Prepare yourself before venturing into peril, equipping a mighty club or axe to vanquish Skeletons more effectively.


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    Venture into Level 3 and seek out a conspicuous pathway leading to Leoric’s Tomb. Step inside and discover a compact floor teeming with an abundance of Skeletons. Astonishingly, Leoric conjures these creatures right before your eyes. Act swiftly to bring an end to his enterprise, lest he amasses an overwhelming legion of bony adversaries. In return for vanquishing Leoric, you shall be bestowed with the Skeleton Crown, an extraordinary artifact that materializes upon the monarch’s demise.

    The Butcher.

    Discover the Butcher awaiting your arrival within a spacious chamber situated on Level 2. Prior to entering the realm of the Butcher, it is imperative to thoroughly explore and conquer the entire dungeon level. The Butcher eagerly awaits your presence, and it is best to ensure a tranquil environment as you embark on this encounter.

    Unveiling the fiend’s vulnerability requires unraveling the intricate design of the dungeon. As your keen eyes have likely observed, the level features numerous intersections where metallic grids, bordering the entrances, grant you the ability to peer (or unleash projectiles) into a room prior to unveiling its secrets.

    Yes, that’s right: The Butcher.’s major tactical deficiency is his inability to open doors. After clearing out the level, simply find such a grating-flanked doorway (unobstructed by fallen monsters). Let the Butcher chase you to that point, and close the door in his face. Equip a bow. Fire at will.

    Ogden’s Sign.

    The mischievous demons have absconded with the sign belonging to Ogden’s Rising Sun Inn and Tavern, leaving you with the crucial task of retrieving it. Your progress from the fourth to the fifth dungeon level is hindered by a repulsive creature named Snotspill, who guards a designated area on Level 4. To proceed to Level 5, you must secure the sign, which serves as the key to unlocking the pathway to the descending staircase. Once you have acquired the sign, two different paths await you for further exploration.

    Input: In the beginning, the sign can be found inside the spacious chest, located in the compact area where Snotspill resides. A number of Horned Demons guard the path to claim the prize. Once you acquire the sign, you have the choice to either hand it over to Snotspill or return it to Ogden.

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    When you present the signal to Snotspill, he will express gratitude and swiftly depart, offering you a miscellaneous item in return for your kindness. However, if you retrieve the signal and return it to Ogden, he will diligently search and present you with the illustrious Harlequin Crest as a token of appreciation.

    When you venture back to Snotspill’s territory, having delivered the sign to Ogden, a frenzied onslaught of Fallen Ones is unleashed. Despite their overwhelming numbers, they will scatter in temporary panic and flee, provided you continue to eliminate them. Engage with the nearest creature and launch your assault. Repeat this method again and again.

    The Feeble Gharbad.

    Upon first encountering Gharbad, he expresses his desperation and begs for mercy, offering to repay you with a favor. When you cross paths with him again, he confidently assures you that he is working on something specifically for you, and even presents a small token as a gesture of trust. During the third encounter, Gharbad remains filled with promises and informs you that the project is nearing completion. However, on the fourth meeting, Gharbad abruptly changes his tune and deems his creation to be too superior for your involvement, launching an unexpected attack.

    Once you successfully eradicate this incessantly complaining dungeon detritus, it will relinquish a mighty Mace for you to acquire and enrich your inventory.

    The Enchanted Stone.

    Griswold shares a tale of a magnificent “sky rock” that was transported by a caravan and introduced to the vicinity. Mysterious riders, concealed in their cloaks, launched a daring assault on the caravan and absconded with the coveted rock, leaving the blacksmith yearning for its possession. With a solemn pledge, the blacksmith assures that if this coveted prize were to be procured, he would fashion something of great utility.

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    Down on Level 5, nestled discreetly, awaits the rock perched delicately upon a petite table. Should you venture to Griswold, he will shatter the rock into diminutive fragments and carefully place them within the illustrious Empyrean Band. Unless you stumble across enchanting rings at every twist and turn, the Band’s sweeping beneficial influences will undoubtedly become an indispensable asset throughout the rest of the game.


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