Diablo IV Review – A Superb Return To Form

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Amidst the turmoil caused by Diablo III’s catastrophic release and the excessive monetization of Diablo Immortal, Blizzard’s iconic IP has faltered in recent times. However, it is within these challenging circumstances that Blizzard has made the bold decision to return to the essence that made Diablo truly exceptional in the upcoming Diablo IV. Embracing a more down-to-earth backdrop, emphasizing the depth of characters over mere spectacle, and refining a beloved formula to meet the standards of 2023 are just a glimpse of the ambitious goals set by this highly anticipated game.

Diablo IV nostalgically reflects on Blizzard’s golden era, a time when the developer’s games captivated customers with their substantial boxes, symbolizing excellence and refinement. The future success of its live services is uncertain, but the initial release is undeniably comprehensive, teeming with captivating content, and showcases flawless presentation driven by a steadfast dedication to reimagining Sanctuary. While it may not revolutionize the genre, Diablo IV provides an incredibly enjoyable experience.

Diablo IV Review

After three decades since the occurrences in Diablo III, the relentless conflict between heavenly beings and infernal creatures has left a deep scar on both factions, as well as on the sacred land of Sanctuary. It is during these fragile moments that a group of devotees manages to conjure Lilith, the offspring of Mephisto and the progenitor of Sanctuary. However, instead of ushering in harmony, her reawakening unleashes unimaginable disorder, as both demons and mortals succumb to their wicked cravings in her ethereal presence.

With Tyrael nowhere to be found, Lilith has taken on the role of Sanctuary’s new guardian. On the other side, we have Inarius, the co-creator of Sanctuary and the visionary behind the Cathedral of Light. A fallen angel yearning for redemption, he seeks to put an end to Lilith’s newfound dominance, longing to reclaim his rightful place in the heavens. Amidst this turmoil, the wanderer and the Horadrim embark on a mission to thwart Lilith’s schemes and protect Sanctuary from the inevitable consequences of a prophesied catastrophe.

Diablo IV Review

The enigmatic clash between Lilith and Inarius exists in a nebulous realm, lacking definitive clarity. Inarius harbors aspirations for the betterment of humanity, yet his endeavors stem from an egotistical ignorance and insatiable yearning for recognition from celestial realms. Lilith’s schemes, though presented in a similar fashion, perpetually carry an undertone of doubt and skillful manipulation whenever she graces the spotlight. This multifaceted and elaborate portrayal delves deeper into the perpetual celestial conflict, compelling one to decipher hidden nuances rather than simply aligning with a single faction.

The Horadrim’s character development is an enthralling journey that showcases both its flaws and its potential. Lorath and Donan personify the Horadrim’s shortcomings as they confront their inner demons, while Neyrelle, a fresh addition, embodies the ideal traits of a Horadrim member. Throughout the story, Neyrelle’s innocence transforms into a careful sense of hope, creating a captivating dynamic among these three individuals, despite their infrequent collaborations.

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While the character development in this story is impressive, the pacing of the narrative itself is a bit of a mixed bag. Initially, the opening chapters draw you into a more realistic version of Sanctuary, with a series of seemingly harmless events that suddenly take a dark turn with Lilith’s summoning. However, the story slows down significantly in Acts IV and V, becoming preoccupied with a cat and mouse game. Fortunately, Act VI picks up the pace and races towards the climax, featuring a stunning CG cutscene that effectively builds tension and showcases Blizzard’s signature grandeur.

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The narrative structure of this story is truly captivating, as it takes on a non-linear progression. Acts II and III, along with various quest chains throughout the other acts, offer the freedom to be completed in any order you desire. Feel like delving deeper into a specific character or exploring a particular zone? Go ahead and do it without any worries about impeding your overall progress. The zones are designed to scale with your level, ensuring that you are always appropriately challenged. This unique feature enhances both the replay value and the growth of your character, allowing you to tackle class-specific dungeons whenever the mood strikes.

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Diablo IV Review

My appreciation for it grew even more as I delved into the realm of Sanctuary. This expansive world is teeming with endless possibilities, ranging from intricate Cellars and multi-level Dungeons to captivating world events and concealed Altars of Lilith that grant everlasting stat enhancements to all your created characters in that Realm. Although there are moments where the content may feel familiar, surprises await at every turn, and the absence of being confined to a single zone at a time brings about a rejuvenating feeling of liberation in a genre that often guides you along a predetermined path.

While some of the content on offer here can get repetitive after hours of play, there’s always a worthwhile reward to come by the end of it. Everything you do is also earning you reputation for whatever zone that activity is in, with each reward tier offering useful character upgrades, most of which are account-wide. Whether it be loot or playstyle-altering Aspects that can be previewed before you commit to running a dungeon, Diablo IV’s grind respects your time without ever taking away from its inherent satisfaction.Output: Despite the potential repetition after long hours of gameplay, there is always a valuable reward awaiting at the conclusion. Every action you take contributes to your reputation within the specific zone, and each reward level grants advantageous character enhancements, most of which are applicable to your entire account. Whether it involves acquiring loot or experimenting with game-altering Aspects that can be previewed in advance, Diablo IV’s grind acknowledges the value of your time while still preserving its inherent gratification.

Diablo IV Review

When embarking on a fresh Diablo adventure, the most crucial decision lies in selecting the class that will accompany you on your descent into the depths of hell. In my case, I dedicated a significant portion of my gameplay to the Rogue class in Diablo IV. Through the freedom to respec whenever I desired, I engaged in various trial-and-error approaches until I stumbled upon a precarious yet thrilling strategy. This particular build revolved around being a delicate but powerful force, infusing my weapons with shadowy affliction and unleashing rapid barrages of arrows and blades upon unsuspecting foes, all while skillfully deploying an array of traps.

As I found myself committed to this foundational structure, it astounds me how swiftly one can revolutionize a build and revolutionize the very essence of a class. The paths available for rogues are numerous, ranging from exclusively melee or ranged approaches to a versatile class that harnesses stealth for strategic repositioning. While other classes also provide a comparable level of adaptability, there currently exist noticeable imbalances that favor certain classes over others.

Diablo IV Review

Diablo IV takes a different approach to character progression by introducing fresh layers of power to enhance your builds and gear. In addition to the abundance of new equipment and skill points earned with each level, Aspects can also be unlocked through various methods. While most of these Aspects are tailored to specific classes, there are a few that apply universally. These earned Aspects can be imprinted onto gear to provide bonuses that either modify or complement your unique playstyle. This introduces a dynamic element to gear progression that goes beyond simple stat enhancements, encouraging players to experiment with new skills or focus on their preferred playstyle.

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If you’ve ever played Diablo before, the core gameplay loop will feel instantly recognizable. It aligns more closely with recent entries, departing from the deliberate nature of Diablo II, but this change is not a disadvantage. The combat has a raw and intense energy that seamlessly integrates with the overall world and atmosphere that Blizzard aims to create in Diablo IV. When you strike your enemies with sheer force, their bodies become ragdolls, torn apart in a gruesome display. The fallen enemies leave behind a myriad of loot drops, enhancing your character’s power. And of course, the exhilarating sound of a legendary drop still triggers a primal response in your brain. Legendary gear, which is the rarest tier in Diablo IV, not only offers powerful attributes but also alters your playstyle with unique passives and additional skill ranks.

Diablo IV Review

The boss fights in Diablo IV deserve a special mention for their outstanding design, showcasing the pinnacle of what ARPGs can accomplish. Throughout my entire campaign, played on World Tier II, I faced challenging boss encounters that demanded a more strategic approach rather than mindlessly relying on my abilities and basic attacks. Engaging in thrilling battles, I skillfully dodged projectiles, analyzed enemy cues, and tactfully utilized potions, all of which kept me at the edge of my seat. Additionally, upon completing the campaign, I had the opportunity to progress to higher World Tiers, amplifying the difficulty while offering greater rewards as an enticing incentive.

In addition to Whispers of the Dead and Helltides, there are other intriguing end game activities to explore. Whispers of the Dead introduces a unique twist where you undertake special tasks for The Tree of Whispers in specific zones while gradually reaching a predetermined limit. These tasks often align with activities you are already engaged in, such as delving into Cellars, Dungeons, and participating in world events. As you successfully accomplish these favors, you earn Whispers which can be exchanged for a rewarding cache of loot. This cache includes a variety of enticing treasures like powerful armor and weapons, precious gems, abundant gold, and valuable experience points.

Diablo IV Review

In the realms of Helltides, a realm only accessible on World Tier III and beyond, one can encounter empowered demons that dwell in specific regions. These formidable creatures yield valuable Cinders, which can be exchanged to unlock the enigmatic Helltide chests scattered throughout the area. Venturing into this treacherous territory comes with its fair share of risks, but the potential rewards awaiting the brave are of the utmost caliber. As someone who has delved into the depths of Helltides, I can confidently attest to its status as a prime source for top-notch gear in the post-game.

Equally fascinating is the Field of Animosity, an intriguing PvPvE domain. Conquering adversaries and demons in the Field of Animosity grants you Seeds of Animosity, which must be cleansed and transformed into Crimson Dust to serve as currency. However, there’s a twist – fellow players have the liberty to assail you while you embark on the cleansing process, introducing an innate element of risk and reward. While you can choose to solely partake in PvE, purification becomes inevitable at some point, making it advisable to explore the Field of Animosity alongside companions. The hard-earned Crimson Dust can later be exchanged for ornate treasures such as exquisite cosmetics and majestic mounts.

Diablo IV Review

Within the realms of Diablo IV, an abundance of captivating content awaits, untouched by any mention of Strongholds, Capstone, or Nightmare Dungeons. Delve into the art of leveling various other classes, embark on a multitude of enthralling side quests, and explore the boundless opportunities that lie before you. Brace yourself for the vastness of this game at its inception, knowing that it shall expand even further with the arrival of exciting seasonal additions.

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The current enigma surrounding Diablo IV revolves around its monetization. Although Blizzard has assured that there won’t be any pay-to-win elements, the pricing for cosmetics and mounts is still a mystery. The preview version didn’t include a functional store, but the convenient and user-friendly transmog system allowed me to customize my characters’ appearance without spending a penny. Additionally, it’s noteworthy that premium battle passes will be available for post-launch seasons, although the review build didn’t provide specific information about them.

Diablo IV Review

The flawless presentation of Diablo IV acts as the binding force that unifies this extraordinary experience. In direct opposition to Diablo III and Immortal, a softer color scheme emerges, aligning more closely with the aesthetics of the initial two games. Within the catacombs and dungeons, one can observe the adornment of visceral elements and gruesome remnants from battles of distant times. As a macabre cautionary display, lifeless bodies are displayed in the desolate expanse of Khejistan, while the numerous ruins of Scosglen serve as a testament to its former inhabitants. Such meticulous attention to detail greatly contributes to the creation of an evocative atmosphere and mood within this gothic wasteland.

Sanctuary is far from a monotonous expanse of greys and yellows; it is a realm bursting with vibrant visuals. Each region holds its own unique charm, distinct from the one before. The Fractured Peaks, a frozen wasteland of unforgiving cold, stands in stark contrast to the putrid and steamy bog of Haweza, teeming with nightmarish creatures. These diverse zones seamlessly blend together, each offering its own twisted version of hell that seeps into the very fabric of the land. Adding to the macabre allure are the grotesque enemies, a fusion of Diablo’s infernal aesthetics and the eldritch horrors of the unknown.

Diablo IV Review

The Polish localization of the game meets Blizzard’s high standards on the PC platform, as expected. Throughout my extensive 30-hour gameplay experience, the performance was flawlessly seamless, except for occasional rubber banding while swiftly riding a mount. Although I cannot confirm the quality on consoles, I have a strong feeling that the same level of excellence is maintained.

Diablo IV not only embodies the essence of the franchise but also signifies Blizzard’s triumphant comeback as a developer. The game perfectly captures the unique essence of Diablo, effortlessly blending modernity with tradition. It recognizes the evolution of action role-playing games beyond mindless button smashing, while still honoring its roots and rich history. Though not flawless, Diablo IV unquestionably excels in all the right areas.

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Blizzard has struck gold with Diablo IV, solidifying its position as one of their cornerstone franchises during a crucial moment. With an unwavering dedication to their vision, they have breathed new life into Sanctuary, offering a never-ending journey of player growth and unforgettable encounters with formidable bosses. This latest installment of Diablo defies any limitations imposed by inconsistent pacing or recycled material, standing tall as a testament to innovation and creativity.


An intricately layered and enigmatic storyline approach.

The unconventional arrangement fosters a sense of curiosity and adventure.

Endless possibilities for customization within every class.

Impeccably calibrated challenges and exhilarating encounters with formidable adversaries.

Flawless display and craftsmanship.


Imbalanced campaign rhythm.

The use of recycled materials can sometimes give off a sense of monotony.

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