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I’ve been fortunate to receive a shipment of products for review, courtesy of diablo sugarfree. I extend my sincere gratitude for granting me the opportunity to sample your offerings. This brand offers a diverse selection of sugar-free products, making it a perfect choice for those seeking to cut down on sugar or managing type 2 diabetes. Although I’ve had an unpleasant experience with sugar-free chocolate in the past, these products from diablo sugarfree caused no adverse reactions whatsoever.

My taste buds were in for a delightful surprise when I indulged in the delectable hazelnut chocolate spread – an absolute reminiscent of Nutella! Trust me, this divine treat is a must-try, delivering an unparalleled level of deliciousness. And the best part? It’s a guilt-free pleasure, with just 74 calories packed into every 15g of pure yumminess.


Among my cherished treats, the cream-infused chocolate wafers stood out as truly exceptional, delighting my taste buds with their enticing blend of flavors, all within a modest 147-calorie bar.

The mini ones were absolutely scrumptious, with only 69 calories for a serving of 2.


I indulged in the delightful muesli bars, each offering a burst of delectable flavors, all within a modest 106-calorie bar. With only 5 syns on my slimming world diet, they made for a convenient and satisfying breakfast on the move.


The chocolate chip cookies failed to win me over as they bore a striking resemblance to flour, lacking the delightful burst of chocolate flavor. Additionally, the strawberry and cream candies didn’t quite tickle my fancy, although it’s worth mentioning that I’m not particularly fond of sweets, especially those with a strawberry twist.

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I adored the delectable dark chocolate bar infused with nuts, reminiscent of the indulgence found in Ferrero Roche. Surprisingly, savoring three squares of this delightful treat would only cost me a mere 71 calories.


As a self-proclaimed chocoholic, my ultimate favorites had to be the luscious hazelnut chocolate spread, the delectable chocolate cream-filled wafers, and of course, the irresistible chocolate bar. These delightful treats are simply mouthwatering, and I wholeheartedly endorse them for purchase. Indulge in the pure pleasure of chocolate, sans any unnecessary sugar additives.

Kindly be aware that the forthcoming words solely reflect my individual perspectives and beliefs, and I am not hesitant to express unfavorable opinions towards anything that doesn’t resonate with me.

Their website or Instagram page offers a treasure trove of these delightful products awaiting your purchase.


Http://www.Diablosugar free.Co.Uk.

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