Diablo 3: The Best Necromancer Builds, Ranked

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  • Unleashing dark magic upon the realms of Diablo, the Necromancer class swiftly captured the hearts of players, who eagerly ventured into the realm of customization upon its release. Brace yourself as we dive into the thrilling realm of the top 10 ranked Necromancer builds.

    In the realm of Diablo 3, no other class undergoes such astonishing transformations from one build to another like the enigmatic Necromancer. Players have the opportunity to focus on summoning loyal minions, obliterating their foes with explosive cadavers, engaging in intense close-quarters combat, unleashing devastating ranged spells, and much more. Pondering the achievements in the treacherous greater rifts, it becomes evident that every single one of these diverse builds holds significant value.

    Determining the ultimate champion becomes an intricate task as individual preferences heavily influence the enchanting allure of the Necromancer. Nonetheless, the community has diligently compiled empirical evidence and expressed their sentiments on the forums, resulting in a selection of exceptional tactics that soar above the rest.

    Revised on April 23rd, 2021 by Hodey Johns: This piece was released in the wake of the 2.7.0 update, necessitating a number of presumptions drawn from data and discussions within the community. With the advent of the leaderboards and tangible proof, these rankings have now been fine-tuned to accommodate these findings. Moreover, each segment has been enriched with bullet points encompassing all components of the build, catering to readers who wish to replicate it.

    The “Rat”

    Diablo 3 Necromancer Managing To Cast Lots Of Skeletal Mages

    The Necromancer in Diablo 3 skillfully conjures numerous skeletal mages, showcasing their remarkable ability to control the undead.

  • Dynamic abilities: Ravenous Hunger (Aura of Consumption), Mirror Image (Energy Reservoir), Crimson Surge (Biochemical Boost), Osseous Shield (Crops of Torment), Frosty Dominion (Icy Wastelands), Undead Conjurer (Vitality Reinforcement).
  • Empowering Essence, Ultimate Sacrifice, Prolonged Loyalty, Shadow Harvesting.
  • The mighty Andariel’s Visage, devoid of any sockets, stands as a formidable armor. Accompanied by the imposing Razeth’s Volition and the dazzling Requiem Cereplate adorned with flawless royal topazes, this ensemble exudes power. Tasker and Theo, Reaper’s Wraps, and The Witching Hour add an air of mystery, while the mesmerizing Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan, embellished with flawless royal topazes, bring an ethereal touch. Completing the ensemble are the swift and stylish Steuart’s Greaves, ensuring both agility and style.
  • Adornments: Squirt’s Ornament, Elements’ Gathering, Krysbin’s Utterance.
  • Deadly Implements: Cycle’s Scythe (Impeccable Royal Emerald), Time’s Vanished.
  • Desolation of Caldesann’s: The Intellect Enhancement.
  • Fabled Jewels: Chronicles of Dreams, Dominator, Curse of the Captured.
  • Prioritizing the stats on your item: Maximize the power of your Skeletal Mages, boost Critical Hit Damage, increase Critical Hit Chance, enhance Attack Speed, and amplify Area Damage.
  • The enigmatic Kanai’s Cube holds within it a trifecta of extraordinary artifacts – Reilana’s Shadowhook, St. Archew’s Gage, and the bewitching Haunted Visions.
  • Diablo 3 Necromancer Using Several Corpse Lances Against Solazius Warcaller

    The mighty Diablo 3 Necromancer unleashes a barrage of Corpse Lances upon the formidable Solazius Warcaller, employing a multitude of skeletal projectiles to pierce through the enemy’s defenses.

    Derived from the shortened form of “Rathma,” the term “Rat” finds its origins. Initially, this particular build revolved around the Bones of Rathma set. Over time, however, the build has undergone changes and now makes use of the Legacy of Dreams legendary gem. Despite these alterations, the essence and style have remained intact. In simple terms, when it comes to efficiently farming paragon levels and obtaining primal ancient items, there is no rival to the Rat Necromancer build.

    The range of levels that can be tackled in rifts with this build is surprisingly limited, typically falling within the 110 to 120 Greater Rift range, even for a top-tier setup. However, the most impressive aspect is that the Rat can effortlessly conquer these rifts in two minutes or less. This isn’t merely an optimal method for farming as a Necromancer, it’s the ultimate way to farm in the entire game. Chat logs are perpetually brimming with aspiring companions in search of a Rat who will incessantly unleash Skeletal Mages and undead minions from start to finish during a run.

    Legacy Of Dreams Poison Scythe

    Diablo 3 Necromancer Poison Scythe Hitting A Toxic Lurker And Its Allies

    Unleashing the Diablo 3 Necromancer’s Poison Scythe upon a sinister Toxic Lurker and its malevolent comrades.

  • Dynamic abilities: Sinister Reaper (Hexed Scythe), Blood Drain (Momentum Surge), Illusory Doppelganger (Hematological Essence), Corporeal Conjurer (Infection), Necrotic Burst (Putrid Decay), Osseous Shield (Joint Displacement).
  • Mysterious abilities: Malediction’s Embrace, Solitary Resilience, Last Rites, Rapid Reaping.
  • Armor: The Exquisite Countenance of Andariel (Impeccable Majestic Diamond), The Will of Razeth, The Radiant Robe of Aquila (Impeccable Majestic Topazes), Frostbite, The Agile Stalkers, The Enchanting Hour of Sorcery, The Profound Excavators (Impeccable Majestic Topazes), Boots of Illusion.
  • Enchanted Trinkets: Ghostly Reveries, Elemental Gathering, Harmony.
  • The Arsenal: Trag’Oul’s Eroded Fang (Impeccable Regal Emerald), Leger’s Contempt.
  • Desolation of Caldesann’s: The Intellect Enhancement.
  • Fabled Jewels: Chronicles of Dreams, Curse of the Afflicted, Essence of Serenity.
  • Reimagined Priority Order for Item Stats: Embrace the Power of Poison, Unleash Devastating Critical Hits, Seek Thrilling Critical Hit Opportunities, Unleash Chaos with Area Damage, Master the Art of Swift Attacks, and Overcome Adversity with Crowd Control Resistance.
  • The Enigmatic Cube of Kanai: Nayr’s Shadow Plague, Dayntee’s Shackles, Krisbin’s Verdict.
  • Diablo 3 Legacy Of Dreams In Game Description

    Unleash the mythical power of Diablo 3: Legacy of Dreams with an enchanting in-game narrative.

    Amidst the dominance of Barbarians primarily in a supportive capacity, the realm of melee damage classes remains surprisingly sparse. While the Aegis of Valor Crusader claims supremacy in inflicting focused harm upon a single target, it is the Poison Scythe Necromancer that truly excels in wreaking havoc within close-quarters combat, emerging as the unrivaled champion of area damage.

    Input: Despite the common practice of including a Poison Scythe Necromancer to eliminate weaker enemies when accompanied by a skilled zBarb, this build can actually perform admirably on its own, and perhaps even surpass expectations. It’s worth noting that successfully tackling a solo Greater Rift 135 is an impressive feat.

    Legacy of Dreams Corpse Explosion

    Diablo 3 Necromancer Detonating Corpses With Huge Damage Numbers

    Unleashing Havoc with Massive Damage Numbers – Diablo 3’s Necromancer Obliterates Corpses.

  • Unleash your deadly abilities with these powerful skills: Sinister Reap (Cursed Scythe), Life Torrent (Transfusion), Cadaver Burst (Close Quarters), Frosty Abyss (Frozen Lands), Soul Eruption (Blight), and Skeletal Shield (Dislocation).
  • Unleashing Dark Curse, Solitary Stand, Vitality of Blood, Last Rites – these are the passive abilities that await.
  • Leoric’s Crown, adorned with a flawless royal diamond, serves as a formidable armor, alongside the enigmatic Razeth’s Volition. The robust protection of Aquila Cuirass, embellished with flawless royal topazes, further fortifies the wearer. Stone Gauntlets, Strongarm Bracers, and the mystical Dayntee’s Binding contribute to an impenetrable defense. The Swamp Land Waders, embellished with flawless royal topazes, grant both protection and an affinity to the treacherous swamp terrain. Finally, the indomitable Ice Climbers complete the ensemble, ensuring unmatched resilience in any hostile environment.
  • Sparkling Treasures: The Johnstone, Elemental Symphony, Krysbin’s Verdict.
  • Armaments: Trag’Oul’s Eroded Fang (Impeccable Regal Emerald), Skeletal Resonator.
  • Desolation of Caldesann’s: The Intellect Enhancement.
  • Fabled Jewels: Chronicles of Dreams, Curse of the Vanquished, Snare of the Captured.
  • The preferred order for item stats includes reducing cooldowns, enhancing poison damage, amplifying area damage, boosting critical hit damage, increasing critical hit chance, and empowering corpse explosion.
  • The Enigmatic Kanai’s Cube: Nayr’s Shadowy Plague, Soulful Grasps, and Celestial Band of Time.
  • Diablo 3 Necromancer Generating Corpses In Combat

    Unleashing the Diabolic Power: Necromancer’s Cadaver Creation Amidst Battle.

    Don’t be deceived, for the notion that the prime choice for Necromancers in solo farming cannot also thrive as an exceptional force in conquering Greater Rifts is far from reality. Behold, the mighty Corpse Explosion Necromancer, a true champion that has triumphed over Greater Rift 140 without any assistance, all due to its impeccable rotation that unleashes unparalleled bursts of devastation, surpassing all other builds in the game.

    Capturing a pristine screenshot of the Corpse Explosion Necromancer in action proves to be quite the challenge, as the screen becomes engulfed with an inexhaustible barrage of detonations. The process itself is rather time-consuming, spanning across three complete cycles on the Convention of Elements. However, if one possesses the skill to gather adversaries during the interim period, a mere flick of a finger can cause an entire dungeon floor to erupt into a spectacular explosion.

    Masquerade Bone Spear

    Diablo 3 Necromancer Snapshot From The Trailer

    Unveiling Diablo 3’s Necromancer: A Captivating Glimpse Into Darkness.

  • Unleash your prowess with the following dynamic abilities: Frost Scythe, Blighted Marrow, Metabolism, Wither, Reservoir, and Dislocation – these are your gateway to dominance.
  • Unleashing the potential of passive abilities: Bone Prison, Solitary Existence, Razorsharp, and Infectious Spread.
  • Armor: Opulent Bauta (Impeccable Royal Amethyst), Aughild’s Might, Refined Garb (Impeccable Royal Topazes), Lavish Gauntlets, Aughild’s Quest, Dayntee’s Ensnarement, Chic Trousers (Impeccable Royal Topazes), Extravagant Footwear.
  • Enchanted Trinkets: Eerie Illusions, Gathering of Elements, Krysbin’s Verdict.
  • Deadly Implements: Cycle’s Scythe (Impeccable Royal Emerald), Time’s Vanished.
  • Desolation of Caldesann’s: The Intellect Enhancement.
  • Fabled Jewels: Zei’s Vengeful Rock, Trapped’s Curse, Stricken’s Bane.
  • Prioritizing Item Stats:
  • The Enigmatic Cube of Kanai: Petrified Spike of Maltorius, Marrow Guards of Gelmindor, and the Majestic Ring of Royal Grandeur.
  • Diablo 3 Necromancer Casting Bone Spear With Skeletal Minions

    Unleashing the Bone Spear alongside an army of skeletal minions, the Diablo 3 Necromancer casts a spell that strikes fear into the hearts of their enemies.

    Unquestionably, this particular build comes as no surprise. It is fervently sought after by factions yearning to conquer the formidable Greater Rift 150, and moreover, it possesses the exceptional ability to single-handedly triumph over Greater Rift 150. With its impressive durability, mind-boggling area of effect damage, and swift attack speed, the build seamlessly harnesses the power of Bane of the Stricken to effortlessly vanquish Greater Rift Guardians.

    Witnessing the fact that a mere three players have successfully conquered Greater Rift 150 solo, with two of them opting for this particular build, truly exemplifies its sheer might. The potency of the Bone Spears intensifies as they traverse longer distances and pierce through numerous adversaries. Therefore, gather a group, swiftly retreat, and unleash a devastating barrage upon your pursuers. Although you may not witness their demise firsthand, your experience meter will undeniably bear testament to your prowess.

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