Do You Need PS Plus To Play Minecraft? (Everything To Know)

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Child playing Minecraft on a tablet, close up with shallow depth of field

Minecraft is currently one of the most well-liked video games on the market, if not the absolute most well-liked.

To play Minecraft, it is essential to ensure that your systems and devices are up-to-date and compatible with the Minecraft system.

PlayStation Plus, also known as PS Plus, is an excellent method to engage in gaming sessions with friends. Minecraft, a highly favored game among gamers, is particularly enjoyed using the benefits of PS Plus.

If you are wondering whether it will allow you to play Minecraft or if you are deciding whether it is worth purchasing, we have all the answers that you need. Plus, it would be worth it if you have PS Plus.

Playstation 5 controller and Playstation Plus at TV screen

Yes, to play Minecraft, you will require PS Plus.

PS Plus is the ultimate method to delight in playing Minecraft with companions too.

In addition to various other video games, you will have the opportunity to play a diverse selection of games; however, the PS Plus system offers more than just access to Minecraft.

Upgrading their systems can be challenging for people when deciding which video game system to go with, as it can often be difficult to determine if it is compatible.

Without a doubt, the PS Plus system is definitely worth it as it provides a plethora of amazing advantages, allowing you to enjoy a wide array of games.

To gain more knowledge about video game systems, you will see that the PS Plus is an outstanding choice for gaming options.

Additionally, there are still plenty of games available for purchase without requiring play. However, this does not apply to those who do not own a PlayStation Plus subscription.

What Games Can You Play Without The PS Plus?

Playstation logo at Milan Games Week 2019

Although you may feel like you can only look into options that do not require PS Plus, there are other available choices that are similar to the best games on PS Plus.

Here are some of the most popular games for those who have not yet upgraded to the PS Plus systems.


Fortnite on playstation

Fortnite is a gaming experience that revolves around battles, incorporating elements of construction similar to those found in Minecraft-style games.

You will need to exert considerable effort to achieve success in the Fortnite game.

Furthermore, in addition to the Fortnite game, there exists a rather intricate narrative to sustain players’ interest throughout their gameplay.

Fortnite’s island map is an excellent place for those who like to explore and be part of the best game.

Call Of Duty Warzone

Man play Call of Duty Season 3 on 4K TV

Call of Duty is another popular game in the genre of battle, which enjoys immense popularity.

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The game has gained immense popularity over the years, and it is rather intricate.

If you have an interest in gear and tactical gear, Call of Duty Warzone is an excellent game to contemplate playing.

The overall gameplay of the game requires some time to grasp, but those who enjoy this game become deeply engrossed in it.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy Remake

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the pricier games available, with a price tag of $59.99.

In addition, it is great that you won’t have to buy a PS Plus subscription, making this slightly more expensive than some people may prefer.

To ensure that you are certain this is the game you want to continue playing, you will need to make sure that Final Fantasy charges a subscription fee.

The membership cost for these games will accumulate over time.

One of the factors contributing to the immense popularity of this game is its persistent world, which fosters extensive communication among players.

You can enjoy an almost endless amount of exploring in Final Fantasy XIV, so offer to all and therefore will you.

Does Minecraft Come Free With PS Plus?

Little girl playing Minecraft on Apple iPad Air

If you indulge and buy the PS Plus, you will ultimately receive a complimentary Minecraft trial.

This is not a game worth purchasing, but rather a limited version that will essentially provide you with a preview.

The Minecraft video game is something that numerous individuals believe they can derive great value from.

Besides the Minecraft game, the PS Plus system, which can be utilized for various games, will be a worthwhile investment.

How Much Is Minecraft On PS Plus?

Playstation on tv

To initiate your subscription, you will need to make a payment of approximately $20.00 if you are prepared to invest in Minecraft and possess a PS Plus membership.

Those who are familiar with this game and frequently engage in it can attest that it offers great worth.

The aspect that individuals enjoy greatly about Minecraft is that it appears to have no conclusion.

You can keep constructing and innovating for many years to come.

Many individuals discover that it is among the superior video games for cognitive function as it consistently fosters the free flow of creativity and concepts. Numerous people find this game to be one of the most beneficial for stimulating the mind.

Is Minecraft Worth It?

Minecraft mobile game

Minecraft is not a novelty.

It has been growing for years, and people have mixed feelings about whether or not they are a Minecraft type of gamer.

Whether or not Minecraft is worth the money, if you have been unsure about its value, there are several reasons to consider.

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Fair Pricing

Playstation controller with money

In the realm of video games, the cost can become quite steep.

It is advisable to search for games that offer great worth and are reasonably priced.

If you are buying numerous video games, it can be challenging to sustain your gaming addiction and allocate a significant part of your budget to these games.

One of the most reasonably priced options on the market is the Minecraft game, which takes time to play and offers a decent amount of entertainment.

The reason for the low pricing is that there is a wide availability of free pirated versions of Minecraft.

It is far more logical to buy a game from a reliable source, as duplicating games of this nature is against the law and it should not be something that you contemplate investing in, but you can opt for one of these games to economize a few dollars.

Legitimate Source

Minecraft game application

Despite the occasional availability of Minecraft at no cost, endorsing this practice is truly not worthwhile.

It is advisable to purchase Minecraft from a reputable and trustworthy source.

When you buy a genuine version of Minecraft, you will also get access to the most recent upgrades that emerge.

Opt for the authentic edition of Minecraft if you have a low tolerance for bugs or problems in Minecraft and find it challenging to keep yourself updated.


Another fantastic aspect of Minecraft is that you can enjoy it on a wide range of diverse platforms.

This means that you will be able to enjoy playing at home, on the road, in the car, or wherever you are.

It is a fantastic location for anyone who wants to be able to use it at any time and get really into the game Minecraft.

Some games, particularly VR-style games, necessitate you to dedicate time in a specific place with a plethora of additional gear.

With the versatile usage of Minecraft across multiple platforms, you can effortlessly access your game from anywhere, provided you have the appropriate device.

Keep in mind that it is crucial for you to possess PS Plus in order to be capable of playing Minecraft.

However, there are numerous alternative platforms that also enable seamless gameplay of Minecraft.


Men playing computer game together

Do you enjoy playing video games with your buddies?

The number of individuals showing interest in playing video games with their friends is increasing.

Participating in a discussion regarding a game can be pleasurable as it enables individuals to realize that the additional duration spent indulging in solitary gameplay can be rather amusing.

Incorporating social interaction into the realm of video games has truly transformed the manner in which these games function and are marketed.

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Minecraft is a multiplayer game, which makes it a fantastic tool for individuals of all ages.

You may find that the Minecraft game transforms into a great way for you and your partner to relish valuable moments together.

Additionally, Minecraft is a suitable option for teenagers seeking ways to engage with friends while also incorporating their passion for video games.

Playing the game with friends and family becomes effortless due to the accessibility of Minecraft on various devices at a comparatively lower price.

Lego-Like Thinking

Asian boy is focusing on his minecraft creative

Children who engage in playing with Legos possess excellent skills in construction and critical thinking.

They are learning from an early age how to think correctly and solve problems.

Minecraft applies this identical mindset and introduces it to the realm of video games.

Parents who are concerned about their kids playing too many video games can see how much children can learn from these games and be happy.

Starting as a mere pastime and developing into a genuine talent, children can channel their passion for video games into creating intriguing and motivational projects.

Numerous children who engage in Minecraft discover their interest in computers, construction, programming, engineering, and other related fields.

Friendly And Safe Game

Grandmother sitting on couch and playing video games

There are various kinds of video games available in the market, and some can become extremely aggressive and challenging to observe.

For individuals who find these games captivating, it is a fantastic aspect.

However, there are quite a number of individuals who find these games to be anxiety-inducing and objectionable.

Minecraft is one of those games that you can play, and you won’t have to worry about the safety or the content.

In general, the game is secure and offers a welcoming atmosphere.

This is partly what makes Minecraft such a great game for players of all ages.

As you can observe, there are numerous reasons to invest in the Minecraft game.

It is highly likely that you will appreciate everything that the institute has to offer, and the pricing is extremely affordable.

It is a nice option for families who like video games and allows all age groups to enjoy and play together.

The general configuration of the game is not challenging, and individuals who are new to gaming can acquire knowledge relatively swiftly.

The crucial aspect is to select a platform that enables you to enjoy Minecraft.

This implies that you will need to invest in PS Plus in order to experience this game.

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