How To Get A Villager To Follow You In Minecraft

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Villagers are among the passive mobs that cannot be led or leashed with ones and ocelots bats. They are also very useful in terms of providing players with various rare to common items, thanks to the trading mechanic in-game.

In Minecraft, players tend to capture a few villagers from their respective villages and breed them in order to make more villagers available, who can then provide goods for trade from different professions. Consequently, villagers from various professions will be present in their respective villages.

Nevertheless, the primary issue lies in persuading the initial group of villagers to establish a settlement in your base.

This article will discuss all the essential information about transporting villagers in Minecraft.

Let’s begin with the tutorial!

Can Villagers Follow You In Minecraft?

Villagers, technically speaking, are not programmed to be attracted to other materials such as emeralds, in contrast to other passive animals such as chickens, pigs, cows, etc., Which are attracted to food that they eat, such as wheat, seeds, and carrots.

In the online Minecraft community, players can make modifications (mods) to install and download in order to have villagers follow them. However, it should be noted that there is no official way to make villagers follow players in the game.

There are other methods in Minecraft to transport villagers, which include mods that can be somewhat dangerous if there are viruses or malicious files included.

Using Boats

Minecraft boats

In Minecraft, one of the alternative ways for players to transport villagers is by using boats near them as the passengers board the boats.

They can go really slowly. The boats can still be commandeered and landed on. You can control and ride the boat by right-clicking on it. Once, a villager can ride that boat.

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It is generally easier to transport villagers into your base by using the boat on land. The boat can float on water, making it an effective means of transportation for villagers when creating a pathway on water.

Using Minecarts

Another means of transporting villagers is through the use of minecarts. Like boats, villagers can also travel as passengers in minecarts.

Where vessels can navigate, players can evade the inconvenience of constructing the waterway itself. Utilizing minecarts provides a swifter alternative to traversing a water path compared to using boats.

Creating gold and iron ingots is expensive, which makes them costly to use. However, the only downside is the materials needed, particularly for powered rails and regular rails. Nonetheless, constructing a railway provides a more efficient and faster means of transporting villagers, allowing you to easily place them into minecarts.

In the game, when you are also planning to build a rollercoaster, all of the materials in this method are reusable, nevertheless.

Using Seeds

Best Minecraft Seeds

Another viable approach to attract villagers to your base is by utilizing seeds. Villagers, particularly those who are farmers or unemployed, collect seeds whenever they are dropped on the ground. Seeds accumulate each time they are dropped, and villagers, especially those who are farmers or unemployed, employ seeds to entice them into your base.

You can successfully attract villagers to your base by luring them with seeds. You can create a trail of breadcrumbs using the seeds to guide them between blocks. You can store the seeds and eventually plant them in the farming plots.

The primary drawback of utilizing this approach is that occasionally, villagers return to their village when the path is disrupted.

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Funneling Villagers

This is done by making a path from the village, which villagers cannot escape or climb. Funneling villagers is also a way of transporting them.

In order to enable the villagers to transport the new beds, it is necessary for the village to have fences or walls that are tall enough to prevent them from jumping over and destroying all the beds.

Utilize the pathway that you have positioned, guiding the villagers straight to their new sleeping quarters in your base. Make certain that there are vacant beds in your base for the villagers to utilize.

However, the primary disadvantage is that occasionally villagers halt in the middle and do not actually sprint directly to another sleeping arrangement in your headquarters if it is excessively distant from the originating settlement. Additionally, ensnaring the villagers can consume a significant amount of time. Conversely, occasionally villagers halt in the middle and do not genuinely sprint directly to another sleeping arrangement in your headquarters if it is excessively distant from the originating settlement. Nonetheless, the primary drawback is.

Turning Villagers Into Zombie Villagers

Zombie Village

When villagers turn into zombies, normal villagers are killed by zombies. The most exciting and best method of transporting villagers is finally by turning them into zombies.

Aggressive mobs, like other aggressive mobs, follow you everywhere. They will always try to find a way to kill you, zombie villagers.

Fortunately, the villagers can be cured and returned to their normal state, even if they have turned into zombies. This is accomplished by using a Weakness of Potion Splash, as well as a Golden Apple.

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Therefore, you can now follow them until you get to the base, where you can let villagers transport you there, turning them into zombies and letting zombies eat them first.

Once you are in your base, trap the zombie villagers in a roofed enclosure so that they will not die when sunlight hits them in the morning, and eventually, you will be able to cure them.

Transporting villagers may not be the safest approach due to the involvement of zombies. However, it is the most enjoyable and thrilling method as it incorporates various game mechanics like brewing potions and crafting golden apples. The inclusion of game mechanics adds to the excitement and enjoyment, but the presence of zombies raises safety concerns for transporting villagers.

Throughout the day, you have the option to trail the zombie villagers along a covered pathway or shield them from the sun’s rays, guaranteeing that they are only enticed during the nighttime.

In addition to that, it is advisable to allow zombie villagers to retain a random block or any expendable item from your inventory to prevent them from despawning, particularly if your base is located far away. It is recommended that you let them hold onto the item while they follow you, ensuring their presence does not diminish.


That’s all! We have covered everything you need to understand about transporting villagers in Minecraft.

By following this guide, you can effortlessly bring villagers to your base and establish a trading hub where you can easily exchange items for emeralds and other resources. We wish you a pleasant experience and best of luck!

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