Does sugarcane grow faster on sand?

Recently, I have experienced this phenomenon twice, both in the Pocket Edition and PC version of Minecraft. Although I have always believed that sugarcane could only grow on dirt, I have now learned that it can also grow on adjacent sand. People have proven that sugarcane can grow at the same speed in both environments.

I am currently in a state of great confusion – would someone be able to provide clarification for me? Thank you ;).

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There is nothing which could cause a difference between the two. It is not already checking the three blocks below and the block above for air – it only checks the code responsible for growth in Players. The base block does not change the growth rate at which sugarcane grows.

Source: Minecraft Wiki: Sugar Cane Discussion Page.

Contrary to popular belief, the speed of growth of sugar cane is the same, regardless of the block it is placed on.

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YouTuber xisumavoid has actually discussed this in his “Minecraft Myth Busting” series (you can watch the video here if you’re interested).

Xisuma concludes that it doesn’t matter at all which block you choose for planting, as he employs scientific analysis and examines the game’s code, ultimately determining that it has no impact on the outcome.

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My brother and I conducted some tests to determine how long it takes for sugarcane to grow on farmland, grass, dirt, and sand.

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Our findings demonstrated that sugarcane grows more rapidly in sandy soil

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