How to Find a Minecraft Stronghold

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Are you interested in learning how to find a Stronghold in Minecraft quickly? We have here an easy-to-follow guide that includes three methods to reach a Stronghold. Whether you are a speedrunner trying to beat Minecraft or just wanting a ton of rare early-game resources in your survival world, this guide provides solutions for both situations. So, let’s not waste any time and dive right into working methods for both Bedrock and Java editions of Minecraft.

Utilize the table below to discover the playstyle that suits your preferred method. We have covered all aspects and there are a variety of ways to find a Minecraft Stronghold, ranging from survival mechanics to commands.

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  • What is a Stronghold in Minecraft

    What is a Stronghold

    In Minecraft, Stronghold is the name given to the main plot structure that generates beneath the overworld. It is one of the largest structures in the game and is made up of several rooms, libraries, and more. More importantly, the Stronghold is where the End portal spawns. You can use this portal to travel to the End dimension in Minecraft, and it’s where the Ender dragon lives.

    Where Does the Stronghold Spawn

    The Stronghold only generates underground in the overworld dimension of Minecraft. At times, the strongholds can even generate underwater but are not exposed to water. In Minecraft Bedrock edition, most Strongholds generate under a village. Meanwhile, in the Java edition, the Strongholds generate at random spots after almost every 2000-3000 blocks.

    Unlike structures like the Ancient city, the stronghold doesn’t have a fixed height in the world generation. Though, it’s best to search for the stronghold between the base level (Y=0) and the Bedrock level (Y=-64) of the world. As per the coordinates we found while testing some of the best Minecraft seeds, this is where most Strongholds spawn.

    How to Find the Stronghold in Minecraft

    There are three main ways to find Strongholds in Minecraft:

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  • Ender Pearls: The intended way to find the Stronghold without cheats or hacks in the survival world. More on it later.
  • Cheats: By enabling cheats, you have the ability to utilize commands to pinpoint the coordinates of the closest Minecraft stronghold.
  • Map Tool: Using an online tool, you can analyze a seed code to discover all fortresses within it.
  • Command to Locate Strongholds

    Let’s begin by following the below steps to find Strongholds in Minecraft. First, let’s explore the method of locating a Stronghold, starting with the way that allows us to look for it.

    In the Java version, cheats can be enabled in the LAN configuration of the pause menu. In the Bedrock version, you can enable the “Activate Cheats” option in the world settings. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to utilize any commands. Start by enabling cheats in your Minecraft world.

    Allow Cheats in Minecraft

    2. Once you have enabled the cheats, utilize the subsequent command to find the closest Stronghold in your world:

    I’m sorry, but I

    3. After executing the command, the game will show the coordinates of the nearest Stronghold that you can journey to.

    locate structure stronghold in Minecraft

    Find all Strongholds in a Minecraft Seed

    Follow the instructions below to discover the coordinates of all the Strongholds in a Minecraft seed:

    1. To begin, examine the seed code of your Minecraft world by utilizing the “/seed” command.

    Result of Seed Command

    “Make sure to set the dimension of the Overworld and the version of the game to yours. Paste the seed code of your world into the cell for the seed. Then, open the map analyzer using the link here, and open the Chunkbase map analyzer using the link here as well.”

    Seed Code in Seed Analyzer

    Once you click on the icons, you can find the specific icon for coordinates. The Chunkbase map will display all Strongholds on the map, after analyzing the seed code in the Eye of Ender.

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    Stronghold Coordinates on Minecraft Seed Map

    Find Minecraft Stronghold Using Eyes of Ender

    Items Required to Find a Stronghold

    In the survival game mode, you require the subsequent objects to attain a Stronghold:.

  • A metal pickaxe or a stronger one (preferably with greater durability).
  • 3 Ender Pearls (12 to activate the End portal).
  • To reach the structure, one must employ pickaxes and excavate, as Strongholds typically generate underground. Eyes of Enders, composed of ender pearls and blaze power, are essential for locating the precise area where excavation is required.

    How to Make Eye of Ender in Minecraft

    Follow these instructions to create an Eye of Ender in Minecraft:

    1. To begin with, create a Nether portal and journey to the Nether realm of Minecraft.

    Nether portal in Minecraft

    Acquire as numerous flame shafts as possible by gathering them. When you eliminate the Blaze, it may possibly result in dropping flame shafts. Discover a Nether fortress where the Blaze aggressive creature appears. Next, 2.

    Blaze in Minecraft

    3. Next, place the Blaze rods on the crafting table to transform them into Blaze powder.

    Blaze powder recipe

    You can easily obtain Ender pearls by farming Endermen. When Endermen die, they drop Ender pearls. These Endermen spawn in the overworld at night, so you can kill them and collect Ender pearls.

    Enderman and Ender Pearl

    In the area of crafting, you can use Eye of Ender to craft blaze powder and Ender pearl. Finally, you can place 5 blaze powder and Ender pearl in any other cell, so this crafting recipe doesn’t have any particular pattern.

    Crafting Recipe of an Eye of Ender

    Use Eyes of Ender to Locate Stronghold

    Now that you possess an Eye of Ender, follow these instructions to utilize this object in order to locate Strongholds in Minecraft:.

    To initiate the process, utilize the right-click or secondary action key to navigate to the overworld. Once there, cast an Eye of Ender. The closest Stronghold destination will then be attracted towards the Eye’s trajectory, spanning a distance of 12 blocks.

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    Using Eye of Ender in Minecraft - How to Find a Minecraft Stronghold

    2. If the Stronghold is distant, the Eye of Ender will ascend in an upward direction.

    Eye of Ender in upwards direction - How to Find a Minecraft Stronghold

    If you want to dig to the exact spot where the Ender Eye is pointing, you should reach the Stronghold. Additionally, you might have to dig to get the Eye back. The Ender Eye will lead you underground and even deeper. If the stronghold is nearby, you will be able to find it.

    Eye of Ender going downwards - How to Find a Minecraft Stronghold

    When you arrive at the End portal, ensure that you possess a sufficient quantity of them by carrying more than 12 End Eyes. This occurrence is unpredictable as the End Eye may occasionally break.

    Shattering Eye of Ender - How to Find a Minecraft Stronghold

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why am I unable to locate the Stronghold?

    If you cannot find the Stronghold, you should expand your search radius by throwing another dozen Eye of Ender blocks. It’s the best way to travel.

    At what depth is the Stronghold located?

    There is no set depth to discover a Stronghold. However, it is advisable to search below the world height of Y=0.

    How many Ender Pearls do you require to locate a Stronghold?

    In the majority of scenarios, in order to locate a Stronghold, only 1 or 2 Eyes of Ender are required. Nevertheless, to activate an End portal, a grand total of 12 Eyes of Ender will be necessary.

    Find the Minecraft Stronghold in the Fastest Way

    And just like that, you are prepared to discover the End dimension by reaching the Stronghold in Minecraft 1.19 and previous versions. However, prior to entering that dimension or even the Stronghold, it is advisable to maintain a compilation of the finest Minecraft elixirs. For additional assistance, you can also bring a handful of the top-notch Minecraft enhancements on this perilous expedition. With that being said, can you contemplate any alternative methods to locate the Stronghold in Minecraft?

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