Eliminate Golems in Minecraft Legends with these tips

Have you found yourself in a tricky situation as a Minecraft Legends player where your golem population has surpassed its limit? Fret not, as we have the perfect fix for you! Delve into this article to uncover the strategy on how to eliminate those extra golems in Minecraft Legends.

Get Rid Of Your Golems In Minecraft Legends

Eliminating golems from your troop is a task that requires a reliable approach. While sending them to fight against Piglins may work, an excess of Mossy Golems may prove to be impervious to defeat due to their self-healing abilities. In such a scenario, lava emerges as a potent method to get rid of these formidable creatures.

How to Get Rid Of Your Golems In Minecraft Legends?

Get Rid Of Your Golems In Minecraft Legends

Discover the ultimate technique for defeating golems in Minecraft Legends by utilizing the fiery power of lava.

Begin your journey by seeking out a prime location on your Overworld map that boasts a fiery pool of lava. With determination and resourcefulness, gather all the necessary materials for building a sturdy bridge. As you embark on your quest, keep an eye out for piglin invasion bases and Night Beacons, as these hotspots are known to harbour precious lava reserves. Utilize your findings to rid the Minecraft Legends realm of any pesky golems that may be causing trouble.

Progress to the next stage by constructing a sturdy bridge or ramp that will safely transport you over the

Guide the golems that require removal to position themselves at the very heart of the bridge or ramp, perched atop the scorching lava below.

After completing the fourth step, you have the option to gracefully distance yourself from the bridge or ramp and proceed to disassemble it. This will result in the golems meeting their fiery demise as they plummet into the molten lava below.

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In the fifth step, once the ramp or bridge is eliminated, the golems will meet their demise by plunging into the fiery depths of

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Ultimately, though golems can be helpful comrades in the world of Minecraft Legends, there may come a time when you must bid them adieu to make room for other troops in your army. While duking it out with Piglins is one way to dispatch them, this tactic might not work for curing Mossy Golems. Another option is to extinguish them with lava, though this approach is far from merciful. Until a command surfaces to dismiss mobs, this remains the most effective method at your disposal for offloading surplus golems.


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