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How to Tame a Creeper in Minecraft

There are numerous approaches to domesticate creepers in Minecraft, both with and without mods. In this tutorial, we will explore the most widely used techniques that we have discovered. The methods we will discuss in this guide encompass a variety of options for taming creepers in Minecraft.

How to Make a Friendly Creeper in Minecraft

This method is based on a special trap inside the sarcophagus, which will prevent the creeper from exploding and keep it trapped.

A custom-designed trap with hinged doors on the sides and a pressure plate for installation, ensuring that when you activate the platinum, the doors shut tightly and create an enclosed cage, as desired.

Afterward, construct a structure using glass materials to suspend a solid glass object above the activated pressure plate. Subsequently, dismantle the structure, ensuring that only a single glass block remains. Then, proceed to affix a piston on top of the glass block, allowing it to exert downward force.

Как приручить крипера

Next, you will require a name tag. Craft it on the anvil.

Trap the creeper and assign a name to it using a tag.

Exercise caution, as he can flee in the event that the hatch doors are opened. In the event that the hatch door is opened, there will be no detonation, allowing you to confidently approach a creeper wearing a glass suit. Acquire a creeper donning a glass suit and initiate the piston. Indeed.

Method Number 2

This method is based on replacing the original dog skin with a creeper skin, so when you rename it and download the creeper skin, all dogs will appear like creepers. To do this, open the folder where Minecraft stores all versions of the game, find the folder with mob skins, and replace the original dog skin with the creeper skin.

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Method Number 3

Make sure to wear armor for protection in case the creeper explodes when you kill it. We highly recommend having a horde of cats around to prevent the creeper from becoming a kamikaze boat breaker. Use the name tag to stop the creeper from getting desperate. Attach a leash to the boat so you can drag it behind while staying far enough away from the creeper that it doesn’t explode. Put the creeper in the boat since it can’t move on its own.

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