Fix: “We Were Unable to Verify the Products You Own” Error in Minecraft

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Some Minecraft players are experiencing an issue where a red box appears in the top-right corner of the launcher, stating “We were unable to verify what products you own.” This problem has been confirmed on Windows 11 and 10, as well as on iOS and Android devices. Please check your internet connection for this encountered variation of the error in Minecraft Legends and Minecraft Dungeons.

Unable to Verify the products you own

After conducting an investigation, we discovered that there are several different underlying causes for a short list of culprits that you should be cognizant of.

  • Before proceeding with further troubleshooting steps, it is advisable to verify the operational status of Minecraft’s servers by utilizing platforms such as DownDetector or IsTheServiceDown. This includes checking for any server-related problems, official announcements regarding server issues, and the availability of the private server if applicable.
  • You should investigate whether you are running the latest version of the Minecraft launcher. If the version of Minecraft on the server you are attempting to join differs, it may appear differently. Depending on the launcher you are using, you may need to update the Minecraft app on iOS, Android, or PC.
  • This might be a simple fix that allows users to launch Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons, or Minecraft Legends, and finally confirms that they have recognized the launcher they once affected many but fixed.
  • When you try to launch Minecraft from the Windows launcher, you may encounter an issue where your Windows profile is damaged, causing an inconsistency with your game ownership. To resolve this problem, you can attempt to fix the damaged Windows profile by signing into this account and creating a new local account.
  • The data has been temporarily corrupted – After the mod launcher started installing, only this error appeared, and the game was not able to launch properly as it did previously. It is especially recommended to reinstall the Minecraft launcher and clear the temporary data.
  • If you are facing this problem while trying to start Minecraft Dungeons from the primary Minecraft launcher, you should verify whether you possess the game by visiting your account preferences on the official website. In case you encounter this issue, it means that the game is not owned on your account, so it is advisable to check your ownership status by going to your account settings on the official website before launching Minecraft Dungeons.
  • Now that we have thoroughly examined all possible reasons for this problem, let’s review a range of solutions that have been proven effective by other Minecraft players in order to resolve this issue and ultimately make the launcher acknowledge their purchases. The fixes in this series have been successfully employed by other Minecraft users to reach the root of this problem and compel the launcher to finally acknowledge their purchases.

    1. Check if the Minecraft server is down

    Before proceeding to more practical troubleshooting measures, it is imperative to verify that Minecraft’s servers are functioning properly.

    If any users are currently experiencing issues with accessing the main Minecraft launcher, it is recommended to report the underlying problems through services like DownDetector. This is considered an ideal way to start, as it allows users to access individualized pages for Minecraft.

    An underlying issue with Minecraft servers

    Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the comment section on the status pages to check if other users describe the same issue you’re currently having.

    By utilizing the unofficial Mcsrvstat.Us service, you have the ability to monitor the current condition of the specific Minecraft server that is causing issues for you, in addition to other status assistance.

    To check the server status on Mcsrvstat.Us, you can click on the server URL located in the top bar and subsequently paste the server status to perform a test.

    Checking the server status

    Whenever there is a habitual posting about something wrong with the server, you can also check Mojang’s official Twitter account to address the issue. Additionally, if you find any evidence of an ongoing server outage, you can also check Mojang’s official Twitter account for recent announcements.

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    If this inquiry has determined that there are no current server problems, proceed to the next procedure listed below.

    2. Update the Minecraft launcher to the latest version

    If the version of Minecraft differs from the one running on the server, this may appear when you attempt to join. You should investigate whether you are running the latest version of the Minecraft Launcher, as the issue may be due to a server problem beyond your control. Once you have determined that the issue is not occurring due to a server problem, you can proceed.

    Depending on your device, you must update your Minecraft software directly from the PC launcher, Google Play, or App Store.

    When using the platform you are applying to, make sure to follow the sub-guide. This tutorial has been separated into three sections for your convenience, which include PC, Android, and iOS.

    2.1. Update Minecraft Launcher on PC

    If you are running the latest release of Minecraft Java Edition, you can ensure that you are on the right side of the play button by pressing the arrow on the right side of the button. This will open the launcher and verify the products you own.

    Run the latest release of Minecraft

    If you are running Minecraft on the Windows Universal Platform (UWP), the launcher automatically handles the updating of the game through the Microsoft Store, where the known situations are effectively resolved.

    In this situation, adhere to the instructions below to compel an update if it is presently pending for any reason.

  • Press the Windows key + R to initiate a Run dialog box.
  • Next, type ‘ms-windows-store:’ inside the text box, then press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open up the Microsoft Store component.
    Access the Microsoft Store component
  • Click Yes to authorize administrative access at the User Account Control (UAC).
  • Next, click on Library (bottom-left corner of the screen).
    Access the Library menu
  • Obtain the latest version and patiently wait for it to be downloaded and installed. In the event that you come across an update, simply select the option to search for an update pertaining to Minecraft.
  • Once the update is installed, restart your PC, and then launch the Minecraft Launcher again at the next update to check if the issue has been resolved.
  • 2.2. Update the Minecraft app on Android

    Despite the availability of a fresh technique, there are instances where the application falls behind, even though the Minecraft Android application should update itself automatically.

    To resolve this issue, you can update the Minecraft app by navigating to the Google Play Store from the applications page on your Android smartphone.

    This is the way

  • Launch Google Play and click the My applications button.
    Access the Apps menu
  • Next, look for Minecraft in the list of applications, and then click Update if it’s an option.
    Upgrade Minecraft
  • Attempt launching the game once more to verify if the problem continues.
  • 2.3. Update the Minecraft app on iOS

    If you are using an iOS device, in order to compel the Minecraft application to update, you need to locate and open the designated game entry.

    Here’s the method to accomplish this

  • Launch the App Store, then click the Search icon and type in “Minecraft.”
    Search for the Minecraft app
  • Then, if the choice is available, select Update, and begin the game to check if you can connect to your server.
  • Once the Minecraft Launch program has been updated, we have encountered a problem where we are unable to verify the products that we own.
  • If you are still experiencing the problem, you can try scrolling down using the most recent version available or updating it further.

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    3. Restart PC & Reopen the launcher

    Prior to reopening the launcher, consider restarting your PC as an alternative approach you can attempt if none of the potential solutions mentioned earlier have resolved the problem.

    This may appear to be a straightforward solution, however, numerous impacted individuals have verified that after doing so, the game launcher ultimately acknowledged their acquisition and permitted them to initiate Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons, or Minecraft Legends. Minecraft Legends, Minecraft Dungeons, or Minecraft were finally recognized by the launcher and allowed for purchase, which was confirmed by many affected users, but this may seem like a simple fix.

    Reload the Minecraft launcher

    If you haven’t tried this already, reboot your PC and wait for the next startup to complete before launching Minecraft once again.

    If the problem continues, proceed to the next method below.

    4. Use a new Windows account (PC Only)

    Changing to a nearby Microsoft account solved the problem that was reported by users experiencing this issue. The error message, “We were unable to confirm the items you own,” and the failure of the Minecraft launcher to update can be explained by the potential damage to your Windows profile.

    Typically, it is reported that this method is an effective way to reset any connected dependencies when using Minecraft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Please note that performing this procedure will reset any active user profiles.

    When you start the Windows Minecraft launcher after making a local user account for your Windows system, sign in as shown below:.

  • Press the Windows key + R to open the execute dialogue box.
  • Type “ms-settings:otherusers” into the text box that just appeared, then press Enter to get to the Family & other users page of the Settings app.
    Access the ‘Other users’ tab
  • Scroll through the Family & other users menu and choose the option to Include another user to this PC in the section for Other users.
  • Select “I don’t know this person’s sign-in information” from the list that appears to create a local account.
    Don’t have this persons sign in info
  • Choose the option to create a user without a Microsoft account on the next screen after logging in with your Microsoft account.
  • Set the username, password, and security questions for the new account.
  • Afterward, reboot your computer and log in once more; the recently created account should now be utilized.
  • Restart the Minecraft launcher and check if the problem has been resolved.
  • If the identical problem persists, proceed to the subsequent technique underneath.

    5. Reinstall the Minecraft Launcher & clear temp data

    If you were previously able to launch the game properly, especially after installing Launcher Mod, the error that appears to occur only after starting may be caused by file corruption within your Minecraft launcher installation.

    If you didn’t post this technique first, the best thing now is to make sure you backup your data before reinstalling Minecraft because it can be difficult to pinpoint the offender.

    Follow the procedures provided below for detailed guidance on how to accomplish this task:

  • To begin with, you must make a duplicate of the game’s saves before uninstalling it so that you may copy them back after reinstalling Minecraft. To launch a dialog box, hit Windows key + R, type “%appdata%,” and then press Enter.
    Open the ‘appdata’ folder
  • Access the .minecraft folder from the AppData menu, copy the saves folder, and then paste it securely.
    Copying the Minecraft save folder
  • Once the backups are secure, use the taskbar search feature to look for Minecraft. Then, click the Uninstall button and follow the on-screen directions (if any).
    Uninstalling Minecraft
  • Because there will still be a folder in the AppData, open the Run dialog box again (by following step 1 again), enter the APPDATA folder once more, and then remove the .minecraft folder.
    Deleting the Minecraft folder
  • Install the game again after downloading the Minecraft installer from the website of the game developer.
  • Test the game launcher to verify if the problem persists after the installation is completed.
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    If the issue is still unresolved, proceed to the next technique listed below.

    6. Check ownership of the game (Minecraft Dungeons only)

    If you are experiencing this issue when attempting to launch Minecraft Dungeons from the main Minecraft launcher, you should take the time to check your account settings on the official website.

    If there is a legitimate reason for the error to occur (please check your internet connection for errors), we were unable to verify what products you own, which has taken them aback and confused many Minecraft players with Minecraft Dungeons:

    If you suspect that this may be the reason why you’re experiencing this error, follow the instructions below to confirm that you own the game.

  • Launch your preferred web browser and visit the official webpage of Minecraft Dungeons.
  • Additionally, ensure that you log in using your Minecraft username.
  • Once you are logged in, click on the action button (3-bar icon) and then click on Profile from the context menu that just appeared.
    Access the Profile menu
  • Afterward, verify the inventory of games that you possess. If you come across a notification stating ‘It appears that you have yet to acquire Minecraft Dungeons! Purchase the game here!’, It implies that you do not possess the game. In case you are certain that you own it, it is highly likely that you are logged in using an alternative account. If you are confident about your ownership, it is probable that you are logged in with a different account. In order to determine if you possess the game, examine the list of games that you own subsequently.
  • When you try to launch it via the PC launcher, please check your internet connection. We were unable to verify what products you own. If you still see and own Minecraft Dungeons, please confirm.

    7. Restart or reset the router

    To resolve this issue, you can perform a simple reboot of your PC, which will clear any temporary data packets and refresh the IP and DNS settings. If this problem is relevant, it is possible that an IP/TCP inconsistency caused by a network inconsistency, as reported by multiple affected users, could be originating from your router.

    After waiting for at least 30 seconds, make sure to unplug the power cable or physically disconnect the power source of your network device. Then, simply turn off your router using the Off/On button and go for a reset to ensure that the capacitors powering the device are completely drained.

    Reset or restart the router

    After this duration has elapsed, switch on your router, await the restoration of Internet connectivity, and subsequently initiate Minecraft to ascertain if the error message “We were unable to verify what products you own. Please check your internet connection” persists upon launching the Minecraft launcher. When launching the Minecraft launcher, verify if the aforementioned error message still persists, and then proceed to launch Minecraft after the restoration of Internet access and the passage of the aforementioned time period.

    If the issue continues, proceed with a router reset. Utilize a pointed tool to press and hold the Reset button located at the rear of your router.

    Reset the router

    Keep in mind that sometimes the credentials to clear the ISP router’s internet connection might also facilitate the blocking or forwarding of devices or ports. This procedure will reset your router’s settings to the factory state, overriding any custom settings.

    If you are prepared to go for a router reset, once the connection to the Internet is re-established and the Reset button is pressed and held, you will see all the flashing LEDs in the front until the reset happens.

    Test to determine if the issue is resolved by launching the Minecraft launcher once more.

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