Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 1 Skins List – Season 11, Battle Pass

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Explore our extensive compilation of Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 1 Skins! Unveiling a delightful assortment of rewards and exquisite cosmetics, the Season 11 Bat.tle Pass is a true treasure trove. Stay tuned as we unveil the complete collection of coveted cosmetics that can be earned during this imminent season.


Behold the magnificent array of seven fresh skins that await you! But fear not, for you shall also have the golden opportunity to acquire their captivating “Alter Ego” by amassing experience points on your noble battle pass quest. To marvel at the full glory of the alternate styles, simply grace your cursor upon the enchanting images below!

Journey vs Hazard – T1

Turk vs Riptide – T1

Rippley vs Sludge – T20

Remedy vs Toxin – T40

8-Ball vs Scratch – T60

Cameo vs Chic – T80

Fusion – T100

New Default Skins

Witness the enchanting transformation of several default skins as they unveil a fresh new appearance, bidding adieu to the outdated ones and embracing captivating new models!









Back Blings

Tackle Box – T3

Basecamp Bag – T22

Antidote – T42

Ball Bling – T62

Blade Bag – T78

Fusion Orb – T94


Zero Point – T34

Billiards – T56

Spectrum – T68

DNA – T88


Respect the Peace – T6

High Five – T16

Droop – T30

Wavy T – T47

Hula Hoopin’ – T58

Sharpshooter – T71

Boing! – T86


Behold, even the humble glider underwent a remarkable transformation! A triumph in the realm of battle royale shall grant you the exquisite Downpour Umbrella.

Sky Trawler – T14

Base Jumper – T36

Crazy Eight – T54

Metalmark – T74

Fusion Coil – T90

Default Glider


Harvesting Tools

Angler Axes – T10

Boulder Breakers – T26

Sludgehammer – T38

Medaxe – T50

Bank Shots – T67

Highlight Strikers – T82

Fusion Scythe – T98

Loading Screens

Chapter 2: Season 1 unveils an exciting collection of fresh loading screens, showcasing a captivating art-style reminiscent of Season X. These delightful additions from the previous season have quickly become personal favorites, as I am truly enamored by the captivating aesthetics they offer.

Mecha Punch – T4

Nutcracker Crew – T13

Wiggle Trooper – T21

Final Harvest – T27

Western Wilds Duo – T32

Skull Reaper – T37

Sky Session – T43

Mecha Intensity – T49

Bat.tle Pass X – T55

Neon Tomato – T61

Drift Print – T69

Elemental – T75

Demi – T83

Llamafields – T87

Kindred Bears – T91

Eternal Dominance – T97


Solid Groove

The End

Storm Shredder


E.G.O. – T2

Journey – T11

Bees! – T23

Pink – T35

A.L.T.E.R. – T51

8-Ball – T66

Doggo – T73

Squid Up – T89


Riptide – T8

Cameo – T44

8-Ball – T64

Chic – T76

Xev – T96

During the grand unveiling of Season 10, a colossal leak unearthed a plethora of intriguing file names. While a few of these have already made their way into the public domain, the majority remain shrouded in mystery. Their true purpose is anyone’s guess; perhaps they are relics of forgotten skins that never made it into the game. Among the assortment, noteworthy mentions include the enigmatic Female Fishstick, the abandoned Cattus monster skin, and the elusive SquidKid., speculated to originate from the realm of Splatoon. For a comprehensive list of these captivating file names, refer to the attached post.

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Female Skins

  • FlowerSkeleton.
  • BabaYaga.
  • Stellar (Galactic Goddess).
  • Shadow Strummer (Sinister Sonic Surge).
  • Razor.
  • RaveNinja.
  • ForestQueen.
  • FutureBikerShorts.
  • FParkourRobber.
  • Princess of the Teriyaki Fish (Could she be a female Fishstick?)
  • LemonLime.
  • Male Skins

  • Felineus (Beastly Epidermis?).
  • CrescentWizard.
  • DarkRaptor.
  • Durr Boxer..
  • Hitman.
  • Lion.
  • Freak.
  • Bat.
  • CoolDog.
  • Boxer.
  • DarkDino.
  • EmeraldDragon.
  • EscapedPuppetFuzzy.
  • EscapedPuppetHat.
  • EscapedPuppetSuspenders.
  • Tomato Boxer..
  • Wizkid.
  • Wraith.
  • SquidKid.
  • Halloween Skins?

    Input: You might have already spotted these in-game at the movie theater in Gotham City, but they are most probably a sneak peek of the skins we might encounter during the Halloween celebrations in Season 11. The names mentioned below the posters are the official labels found in the game files. I would be absolutely stunned if these do not make an appearance as skins in the near future.

    “Candy Man”

    “El Diablo”

    “Gas Mask”


    “Man With Hood”

    Halloween Skin Name Leaks

    In order to enhance the probability of the posters representing Halloween skins, several leaked file names emerged, aligning with some of those posters. Notably, one of the file names reads “Ghoul Trooper – Male,” hinting at the highly anticipated return of the Ghoul Trooper skin. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the actual skin names often differ from their corresponding file names in these leaks.

  • “Skull Trooper Neon – Male”
  • “Gangster Monster – Male”
  • “Ghoul Trooper – Male”
  • “Cuddle Team Dark – Female”
  • “The Dark One – Male”
  • “Slurp Creature – Male”
  • “Wraith. – Female”
  • “Pale spooky – Female”
  • “Modern Witch – Female”
  • Source.

    “Minty” Halloween Bundle

    Kind of a weird leak, but it appears that a bundle called “Minty” will be coming out on Halloween (Source.). Not much is known about it, and it was removed from the Epic Games Store API shortly after it showed up.

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    Darkfire Bundle

    No longer just a mere leak, this tantalizing gem is now available for pre-purchase on the renowned platform of Amazon (Affiliate Link). Nevertheless, its grand release awaits on the auspicious date of November 5th, 2019, aligning it with the esteemed Season 11, yet still shrouded in mystery to the uninitiated.

    The Darkfire Bundle unveils a trio of enchanting Legendary skins: Power Chord, Omen, and Ark, accompanied by their mesmerizing back blings. Additionally, you shall acquire a splendid assortment of three Epic Wraps, three Rare Dual Wielding Pickaxes, and a delightful new Emote!

    Included Cosmetics

  • Sinister Melody
  • Obsidian Melody Maker.
  • Molten Omen.
  • Molten Bat.tle Shroud
  • Shadow Ark.
  • Shadow Ark. Wings
  • A trio of legendary Wraps.
  • A trio of exquisite Pickaxes, skillfully wielded in both hands.
  • An innovative Emote emerges.
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