Diablo 4 character customisation explained: Can you change your appearance?

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Diablo 4 character customisation explained: Can you change your appearance?

Blizzard’s captivating visuals, captured in stunning images.


On the enchanting day of June 13th, in the year 2023, as the clock struck 12:17, a moment of magic unfolded.

If you’re diving into Diablo 4, prepare to be amazed by its exceptionally intricate character customization system, surpassing anything seen in the franchise’s previous installments. To ensure you’re well-equipped for this exciting feature, allow me to provide a brief overview of how it operates and the boundless possibilities it offers to players.

With Diablo 4, a myriad of significant alterations have been introduced to the series, all the while preserving the essence of the action role-playing game that gained immense popularity in the late 90s. Among these transformative enhancements lies the extensively revamped character creator, which empowers players to unleash their boundless creativity. Dive into our comprehensive guide to the Diablo 4 character customisation system, along with the intricate mechanics of altering your appearance in the midst of gameplay.

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  • How character creation works in Diablo 4

    an image of some different character customisation presets in Diablo 4

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    Unleashing boundless possibilities, the character customisation system in Diablo 4 offers players an immersive suite of tools that empowers them to craft their own unique persona. Within this realm, adventurers can seamlessly navigate through a plethora of classes and effortlessly alter their visage to create an unparalleled avatar.

    In the past, Diablo games offered limited character customization options, with preset choices for appearance and armor collection during gameplay.

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    Before embarking on the journey of customisation, you must first make a crucial decision among the five enthralling Diablo 4 classes – the mighty Barbarian, the enchanting Sorceress, the elusive Rogue, the mystical Necromancer, or the wild and untamed Druid. Once your choice is made, you will be immersed in the enchanting realm of the character creator, where the power to alter every minute detail of your character lies at your fingertips.

    There are endless possibilities to transform yourself – from modifying your physique and facial features to experimenting with various hairstyles, facial hair, and skin tones. Enhancing your appearance further becomes a delightful journey as you explore an array of accessories such as jewelry, makeup, and body paints.

    Please be aware that creating characters resembling Squidward or Nigel Thornberry is not possible in Diablo 4, as the character customization revolves around the captivating medieval art style that serves as the main source of inspiration for the game’s aesthetics.

    Each class offers a distinct range of character options, ensuring that you won’t find a slender and agile Barbarian or an incredibly muscular Necromancer. This allows you to personalize the appearance of each class to truly make it your own.

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  • Can you change your appearance in Diablo 4?

    an image of a wardrobe in Diablo 4, where you can customise your character

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    After crafting your character in Diablo 4 and embarking on a journey through the enchanting realm of Sanctuary, any alterations to your physical appearance will forever remain out of reach.

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    Nevertheless, as you venture into a bustling metropolis, myriad wardrobes await, offering the opportunity to customize your appearance with an array of cosmetics, body art, and exquisite accessories.

    Beyond the realms of the character creator, a plethora of armor and attire awaits to revolutionize your appearance. Furthermore, in Diablo 4, the transmog capability allows you to embrace fashion without compromising the perks bestowed by new armor.

    And that concludes our comprehensive guide to the character customization system in Diablo 4. Armed with this knowledge, you are well-equipped to embark on a thrilling journey of transforming your character’s appearance, both during its creation and as you progress through the game.

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