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Step into the realm of Diablo 4 with the Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian Leveling Guide! This skill, beloved by fans, makes a triumphant return for the mighty Barbarians. Although its area of effect is modest, fear not, as we can swiftly overcome this hurdle by acquiring the Offensive Aspect of Ancestral Force. This ability inflicts massive damage across a wide area, all at a remarkably affordable price. Initially, generating fury may pose a challenge, but once we conquer this obstacle, this build will conquer any adversary that crosses our path in the game.

Embracing the might of the Hammer of the Ancients demands a careful selection of tools. Our chosen generator, Lunging Strike, bestows upon us the power of an infinite dash. To further empower ourselves, we equip two mighty shouts: Rallying Cry, for the fervent generation of Fury and enhanced movement, and War Cry, to unleash our inner berserker and amplify our destructive prowess. And, as the ultimate touch of mobility and resource generation, we embrace the skill of Leap, granting us unparalleled agility and a bountiful resource reserve. With this formidable arsenal, the journey of leveling becomes a seamless and gratifying endeavor.

Embark on an epic journey with this comprehensive guide that will lead you towards Level 50, enabling you to conquer the thrilling endgame. Let the adventure begin!

Hammer of the Ancients Leveling Barb

Mastering the Art of Dual-Blade Warfare.

Warning: Barbarians may struggle with Bosses while leveling to 50, so we recommend playing on World Tier 1 until you reach the Capstone Dungeon.

Immense Destruction ✨Affordable Rage Expenditure ✨Divine for Collective Endeavors ✨Codex Empowerment during Act 2 ✨.

❌ Close-Quarter Combat ❌ Modest Beginnings ❌ Average at Focusing on a Single Target ❌ Demands Strategic Positioning.

The Ancient’s Hammer serves as our primary source of destruction, boasting a formidable area of effect once we obtain the Offensive Aspect of Ancestral Force from the powerful Codex of Power in Act 2. With swift agility, we effortlessly gather our foes before swiftly pivoting, empowering ourselves, and dispatching them to the realms beyond. Although it may not be the mightiest ability against bosses during the initial stages, we heavily depend on the Lunging Strike for generating Fury, inflicting additional harm, and triggering the furious might of the Hammer of the Ancients.

In order to begin our journey, we must allocate 2 points towards Basic Skills, which will grant us access to the coveted Core Skill section. Among the options, Lunging Strike stands out as the ultimate choice, as it not only serves as a remarkable mobility skill with endless dashes but also enhances our damage output and boosts the generation of our formidable Fury when facing agile Bosses.

Level 2: The Striking LungeLevel 3: The Empowered Lunge

The focal point of this build lies in the Hammer of the Ancients, which transforms into a powerful shockwave upon unlocking the Offensive Aspect of Ancestral Force. This awe-inspiring ability inflicts substantial damage, especially when employed against Elites and Bosses while having maximum Fury. Embrace the might of the Furious Hammer of the Ancients!

Level 4: The Ancestral Hammer’s FuryLevel 5: Empowered Hammer of the Ancients

Level 6: The Frenzied Mallet of the Ancient OnesLevel 7: Clash of the Leaping Blade

As we raise our voices, our existence becomes richer. Rallying Cry possesses the power to amaze us with its ability to generate Fury and enhance our swiftness. War Cry, on the other hand, bestows upon us a delightful surge in damage, accompanied by the priceless Berserking aura that grants us a 25% increase in damage and a 15% boost in movement speed through the enhanced version of War Cry. We incessantly unleash Rallying Cry, reserving the might of War Cry solely for encounters with Elites and Bosses.

Embracing the power of Leap, we enhance our mobility, effortlessly vaulting over obstacles while harnessing the energy to fuel our ferocity with Power Leap. It is crucial to strike an adversary upon landing, lest the Fury eludes us!

Hamstring plays a vital role in allocating a single point to enhance the efficacy of our Bleeds by inflicting Slowness upon our foes. With the presence of Bleeds stemming from our Technique slot’s Two-Handed Sword power, we are now able to capitalize on inflicting increased damage to Slowed, Bleeding, and Crowd Controlled adversaries. Triumph awaits!

At long last, we amplify our devastation through the ultimate enhancement of Hammer of the Ancients.

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Input: Level 8: Rallying CryLevel 9: Enhanced Rallying CryLevel 10: Tactical Rallying CryLevels 11-12: Hammer of the AncientsLevel 13: LeapLevel 14: Enhanced LeapLevel 15: Power Leap.Level 8: Cry of the Rallying WarriorsLevel 9: Amplified Cry of the Rallying WarriorsLevel 10: Strategic Cry of the Rallying WarriorsLevels 11-12: Hammer of the Ancient WarriorsLevel 13: Boundless LeapLevel 14: Empowered Boundless LeapLevel 15: Mighty Power Leap

Level 15: Utilize the Technique Slot to equip 2H Swords and unleash devastating Bleeds and Slows with Hamstring.Level 16: Erupt with a powerful War Cry.Level 17: Ascend to new heights with the Enhanced War Cry.Level 18: Master the art of Hamstring.Level 19: Unleash the mightiest War Cry.Level 20-21: Wield the legendary Hammer of the Ancients.

Embarking on our grand quest, we set our sights on the pinnacle: the majestic Call of the Ancients. This sacred invocation bestows upon us an awe-inspiring power, capable of unleashing immense devastation upon the mighty Elites and formidable Bosses we so desperately seek to conquer. In the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, we shall prevail by skillfully maneuvering the Bosses, luring them into a dance of evasion until our moment to strike arrives. For in the end, victory is victory, regardless of the path we take to claim it!

Venturing forth, we seize a cluster of crucial passives that ignite our build’s potential. Thunderous Echo amplifies the lifespan of our battle cries, whilst War Commander bestows upon us unparalleled rejuvenation.

Input: Level 22: Booming VoiceLevels 23-24: Raid LeaderLevel 25: Call of the AncientsLevel 26: Prime Call of the Ancients.Level 22: Thunderous Vocal CordsLevels 23-24: Commander of the RaidLevel 25: Summoning the AncientsLevel 26: Supreme Summoning of the Ancients.

Input: Level 27: Supreme Call of the AncientsLevel 28: Raid LeaderLevels 29-30: Booming VoiceLevel 31-34: Rallying Cry.Level 27: The Almighty Summons of the EldersLevel 28: Master of the RaidLevels 29-30: Thunderous RoarLevel 31-34: Uniting Shout.

Opting for Unleashed Fury as our ultimate passive ability, we shall unleash an unruly storm of wrath, thereby amplifying our damage to staggering heights. However, this choice shall momentarily curtail our ability to perform Heart of the Ancients (HOTA) spells until we successfully tackle our Fury-related predicaments. Once we have surmounted this obstacle, we shall proceed to acquire the most exceptional passive skills available to us, thereby augmenting our resource acquisition, damage output, and defensive capabilities.

Input: Level 35: Unbridled RageLevels 36: Aggressive ResistanceLevels 37-39: Prolific FuryLevels 40-42: Pit Fighter.Level 35: Unleashed WrathLevels 36: Fierce ResilienceLevels 37-39: Rampant FuryLevels 40-42: Arena Gladiator.

Input: Level 43-45: No MercyLevel 46-48: Heavy HandedLevel 49: Thick Skin.Stage 43-45: Unleashed FuryStage 46-48: Forceful ImpactStage 49: Resilient Exterior.

Input: Once you’ve accumulated an abundance of Renown in Diablo 4, you’ll be rewarded with 10 additional Skill Points to allocate among your various characters. It is crucial that your initial focus is on investing these points in the leveling process outlined in our guide. Once you’ve successfully reached the pinnacle, redirect your attention to these specific nodes in order to construct a formidable Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian Endgame Build.

Input: Renown 1-3: Counteroffensive Renown 4-6: Guttural Yell.Renown 1-3: Retaliatory Strike Renown 4-6: Primal Roar.

Input: Renown 7: Tempered FuryRenown 8-10: Invigorating Fury.Renown 7: Fury of the ForgedRenown 8-10: Fury Reborn.

Check out our Renown Guide to unlock all your additional rewards efficiently. 

The Arsenal System empowers Barbarians with a distinct weapon for each attack skill, offering an array of unique bonuses. With the Technique Slot, we gain an extra Arsenal Power of our preference for every assault, enabling us to unleash the might of our two most formidable weapon enhancements upon our foes, leaving them utterly defeated!

The Arsenal System is unleashed upon reaching Level 5, granting access to its hidden treasures. Delve into the depths of the Expertise tab (Shift + C) to uncover a plethora of weapon types, each accompanied by their unique bonuses. The elusive Technique Slot awaits those who conquer the Masters of Battle quest in the enchanting realm of the Dry Steppes. Fear not, for this quest is a mere stroll in the park. Embark on a journey northeast of town, vanquishing foes along the way, until you stumble upon a cavern to face a formidable beast. Return triumphant to the town and claim the coveted Technique Slot as your own!

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When we embark on our HOTA journey, the path of decision-making becomes delightfully straightforward. Our trusty companion, the 2H Bludgeoning Weapon, graciously bestows upon us a formidable weapon power, rendering the Technique Slot exclusively reserved for the mighty 2H Sword, capable of inflicting a devastating Bleed. A gentle reminder echoes in our minds, urging us to grant our weapon the privilege of reaching a minimum level of 1 before it may find its rightful place in the revered Technique Slot!

Rewritten Unleash the might of your most formidable Two-Handed Bludgeoning Weapon through Weapon Power. As you progress and discover new items, this power will continually evolve. Prioritize a weapon’s damage per second (DPS) and attributes, rather than its Arsenal System Power, when leveling up!

The Art of Mastery – Our unwavering choice will always be the Two-Handed Sword prowess, for it bestows upon us the ability to imbue each strike with a relentless Bleed. When coupled with the Hamstring passive, our every attack becomes a conduit of Slowness. This, in turn, grants us the opportunity to harness the potential of attributes like Damage to Slowed adversaries, Damage to Bleeding opponents, and Damage to those held under the grip of Crowd Control on our equipment. Ultimately, this enables us to unlock even more devastating power through passives such as No Mercy, further augmenting our potential for inflicting profound damage.

Progressing in Diablo 4 shares similarities with other ARPGs and MMOs as we are subject to the whims of what loot we obtain. In essence, this entails trading in our ordinary Rares for superior ones as we ascend to level 50. However, should fortune smile upon us and we stumble upon Legendaries or Uniques, these treasures bestow upon us a substantial surge in power (which will be elaborated on in subsequent sections). In the event that we do not chance upon any of these coveted items, let us now delve into some vital statistics to keep an eye out for during our journey.

Input: Get a hint: Give the SHIFT key a gentle tap when hovering over an item to see how it compares to what you currently have on!

Given that Hammer of the Ancients necessitates a mighty Two-Handed Bludgeoning weapon, its effectiveness solely hinges on the DPS of that specific slot. All other weapons are reduced to mere conduits for enhancing its might. The crucial statistics to consider on these auxiliary weapons are:

  • Input: 1-Handed Weapons: Boosted Destruction Potency, Gemstone Slots.
  • Input: 2-H Weapons: DPS (Bludgeoning only), Core Skill Damage, Critical Strike Damage, Sockets.Mighty two-handed weapons, exclusively for bludgeoning, unleash devastating DPS, amplify core skill damage, boost critical strike damage, and offer customizable socket options.
  • Enhance solely the weapon in your possession for the mighty Hammer of the Ancients at the esteemed Blacksmith’s abode, adorning them with glorious Emeralds.

    When it comes to armor, we usually seek out Defense and Utility stats, but the Gloves are a different story altogether, unleashing a torrent of Offense. Let’s delve into the crucial stats to keep an eye on:

  • Helm: Enhancing Cooldown Recovery, Skill Mastery, Mighty Vigor.
  • Essence of Protection: Vitality, Might, Shielding.
  • Gauntlets: Ancestral Maul, Velocity of Assault, Probability of Devastating Strikes.
  • Trousers: Essence, Power.
  • Boots grant enhanced mobility and increased physical prowess.
  • Jewelry bestows formidable Offensive attributes that aid us in our quest for advancement. Be mindful of the enchantments, as superior-level trinkets do not necessarily guarantee superiority.

  • Talisman: Enhancing Guard Levels, Reduction in Fury Expenditure, Amplification of Destruction, Potency of Destruction, Augmentation of Swiftness.
  • Rings: Enhancing Lethality Odds, Amplifying Critical Strike Impact, Empowering Physical Damage.
  • Avoid enhancing your Armor or Jewelry during the leveling process. Instead, embellish your Armor with exquisite Rubys and your Jewelry with captivating Skulls.

    The Tome of Dominance houses a myriad of Mythical Essences that can be etched onto Exquisite or Mythical artifacts at the Mystic’s enclave. These enigmatic powers become accessible upon conquering peculiar Labyrinths scattered throughout the realm of Sanctuary. In our quest for ascension, there exist a handful of formidable abilities that can greatly aid us, provided we possess the necessary wealth to etch them.

    1. Offensive Aspect of Ancestral Force Must Have! Sunken Ruins

    2. Edgemaster’s Offensive Aspect Oldstones

    3. Offensive Aspect of the Expectant Underroot

    4. Resource Aspect of Echoing Fury Sirocco Caverns

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    Attention: Refrain from engraving your Weapons as they undergo continuous replacement during the leveling process. Consider adorning your Amulet, Rings, or Gloves with Offensive Aspects instead.

    Should fortune smile upon you and bestow a Legendary item upon your leveling adventures, there is a high likelihood that it shall bestow upon you an upgrade of grand proportions, necessitating its immediate donning. Yet, it is imperative to acknowledge that not all Legendaries are forged with equal magnificence, for there exist a select few that possess the astonishing ability to propel your odyssey with unparalleled speed. Now, let us delve into the realm of the top five formidable powers that lie within these fabled artifacts, and uncover the secrets to harnessing their potential to the fullest.

  • The Bold Chieftain’s Resource Aspect holds the key to unlocking the ultimate potential of this build! It grants you boundless power to unleash shouts and effortlessly breeze through leveling. Should you stumble upon this invaluable treasure, consider replacing Leap with the mighty Challenging Shout.
  • The Offensive Aspect of Boundless Wrath presents a splendid ability to harness any surplus Fury you accumulate.
  • The Resource Aspect of Echoing Fury grants us a continuous stream of Fury while a shout remains in effect. Even the humblest roll possesses the potential to revolutionize Fury control for a Barbarian!
  • The Protector’s Defensive Aspect gifts us with an impenetrable Shield that significantly enhances our ability to survive.
  • The Conceited Offensive Aspect grants us an enhanced damage bonus while a Barrier remains in effect.
  • Leveling Tips and Tricks

    As we conclude this leveling guide, let’s delve into a treasure trove of universal tips and tricks that apply to every class and specialization!

    Embark on an exciting journey with our Campaign Guide. Indulge in the unparalleled experience of immersing yourself in the game’s world (Coming Soon!).

    Elevate Your Elixir. Countless adventurers remain oblivious to the fact that procuring ingredients is essential for enhancing their character’s magical concoction. Be diligent in gathering all necessary components during your expedition through the enchanting realms of Sanctuary, with special attention given to the elusive Gallowvine, a vital ingredient in numerous alchemical formulas!

    Alchemist location in Kyovashad

    Input: By simply pressing the Shift key on an item in your inventory, you can engage in a fascinating act of comparison. This enables you to effortlessly discern whether the item you’re considering is indeed an upgrade or not when compared to what you’re currently wearing.

    Renown, a cherished companion, eagerly awaits your company. As you traverse through the captivating realms, indulge in the art of accumulating Renown. Its rewards extend far beyond the present moment, nurturing your account with an abundance of Skill/Paragon points and Potion charges. Embark on this marvelous journey and amass Renown by activating Waypoints, discovering the hidden Altars of Lilith, triumphing over Side Quests/Dungeons, and liberating mighty Strongholds.

    Input: Exercise caution when dealing with Gold. Numerous late-stage procedures, such as extracting and imprinting Legendary Aspects, come with exorbitant costs for a novice character. Refrain from squandering all your Gold during your journey!

    Abstain from Imprinting Your Weapon. The pivotal element of equipment during the process of leveling up is your weapon, prone to constant replacement. Imprinting a Legendary Aspect on it, therefore, proves to be an extravagant depletion of resources. Instead, allocate your finest offensive Aspect to your Amulet, a steadfast companion for extensive durations.

  • Unleashing the might of the Barbarian’s Hammer of the Ancients, this awe-inspiring leveling build in Diablo 4 reigns supreme.
  • Unleash the fury within as you rally with a mighty cry, leap through the air, and strike with a lunging force. Let the power of the ancient hammer be unleashed upon the gathered masses, the formidable elites, and the mighty bosses.
  • Preserve the Summoning of the Timeless Ones exclusively for formidable adversaries and commanding figures. If necessary, maneuver them skillfully until their reactivation period is restored.
  • The DPS of Hammer of the Ancients is determined by your Two-Handed Bludgeoning weapon, while the remaining weapons serve as Stat Sticks.
  • Keep an eye open for the valuable Legendary Powers nestled within the Codex of Power. The Offensive Aspect of Ancestral Force is an absolute essential, sourced exclusively from the mysterious Sunken Ruins located in the enchanted realm of Scosglen!
  • Crafted by Raxxanterax. Scrutinized by Aristotelian.

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