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Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey as Blizzard unveils the tantalizing Battle Pass pricing and a treasure trove of Seasonal Content destined to unfold gradually. Delve into the enchanting world of Diablo 4 and brace yourself for the captivating Season Passes and thrilling Battle Pass updates that lie ahead.

Delve into the depths of knowledge by exploring IGN’s comprehensive coverage on the intriguing Battle Pass and captivating Seasonal content.


What are Seasons?

In the enchanting realm of Diablo 4, the passing seasons bring forth a bountiful array of delights. With each quarter, a new chapter unfurls, weaving together a tapestry of exhilarating adventures. Prepare to embark on quests, both familiar and unknown, encountering both new and familiar faces along the way. Behold the arrival of Battle Passes, Legendary Items, and the harmonizing dance of class balance changes. Yet, there is more to behold! Quality-of-life enhancements await, like hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Brace yourself, for Seasons shall breathe life into the very essence of Sanctuary, inviting all wanderers to partake in an ever-evolving odyssey.

Embarking on its journey, the inaugural season commences in the midst of July, stretching its vibrant tapestry through the late days of summer. A symphony of four splendid seasons awaits each passing year, gracefully choreographed to unfold one by one, harmoniously synchronized with the rhythm of each quarter, gracefully embracing the passage of three mesmerizing months. To unveil the treasures of the maiden season, one must first triumphantly conquer the illustrious Campaign of Diablo 4.

Please be aware that, as confirmed by developers, players will need to craft a fresh and unique character exclusively dedicated to the Season in order to participate in this extraordinary event, just like in Diablo 3.

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What’s In the Battle Pass?

Embrace the ever-changing seasons, as each one unveils a fresh, enticing Battle Pass that holds a plethora of rewards. Within its grasp, lie 27 Free Tiers and an impressive 63 Premium Tiers, waiting to be claimed. The allure of the free battle pass beckons to all, granting access to an additional 27 tiers filled with treasures such as Smoldering Ashes and an array of exquisite cosmetics. These Ashes, in turn, possess the power to unlock an abundance of seasonal blessings, enhancing your experience points, gold reserves, potion durations, and even bestowing you with precious Obols.

Blizzard made it clear that the rewards obtained through paid passes do not encompass extra Smoldering Ashes. Moreover, players must reach specific character milestones in order to unlock gameplay-enhancing goodies.

Deluxe Ticket (approximately $10).


  • An astonishing 63 extra levels.
  • A delightful array of luxurious armor sets, meticulously designed, awaits every class with not one but two complete ensembles.
  • Aesthetic enhancements for weaponry and protective gear.
  • Mounts and armor that change with the seasons.
  • Turbo Ticket (around $25).

  • Unleash the full potential of the premium pass and enjoy an array of exclusive benefits.
  • Unleashes a whopping 20 tiers in an instant.
  • Creator’s Wings, in a mesmerizing motion.
  • With the brevity of seasons lasting merely three months, the hastened pass caters to individuals embarking on the season belatedly, granting them the opportunity to unlock tiers in a retrospective manner for an exhilarating surge. Certain advantages, such as exclusive artifacts and abilities, acquired during the season, seamlessly integrate into Diablo IV’s core game once the events reach their culmination.

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