How Far Down Are Treasure Chests In Minecraft? [2023 Guide]

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Sunken treasure chests are structures discovered in Minecraft that generate primarily in coastal biomes. Nonetheless, they can also generate at significant depths underwater.

These magnificent chests hold within them a bounty of treasures, filled with precious diamonds and emeralds, an assortment of valuable ingots, shimmering prismarine crystals, delectably cooked fish, formidable weapons and protective armor, enchanting potions, explosive TNTs, and the highly coveted Heart of the Sea. Discovering the secrets within a treasure chest also unlocks a remarkable achievement in the game: Me Gold!

We will cover all the necessary information about the depth at which treasure chests are buried in Minecraft.

Let’s dive straight into it!

Minecraft buried treasure map

To embark on a thrilling adventure in Minecraft, begin your search for hidden treasures by seeking out the elusive Buried Treasure Maps. These captivating maps fall within the realm of Explorer Maps, accompanied by their companions, Woodland Mansion Maps and Ocean Monument Maps.

Hidden riches lie within elusive maps, awaiting discovery within chests concealed amidst sunken shipwrecks and submerged ruins. These remarkable structures, with their unmistakable traits, emerge from the depths, beckoning adventurers who gaze upon the vast expanse of the sea or ocean from their vessel.

In the realm of treasure maps, a striking distinction emerges between the conventional and buried ones, wherein the latter boasts a conspicuous and bold crimson ‘X’ mark that beckons exploration. Nevertheless, when it comes to their utilization within the game, the similarities remain remarkably unchanged.

Embarking on a thrilling quest, the enigmatic phrase “X marks the spot” leads to an intriguing notion that lies hidden beneath the surface—a concealed trove awaiting discovery within the designated region of the map. Thus commences your enthralling journey in pursuit of the coveted treasure chest.

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How Far Down Are Treasure Chests Buried?

Minecraft buried treasure map in Spawn Shipwreck

In the quest for adventure, armed with a mysterious treasure map, one must venture to the designated location where the enigmatic X beckons, and proceed to unearth the hidden treasure chest awaiting its discovery.

Treasure chests, typically concealed beneath an assortment of blocks, seldom emerge in areas where they are exposed to sunlight or lack an overhead shelter.

In the realm of adventure, treasure chests often lie hidden amidst the vast expanse of a beach biome. Here, the usual suspects that cloak these precious troves are none other than the grains of sand and cascading gravel. Yet, one must not be fooled, for even the unlikely duo of diorite and coal ore can shroud these chests in secrecy.

Occasionally, these treasure-filled chests can be unearthed by excavating a mere 3 to 4 blocks beneath the surface, right at the spot marked by an X. Typically, adventurers prefer to delve no deeper than 10 blocks to uncover these hidden gems. The real challenge lies not in the depth, but in the quest for these valuable treasure troves.

Rather than simply delving further, it is most advantageous to explore the vicinity of the X symbol in order to locate the coveted treasure chest. By doing so, the process of discovering these chests will become considerably swifter. In fact, certain players have even resorted to utilizing TNT as a means to obliterate the terrain above the chest, thereby circumventing the tedious task of meticulously digging around.

Use your shovel or pickaxe to dig 15-18 blocks around the X mark to unveil the treasure chest hidden beneath the surface.

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Occasionally, adventurers have shared tales of unearthly treasure chests materializing approximately 40 blocks beneath the surface, nestled within the depths of subterranean caverns. Furthermore, intrepid explorers have stumbled upon magnificent treasure chests concealed beneath the ocean’s waves, within the vast expanse of an aquatic biome. Evidently, these enigmatic chests lie far deeper than the average ones discovered within the shores of beachy domains.

In a fascinating twist, a peculiar scenario arises when certain players stumble upon treasure chests hidden within a quaint coastal village house. These chests magically materialize in the most unexpected places, as long as they remain concealed beneath an impenetrable block, safeguarded from any prying rays of sunlight.

Quick Tips In Locating Treasure Chests

Minecraft treasure chest
  • Ensure that the Generate Structures option is enabled.
  • When venturing towards the hidden gem’s map, make your way from the South and position the player marker right in the heart of the X until just a glimpse of it remains visible.
  • Make sure you have sufficient room in your backpack for food and valuable loot.
  • Exercise caution when encountering descending sand or gravel, as they have the potential to cause asphyxiation.
  • Bring sufficient equipment so that you can excavate without interruption while searching for treasure chests.
  • Remember to bring Water Breathing Potions if the X mark is situated in the midst of a sea.
  • Dolphins can assist you in finding treasure when you offer them uncooked cod or uncooked salmon.
  • Conclusion

    Minecraft treasure chests

    That’s a wrap! Hopefully, you’re relishing the exhilarating escapade of seeking out hidden loot in Minecraft. With this compendium at your disposal, unearthing your next treasure chest is a breeze. Best of luck and enjoy to the fullest!

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    Fun Fact: Were you aware that buried treasure chests are the tiniest naturally-occurring structure in Minecraft? Now, you are informed!

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