How to Add a Death Counter in Minecraft

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Death Counter in Minecraft
Death Counter in Minecraft

I’ve come across numerous inquiries regarding the presentation of the death tally and the process of incorporating an on-screen death counter in Minecraft that is visible to all players. Look no further, as I possess all the solutions to your queries regarding the death count, right at your fingertips.

The subject of death count may seem rather unusual, considering the limited ownership of servers and the absence of a definitive solution to address your inquiries. However, allow me to assist you with my response.

In order to showcase your death counter, you must initially input a handful of basic Minecraft commands into the chat field, denoted by the symbol “;”.

To keep track of the number of deaths, add

Upon pressing the enter key, a meticulous record shall commence, meticulously documenting the multitude of demises that have befallen your intricate universe. This command boasts versatility, catering to a plethora of objectives, with the added perk of customization. However, for the purpose of this endeavor, we shall focus our attention solely on Deaths, aligning with our desired outcome.

Despite repeatedly entering your code and spamming it, your deaths will remain unregistered and not shown anywhere in the game. This is due to the presence of an unfinished task – creating your own personalized sidebar.

Scoreboard of Death Counter
Scoreboard of Death Counter

Type: /scoreboard objectives set display list deaths.

A plethora of options are available to display your death counter – you can choose between a sleek list format, an elegant sidebar placement, or a stylish placement just beneath your name.

To decorate the right side of your screen with a symbol of death, a change in your command is necessary.

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Death Counter on the right side

Type “sidebar” instead of “list”.

So, as an example, instead of using the command /scoreboard objectives set display list deaths, you would now enter /scoreboard objectives set display sidebar deaths. By doing this, a death counter will be generated and displayed on the right side.

You can replicate both of these commands from here and simply paste each one separately.

Step#1 To keep track of the number of deaths, add

Step #2 /scoreboard objectives set display sidebar fatalities.

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I think my response assisted you with your inquiries and look forward to seeing you utilize the mortality tracker even more.

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