How Long Do Minecraft Villagers Stay Mad?

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Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the finest open-world games, which should be on every gamer’s must-play list and has gained immense popularity on the internet. The inhabitants of the Minecraft world, known as villagers, play a crucial role in the game.

Contrary to most non-playable characters (NPCs), the Villagers in Minecraft actually have emotions and mechanics. For example, your interactions can elicit anger, sadness, or happiness from them.

If you unintentionally anger the villagers in Minecraft, it may take them anywhere from 1 to 45 minutes to calm down.

Here’s everything you should be aware of regarding irate villagers in Minecraft.

Minecraft Angry Villagers
Image Credits: John Paul Inso (YouTube)

Minecraft villagers have the ability to become upset with players for various reasons. Here are the main factors that cause Minecraft villagers to harbor feelings of anger towards players. The top reasons why villagers in Minecraft are displeased with players are because of the multiple reasons that can lead to villagers becoming angry with you.

Not Enough Food

In the village, whenever there is a shortage of food, they often become angry with you as one possible explanation could be that they are not receiving sufficient nourishment.

Hostile Mobs Are Attacking

The attacking factions, in their continuous defensive stance, serve as a considerable origin of hostility, as they inevitably must, given the villagers’ panicked state resulting from the assault of aggressive mobs. There could be another explanation as well.

Moreover, they frequently view you as a potential danger due to this.

Numerous Unwanted Trades

Finally, they might feel enraged due to the constant pressure of trading with a player who incessantly demands additional goods, which they do not desire.

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Leaving An Unfinished Trade

If the player decides to interact with the other villager, obtains a more favorable offer from an alternative location, and initiates a trade with a particular villager, the initial villagers will become upset for approximately two minutes.

Players Have Hit Them

Sometimes, villagers can accidentally hit players. If you hit them multiple times, they may get mad and hit you back, but the first hit is often ignored.

No Apparent Reason

Minecraft villagers are expected to be peaceful beings, but occasionally they become angry for no clear reason.

An error is their fury, and the residents are malfunctioning. Additionally, it is plausible that an element within the game provokes their rage, such as an aggressive creature in close proximity, even if not engaging with them. Numerous potential justifications for this conduct are present, however the most prevalent one is.

How Long Do Minecraft Villagers Stay Angry?

Minecraft Villagers
Image Credits: Jira

If a villager is slain, their anger will endure indefinitely. Nevertheless, if a Minecraft villager harbors resentment towards a player, their rage will persist for approximately 1 to 45 minutes. Subsequently, they will gradually pardon the player and ultimately revert to a state of friendliness.

Nevertheless, if a player eliminates a villager, the whole village will turn hostile towards the player for approximately five minutes.

How To Make Villagers Friendly Again?

Minecraft Villagers
Image Credits: 9 Minecraft

If a resident gets upset with the player, there are several actions that can be taken to restore their friendship.

Give Them Space

In actuality, this will require under two minutes in the physical realm. Attempt to refrain from being visible to them and allow them a period to relax, initially.

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Throw Some Food

When approaching angry villagers, throwing food like bread or potatoes can be an effective method if other approaches fail.

Hit Them Again

In order to address their concerns, it is advisable to exercise patience until their anger subsides further, as resorting to sword combat should be considered as a final option.

People of all ages.


In Minecraft, if players harm or attack villagers, they can quickly lose favor with them, which can cancel out the benefits of offering them food or trading with them. However, it is important to note that angering villagers can have detrimental consequences, ultimately affecting the gameplay.

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