How to Speed Up Time in Minecraft

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Minecraft! Have you ever wondered how fast you can walk through this article? If you just want to play through it at a normal pace, that’s fine. But have you seen how fast everyone runs? What if we could change that? However, it’s important to note that Minecraft is not really a fast-paced game.

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Step 1. Turn on cheats.

Finally, when you click on “Start LAN world” and enable cheats, you can open the LAN world selection menu in Java. This allows you to toggle cheats and activate faster game speeds when necessary.

How to turn on cheats in Minecraft

Cheats are activated by toggling and are located in the section that activates cheats when scrolling down. To access the game settings, select the left side of the screen and open the pause menu, which is available in the Bedrock Edition.

2. Open the chat.

Accelerate the process of entering your command by utilizing the chat feature. To access the chat in the Java edition, press the T key on the keyboard. In the Bedrock Edition, press the right button on the controller’s D-Pad.

3. Type in the command for increasing tick speed.

Speed in Minecraft is regulated by a unit of measurement called ticks. The input command we use enhances the frequency at which the ticks occur, consequently amplifying the speed. The command to enter is /gamerule randomTickSpeed #. In this animation, we modify the tick speed to 500 and witness the immediate consequences. We can clearly observe the increase in speed as a result of this alteration. The command /gamerule randomTickSpeed # is used to type in the aforementioned change. Ticks are the recognized measure by which speed is regulated in Minecraft.

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After altering the velocity, you can revert them to their original state by resetting the tick to its default value. The default tick velocity for the Java edition is 3, while for the Bedrock edition it is 1. By resetting the tick to its default value, you can restore them to their normal state after modifying the speed.

What is the command to run faster in Minecraft?

The number of times the effect is amplified is how many seconds you want the last effect to be. To use cheats, make sure cheats are enabled in the chat open, like shown above, and type /effect (player name) (effect type) (amplifier) (duration). Using the same command is pretty much like using a potion of swiftness to speed up. Sometimes, if we need to run to the nearest village, we will do this which is a long way away. Speeding up time is a neat trick to speed up your running speed.

In this instance, we utilized the following command: /effect give Player minecraft:speed 1000 100.

Changing the time of day with a command

Another way to accelerate the passage of time in Minecraft is by modifying the day and night cycle using commands. This method is relatively straightforward and does not have as much of an impact on your gameplay compared to the other two alternatives. To utilize this command, ensure that cheats are enabled, open the chat as demonstrated above, and input: time set (desired time). You have the ability to set the time to various options such as day, midnight, night, noon, and numerical values ranging from 0 to 24000. For reference, daytime commences at 0 and nighttime commences at 13000. In the Bedrock version, you can also set the time to sunset.

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Now you can fast forward time in Minecraft

Explore the fascinating Minecraft commands to discover further information about the various actions you can perform within the game! By utilizing these commands, you have the ability to enhance gameplay and boost your character in multiple ways. Now, you are well-informed!

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