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Unlike the plain version of Minecraft, the RAM requirements for a modded server are influenced by numerous additional factors. Due to the vast array of mods and mod packages available, it is challenging to provide a definitive figure. Nevertheless, we will endeavor to offer a general indication in this regard.

Modded Minecraft (Forge) vs. Modded Minecraft (

In our vast collection of modpacks available for pre-installation, we meticulously disclose the mod developer’s recommended RAM capacity. This ensures that you, as the user, are well-informed about the necessary requirements. Nevertheless, considering the number of players and the expanse of the map, additional RAM might be imperative.

Just like Vanilla, the same holds true for modded servers when it comes to RAM – having more of it doesn’t always guarantee better performance. Minecraft, being a unique game, imposes certain limitations on its performance. However, there are a handful of key factors worth considering that could potentially enhance your gameplay experience.

  • Tailor the modpack according to the envisioned count of players on the server! As a general principle: as the player count increases, it is advisable to reduce the number of mods employed.
  • Certain modifications have a knack for inducing substantial lag, such as those involving intricate terrain creation, advanced physics simulations, and creatures boasting exceptional artificial intelligence.
  • Unveiling and eliminating these modifications can lead to a remarkable enhancement in your performance (check out the “performance profiler” to assist in locating these modifications).
  • Due to the multitude of Minecraft versions available, it can often pose a challenge to discover the appropriate performance modification that suits your specific Minecraft edition. As a result, we strongly advise perusing the comprehensive compilation provided in the following link: https://github.Com/TheUsefulLists/UsefulMods.
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    What to do if all this does not help?

    Performance profiler

    Discover the realm of “performance profilers” that diligently scout your server and its installed mods in pursuit of performance glitches. Prioritizing the deployment of such a profiler before engaging in a RAM upgrade is highly advised, for increased RAM alone may not be the ultimate solution to your performance woes. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that mastering the intricacies of such a tool can be quite a demanding endeavor. One such tool that fits the bill is Spark.

    Prerendering Chunks

    Enhancing performance can be achieved by considering an alternative approach of pre-rendering chunks. The act of rendering chunks remains a significant obstacle within the realm of Minecraft, making it a prime target for improvement. Consequently, the implementation of pre-rendering chunks can yield remarkable outcomes. Discover a wide array of modifications and informative articles tailored for both Fabric and Forge platforms.

    One must consider some significant drawbacks when opting for pre-rendering the chunks. The rendering process, depending on the map’s magnitude, may extend for an incredibly long duration, even up to several days. Moreover, it becomes imperative to adjust the world border radius to match the dimensions of the pre-generated chunks, ensuring players do not generate any new ones.

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