How to make TNT in Minecraft

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Discover the exhilarating world of explosive possibilities with TNT blocks in Minecraft! Unleash your mischievous side and master the art of crafting these powerful tools of chaos. Dive into this comprehensive guide on concocting TNT in Minecraft and become the ultimate prankster in your virtual realm.

Even after years of its release, TNT remains the unparalleled explosive block in Minecraft, serving as a catalyst for base destruction, ore discovery, and thrilling encounters with mobs, among its myriad other applications.

While exercising utmost caution with TNT blocks is essential, they undeniably offer an exhilarating and imaginative means to while away the hours. Unleash your creativity by constructing explosive contraptions such as cannons, and engage in thrilling in-game battles with your comrades.

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In relation to that, here’s a guide on creating TNT in Minecraft.

A Minecraft villager in front of a TNT block

How to craft TNT in Minecraft

In order to create TNT in the world of Minecraft, one must acquire five units of gunpowder and four blocks of red sand/sand. However, before diving into the crafting recipe, it is essential to familiarize ourselves with the process of obtaining these crucial ingredients.

How to get gunpowder in Minecraft

In the world of Minecraft, the demise of Creepers, Ghasts, and Witches results in the acquisition of gunpowder. However, the quantity obtained varies among these creatures. Creepers and Ghasts usually drop a modest amount of 0-2 gunpowder pieces, whereas Witches possess the ability to bestow up to six gunpowder blocks. If one possesses the Looting enchantment, the yield can be significantly amplified to 5 (for Creepers and Ghasts) and an impressive 15 (for witches).

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  • In the game, trading gunpowder with a villager is an option, although eliminating Creepers proves to be a simpler approach. These feeble creatures are among the least formidable in the game, offering little challenge.

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    How to get sand/red sand in Minecraft

    Sand, a ubiquitous block in the world of Minecraft, can be discovered scattered across the vast deserts and serene beaches. However, venturing into the mysterious badland biomes unveils a unique treasure called red sand.

    While it is possible to extract sand blocks without the need for any equipment, it is highly advisable to utilize a shovel for faster outcomes.

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    Crafting recipe for TNT in Minecraft

    To craft TNT, gather red sand/sand and gunpowder. Arrange the gunpowder in the corners and middle slot of the 3×3 crafting grid. Fill the remaining four slots with red sand or sand.

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  • The crafting formula for TNT has also been displayed in the picture below:

    Crafting recipe to make TNT in Minecraft

    Unlock the secrets of TNT in the realm of Minecraft, where explosive possibilities await. Delve deeper into this sandbox adventure and discover the enchanting journey of hatching a mythical dragon egg, alongside unraveling the mysteries of equipping yourself with the ultimate armor enchantments.

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    Image Credits: Mojang / Reddit user u/UNGN

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