How To Acquire And Use Spawn Eggs In Minecraft

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The mystical spawn egg holds the power to summon creatures at will within the vast world of Minecraft. Its versatile qualities serve a multitude of purposes, yet many adventurers solely harness its potential to establish thriving farms. Within this enlightening piece, we shall unveil the secrets of the enigmatic Spawn Egg, delving into its acquisition and the art of its utilization.

1. How to get spawn eggs in Minecraft

Creative mode offers a unique opportunity to obtain spawn eggs, exclusive items that hold immense power. Simply press the pick block button on a preexisting creature to obtain its corresponding egg. However, in alternative game modes, players must rely on the use of commands to obtain these coveted items.

Minecraft Spawn Eggs Chart
Minecraft Spawn Eggs Appearance list

Input: In the Creative inventory, players have the ability to spawn them. The Java Edition boasts a collection of 64 eggs, whereas the Bedrock Edition offers 66 eggs. To obtain spawn eggs for personal use, simply utilize the code format /give @p (item name) [amount: int].

Input: To obtain a spawn egg, you need to follow a specific naming convention: item.Minecraft.(Name)_spawn_egg. Simply substitute the (name) with the desired mob’s name. Let’s say you desire an axolotl spawn egg, you would use the code /give @p item.Minecraft.Axolotl_spawn_egg 1.

2. How to use spawn eggs in Minecraft

Simply tap the egg onto any surface to summon the magnificent creature in Minecraft. The blocks’ surfaces take precedence for spawning, allowing players to even conjure mobs amidst watery realms, as long as solid ground remains out of reach.

In the realm of gaming, players possess the extraordinary ability to manifest adorable offspring of various creatures by employing a magical spawn egg that corresponds to the desired mob. For instance, a sheep spawn egg, when utilized on a sheep, brings forth a delightful baby sheep adorned with matching wool hues. However, it’s important to note that this enchanting phenomenon is exclusive to the Java version of the game.

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Gamers have the ability to utilize spawn eggs upon spawners, granting them the power to alter the creatures they bring forth. However, in the Bedrock edition, players are required to submerge the spawner in water in order for a fish spawn egg to effectively operate upon it.

Minecraft Spawn Eggs
Minecraft Spawn Eggs can create mobs anywhere, anytime, even outside of the realm the mob usually spawn in.

In the realm of Minecraft, spawn eggs possess incredible utility, particularly in the art of nurturing parrots or other fascinating creatures that lack their adorable offspring within the game’s confines.

3. Spawn eggs renaming and secrets

By utilizing an anvil, players possess the ability to bestow a new name upon a spawn egg. Once activated, said spawn egg will conjure forth a creature bearing the designated name, which shall manifest prominently above its cranium. This intriguing game mechanic harbors the potential to unveil a plethora of concealed mysteries and delightful surprises.

  • When the player chooses to rename a vindicator as “Johnny,” it triggers a state of hostility towards all creatures except fellow illagers.
  • When a player decides to rename a rabbit spawn egg as “Toast,” an intriguing secret skin of the rabbit magically reveals itself upon using the egg.
  • When a player decides to rename a Sheep as “jeb_”, a captivating transformation occurs, causing the sheep to gracefully shift through a mesmerizing rainbow of colors.
  • Rewrite: By christening a spawn egg with the names “Dinnerbone” or “Grumm,” an intriguing effect is triggered wherein the corresponding creature materializes in an inverted manner, proudly displaying its designated name above.
  • spawner + spawn eggs
    Players can create a spawner of literally all mobs in the game using a spawn egg.

    When a spawn egg is used to rename a mob, it doesn’t stop it from despawning. To ensure this doesn’t occur, players must rely on name tags.

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