Minecraft: How to Get Sweeping Edge Enchantment & What It Does

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Unlock the elusive Sweeping Edge enchantment in Minecraft with these ingenious techniques.

Unveiled on the 14th of June in the year 2022.

Unleashing the power of Sweeping Edge, an enchantment bestowed upon the realms of Minecraft, becomes an invaluable asset when confronted with hordes of menacing adversaries. Within this guide lies the secret to obtaining Sweeping Edge, unraveling its purpose, and mastering its utilization.

Getting Sweeping Edge in Minecraft

Sweeping Edge in Minecraft

By harnessing the power of an Enchanting Table or Anvil, one can acquire Sweeping Edge much like any other enchantment. Alternatively, embarking on worldly adventures may lead to the discovery of the elusive tome housing this enchanting secret.

On the flip side, you have the option to employ the mystical enchant commands. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive compilation of the three tiers of commands pertaining to the remarkable Sweeping Edge.

  • The Blade of Broom: /enchant @sweeping 1.
  • Embrace the Whirling Blade II: /enchant @sweeping 2.
  • Unleash the Power of Sweeping Edge III: /enchant @sweeping 3.
  • Please take note that the enchantment known as Sweeping Edge is solely accessible in the Java rendition of Minecraft. It remains unattainable in the Windows 10 Edition, Bedrock, or Education editions of the game.

    What Sweeping Edge Does in Minecraft

    Sweeping Edge, a mystical blade enchantment, empowers your strikes with an intensified force, unleashing devastating damage upon hordes of creatures with each sweeping attack. The potency of this enhancement amplifies in proportion to the enchantment level gracefully embedded within your sword.

    At the corresponding levels, it amplifies the damage of sweep attacks in the following manner:

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  • Stage 1 – half the way.
  • Tier 2 – a whopping 67% achievement.
  • The third tier – 75% completion.
  • Is Sweeping Edge a Good Enchantment in Minecraft?

    Sweeping Edge truly shines as an enchantment when you discover the art of maintaining your ground while bravely defending against adversaries. In the realm of Minecraft, where swift strikes demand unwavering stability, if you happen to be in constant motion while engaging in combat with Creepers, Skeletons, and Zombies, Sweeping Edge shall offer you no advantageous rewards.

    How to Use Sweeping Edge

    By harnessing the power of Sweeping Edge, one can unleash a formidable Sweep Attack that wreaks havoc upon foes. This devastating maneuver can be executed effortlessly while maintaining a steady stance or gracefully gliding at a leisurely pace. As the attack recharge surpasses the threshold of 84.8%, adversaries will be forcefully propelled backwards and endure a substantial amount of damage.

    As long as you wield the enchanted weapon, the power of Sweeping Edge will bestow additional damage to your sweeping attacks. Remember, this bonus damage is exclusive to sweeping attacks and does not apply to any other type of strike.

    Discover all the essential knowledge about acquiring Sweeping Edge in Minecraft, unraveling its purpose, and mastering its usage. Don’t miss out on exploring our extensive collection of Minecraft enchantment guides down below.

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