How to change the Kingdom in King of Avalon?

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Feeling discontent in your present realm? Why not seek alteration? Within this concise manual, we elucidate the rationale and method behind altering your dominion in King of Avalon! To address all your inquiries, we shall also acquaint you with the varieties of teleportation in King of Avalon, a flawless alternative to shifting your kingdom in KoA! Let us forge ahead and discover the essence of this captivating endeavor! 🏰

What’s the reason behind shifting kingdoms? Altering kingdoms within the realm of King of Avalon presents an opportunity to align with a particular alliance, unite with your comrades, or thrive in a realm that truly resonates with your essence 😉.

Aperçu des royaumes dans King of Avalon
Overview of kingdoms in KoA

To transform your kingdom, certain prerequisites must be fulfilled. Primarily, players who have been registered for less than 5 days and possess a stronghold below level 6 are eligible for kingdom alteration. This rule applies universally, with no exceptions. To change your kingdom prior to reaching level 6 and within the first 5 days of joining, the following conditions must be met:.

  • Explore the majestic “Kingdom” realm by a mere click.
  • Input: Go to the “Maps” button.Explore the captivating realm of cartography by venturing towards the enchanting “Maps” button.
  • Give the globe image button a satisfying click.
  • In the end, you shall be compelled to select the realm wherein you desire to swiftly transport. Provided that you satisfy the prerequisites, you shall encounter no obstacles whatsoever.
  • Well, well, well, wasn’t that a walk in the park? Let me drop a little hint, should you dare to alter the realm beneath day 5 and beneath level 6 of your fortress, your destiny will be entwined with random coordinates within the chosen realm. However, if you dare to switch realms without meeting these criteria, alas, we regret to inform you that this action shall remain beyond your reach! And if perchance this condition remains unfulfilled, any chance of a kingdom alteration shall be forever out of reach (unless… You’re willing to pay, of course)!

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    Changer de royaume dans King of Avalon
    Changing kingdoms in King of Avalon

    Please be aware that an alternative path to shift realms awaits you as you progress further in the game. This particular method graciously extends its benefits to all players, devoid of any constraints imposed by levels or time restrictions. However, in order to embark upon this journey, a small compensation is required… Fear not, for you have the option to wield the power of a Migration Spell. This enchantment empowers the lord to erect their dominion in a different realm, granting them boundless opportunities. Seek this mystical spell within exclusive packages offered in exchange for a modest sum of currency. On average, a mere ten euros suffices to secure such a treasure from the emporium.

    To change your kingdom, leave your alliance!

    In order to transform your kingdom, it is imperative to sever ties with your current alliance! For those without an alliance, fret not! However, if you have already joined an alliance, it is necessary to tender your resignation! “Why?” You might ask. The answer lies in the fact that your alliance belongs to the kingdom you intend to abandon. Once you depart, there will be no further chance to forge a bond with this alliance. Instead, in your newfound kingdom, an opportunity awaits to seek a fresh alliance, one that will guide you towards your destiny! Now, let us delve into the steps required to disengage from an alliance:

  • Tap the emblem representing your alliance.
  • Select “Manage”.
  • Opt for the “Exit” option!
  • And… That’s all! Naturally, dissolving the alliance is beyond your control, as only the leader possesses this power! However, you do have the freedom to depart from your existing alliance whenever you please! Without the need to switch kingdoms! 😃.
  • Quitter son alliance dans King of Avalon
    Leaving your alliance in King of Avalon

    Teleporting into King of Avalon instead of changing realms?

    In the realm of King of Avalon, embarking on a journey to a new kingdom is akin to a magical teleportation! Whether you seek to alter your entire kingdom or just transport your city, delving into the secrets of teleporters is crucial. As elucidated in our compilation of King of Avalon fast-track advice, these mystical devices prove invaluable when transitioning between realms, and continue to be of utmost significance as the game progresses.

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    By remaining in your current realm, you possess the ability to freely relocate your city to any desired location through the utilization of teleporters. Let’s delve into the unique qualities of these teleportation devices:

    Solo teleports

  • Enlist in teleportation: The mystical method of traversing realms lies within teleportation. Enlisting in teleportation holds the key to transcending realms, just as mentioned earlier! However, this enchanting ability is restricted to those who are at level 6 or lower and have spent less than 5 days in the game. Unfortunately, it is off-limits to those who are part of an alliance.
  • Unleash the extraordinary power of advanced teleportation with this incredible device, enabling you to effortlessly transport your entire city to any desired location! Discover this remarkable item within your inventory, waiting to be utilized.
  • Embrace the mysterious phenomenon of random teleportation, where your city gracefully transcends to an unforeseen destination, handpicked by the whims of fate. Alas, the power to select remains elusive.
  • Exemple de téléportation dans King of Avalon
    Example of teleportation in King of Avalon

    Teleportation according to allies

    Experience the wonders of fortress teleportation and alliance teleportation: Unleash the power of fortress teleportation to magically transport your city right next to the alliance fortress. In case your alliance is yet to possess a fortress, fear not! Utilize alliance teleportation to swiftly bring your city closer to the majestic hub of the alliance leader’s realm. Keep an eye out for the alliance teleporter among your treasured items, for it holds the key to this incredible feat! The process for both fortress and alliance teleportation remains identical – simply click on “move” to witness your city effortlessly glide across the map! And remember, the esteemed alliance leader holds the authority to extend an invitation for you to join them in their city. The choice to accept or decline lies solely in your hands.

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    Discover the secrets of changing kingdoms in the captivating mobile game King of Avalon! Unleash a brilliant strategy right from the start and unlock endless possibilities to explore the vast maps! Feel free to share your thoughts and concerns about the game, and rest assured, we’re here to guide you towards triumph in this enchanting realm of management and fantasy! Embark on an exciting journey through our incredible King of Avalon beginner’s guide, and if you’re new to KoA, don’t miss our fantastic review! 😅 Our invaluable tips are sure to be of great assistance! Until next time on JeuMobi, stay well and join us for an unforgettable adventure!

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