How to fix save file is corrupted and cannot be loaded 2k21 next gen?

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How to fix save file is corrupted and cannot be loaded 2k21 next gen ?

The NBA 2k21 next-gen has taken the gaming community by storm, emerging as a popular and stylish video game. Despite garnering countless praises, it does come with a few imperfections in the form of bugs and glitches. Among these issues, a notable one is the frustrating ‘save file is corrupted and cannot be saved’ error. In this blog, we delve into the intricacies of this error and provide effective solutions to overcome this pesky bug.

How to fix save file is corrupted and cannot be loaded 2k21 next gen ?

The NBA’s latest iteration is making its mark with a plethora of innovative enhancements and advancements. The enhanced screens are undeniably impressive, showing noticeable improvements following a recent adjustment in lighting. 2K has astutely seized this moment to honor the legendary LA Lakers icon. Bryant’s name graces the collector’s edition, accompanied by a multitude of in-game tributes. Notably, NBA 2K’s loading time surpasses that of its predecessors, offering a significantly faster gaming experience.

What is the ‘Save file is corrupted and cannot be loaded’ in 2k21 next-gen?

Upon attempting to load or access a specific file within MyCareer, a distinctive message shall promptly appear, signaling the occurrence of a frequently encountered error. This predicament, although seemingly uncomplicated, proves to be a perplexing enigma to rectify.

The crux of the matter lies in the synchronization glitches and the dilemma of opting between local or cloud-based data storage.

While exercising caution with MyCareer files is advisable, rest assured that this glitch can be swiftly identified and poses minimal risk to both the game and the system.

How to fix ‘Save file is corrupted and cannot be loaded’ 2k21 next-gen?

As previously stated, this pesky glitch or flaw poses no threat to any other aspect of the game or the device.

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Despite NBA 2K21’s provision of official guidelines on resolving this issue, we have compiled a selection of alternative methods for you to attempt in order to rectify the problem on your own.

Begin the configuration anew.

Begin by taking a fresh approach and initiating a complete system reboot. Restart both the gaming console and the game itself. Avoid rushing to launch MyCareers and accessing the problematic file right away.

Verify the connectivity of your internet.

Occasionally, as a result of unreliable internet connection, the game exhibits unruly behavior and manifests errors within the files due to inadequate refreshment.

Sync Option.

After restarting the game, toggle the sync option in your settings and patiently await the loading of all files in MyCareers.


In the event of file corruption, we highly suggest giving the saved file another download to determine whether this resolves the matter.

If none of the aforementioned techniques prove fruitful, our recommendation is to submit a support ticket to the authorized NBA 2K21. To establish contact with the NBA 2K21 support crew, just click here.

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