How to change the language in Minecraft

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    If you are unable to locate the language configuration in Minecraft, here is its location.

    Minecraft figure

    Credit: Mojang

    In this manual, that’s the subject matter we’re discussing as you’re fortunate. However, you’re not by yourself. Interested in learning how to modify the language in Minecraft?

    With more updates finally coming to Minecraft, more players are picking up the game, whether they are returning ones who haven’t placed a block in years or new players who are picking up the game for the first time. The game continues to dominate the gaming areas, attracting players from all over.

    The language you receive may vary depending on the location of purchase, the game version, and the region in which you start the game.

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  • Fortunately, it is quite easy to discover how to alter the language in Minecraft. Here is the method to do it.

    Where to change the language in Minecraft

    To modify the language in Minecraft, just navigate to the Settings and scroll down until you reach the General Settings section.

    Here, you will discover the language options where you can select from a variety of 29 languages.

    Once selected, the alteration should take effect immediately, allowing you to experience the pleasure of playing Minecraft in your preferred language!

    You can use the “language” command in the game to change the language to English.

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    Credit: Mojang

    What about other languages?

    If your mother tongue is not currently supported in Minecraft, there is a solution thanks to a localization project by Crowdin.

    The Minecraft project on Crowdin has been translated into 124 languages by users. Although there might be occasional mistakes, proofreaders will review the content, and users can also point out any incorrect translations. If you browse through the Activity Stream section of the project, you will be able to see the most recent updates and advancements for each language.

    Interestingly, Mojang has informed Crowdin users that certain words in Minecraft are not translated as they are universal terms. These include Redstone and Realms, as well as the likes of Wither, Nether, and Creeper.

    You can view all the accessible Crowdin languages here.

    How to change language on

    To change the language on the Minecraft website, you should be able to choose between 21 different languages. Locate the globe icon in the bottom left corner here and scroll down to the bottom of the site to change the language.

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  • You will be able to tell what language the Minecraft website is in if the URL ends with ‘en-us’. If the URL ends with ‘de-de’, it is in German.

    How To. Change Language On Console

    Switching the language on the console is just as easy as on the other platforms we have already discussed.

  • Start Minecraft and navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Access the Language Settings. This option can be found at the lower part of the menu on the left side.
  • Choose any language you prefer to utilize.
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