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  • By Helen | Follow | Last Updated April 02, 2022.

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    This essay, provided by the official webpage of MiniTool, primarily offers you a tutorial on how to use the /clone command in the video game Minecraft. By understanding the methods explained in this essay, you will be able to learn how to clone yourself using the command in Minecraft.

    This article is centered around the Windows 10/11 operating system (OS).

    What Is Minecraft Clone Command?

    Minecraft Clone is a type of command in the video game Minecraft, which allows the player to move or copy blocks of a region in many versions of Minecraft, including Java edition, Windows 10/11 edition, Nintendo Switch edition, Xbox One edition, PS4 edition, Mac edition, and PC edition. However, it is not available on the Wii U Nintendo edition, PS3 edition, PE edition (pocket and education edition), or Minecraft edition.

    The Tip: One helpful hint is that the current version of Minecraft, known as Bedrock Edition, includes a feature called command /clone. This feature is available in Pocket Edition, Nintendo Switch Edition, Xbox One Edition, PS4 Edition, and Windows 10/11 Edition.

    What Does the Clone Command Do in Minecraft?

    Generally, there are two syntaxes for the order of cloning.

    1. To duplicate a source area to a target area:.

    /Clone [replace

    2. To replicate solely a particular section in a source area to a target area:.

    /Clone filtered.


  • “” – The initial x y z coordinate for the source region to duplicate.
  • Input: Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography is an interesting destination for people of different ages. The Institute of Ocean
  • “The coordinates for the destination region refer to the bottom northwest corner. When it comes to the lowest values of x, y, and z, they pertain to the bottom northwest corner of the destination region. The lowest values for x, y, and z refer to the bottom northwest corner of the destination region.”
  • ” – This will duplicate all sections including atmosphere (default action) and it is not required.
  • “- It will duplicate only sections that are not filled with air. (Optional).”
  • ” – This will duplicate the blocks from the source area to the destination area (default action).
  • If the source region and destination region overlap, it will trigger the cloning process.
  • Blocks that are not cloned in the source region will remain unchanged if used, and the cloned blocks in the source region will replace the air with the blocks cloned in the destination region.
  • “- It will only duplicate blocks that match the tileName.
  • “- TileName is the designated title of the block to be duplicated.
  • ” – It is the data value of the section to be replicated.
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    How to Use the Clone Command in Minecraft?

    In general, there are two methods to utilize the Minecraft clone command.

    Way 1. Use Minecraft Clone Command in What Window

    The simplest method to carry out a command in Minecraft is to press the T key to open the chat window and communicate with the system.

    Way 2. Manually Input the Command

    When entering the cloning process, press the Enter key to carry out the process. Finally, you can see what you have written at the bottom left. Type the coordinates into the command syntax based on one of the clone’s syntaxes. Then, determine the coordinates and source of the clone. First of all, determine what the coordinates and source of the clone are.

    It doesn’t matter which way you take to clone your items, a message will pop up saying “cloned blocks xx” when it finishes.

    Tip: It is advisable to position your character in a location that is close to both the source and destination points in Minecraft, as the game can only load a part of the world at a time. If one of these locations is too far away to be loaded, the Minecraft clone command will fail and display an error message saying “Cannot access blocks outside of the world.”

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