How to domesticate polar bears in Minecraft

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Minecraft’s cold biomes are home to the stoic Polar Bears, majestic creatures of immense size that can strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest adventurers. These neutral Mobs are a sight to behold and

Fear not, for these colossal creatures shall not trouble you unless you make the first move.

Naturally, as with any other creature in Minecraft, one can’t help but ponder the process of taming Polar Bears. The idea of having a massive, formidable bear by your side is certainly an enticing one, after all.

Regrettably, in Minecraft, polar bears cannot be domesticated. Nevertheless, there are alternate means to revel in the company of these majestic creatures and I shall enlighten you on those henceforth.

How Polar Bears Behave in Minecraft

As I mentioned earlier, attempting to tame a polar bear in Minecraft is an exercise in futility, unlike their equine, lupine, and feline counterparts who can be trained. Additionally, polar bears do not offer any of the typical Mob-related advantages, and their demise offers little reward.

Within the world of Java Edition, polar bears are considered neutral mobs, thus refraining from any aggressive behavior until provoked, much like their llama counterparts. However, it’s essential to note that these furry creatures become hostile in the presence of their cubs, mimicking the behavior of wild bears.

Polar bears may seem relatively docile, but even in their peaceful state, they will not hesitate to attack if provoked or if their young are threatened. Fortunately for players, the bears’ aggression will not result in any significant harm.

The players must tread carefully in Bedrock Edition as the foes are relentless and can attack at any given moment, posing a serious threat to their safety.

The perilous nature of Polar Bears cannot be ignored as they can inflict substantial damage ranging from 3 to 8 hearts, depending on the level of difficulty. Therefore, engaging in combat with them for the sake of loot or experience is not a prudent choice.

When a Polar Bear meets its untimely demise, it graciously bestows upon the world a modest 1-3 experience points. And if fortune favors the brave, there is a chance that the bear may also relinquish up to

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The laborious task of farming polar bears seems to fall short of its worth, hence redirecting one’s effort towards fishing instead of bear hunting might be a more viable option.

How to Find Polar Bears in Minecraft

The majestic Polar Bears are known to thrive in the colder regions of the world, such as Ice Spikes, Snowy Plains, and the Frozen Ocean biomes. In addition, in Bedrock Edition, they are known to make appearances in the Frozen Rivers and Legacy Frozen Ocean biomes.

On the surface is where these creatures make their appearance, meandering about the landscape in packs of no less than a pair.

On occasion, they may gather in significantly larger clusters, with a maximum count of seven. In such instances, it’s almost a given that you’ll spot a polar bear cub among them.

Keep in mind that polar bears can be quite menacing when they become aggressive.

Prior to embarking on a quest to track down elusive entities and transport them to your stronghold, it is imperative to equip yourself accordingly. It is highly advisable to don sturdy iron armor and wield a sturdy shield for optimal protection.

Don’t forget to bring a lead with you on your polar bear adventure. While these majestic creatures may not be hostile, they also won’t follow you without some encouragement. A lead is a smart and safe way to guide them along and make your journey even more memorable.

Bear on a lead

Minecraft Lead Recipe

  • 4 String.
  • 1 Slimeball.
  • Creating a Lead in Minecraft can be a breeze as long as you stumble upon some slimes. Once you take down a single slime, you’ll be rewarded with up to 2 slimeballs.


    The Lead, once skillfully created, has the ability to manipulate the motion of almost any living creature.

    How to Build a Polar Bear Enclosure in Minecraft

    Although Polar Bears are not suitable for domestication or breeding, they can still serve as a stunning addition for aesthetic reasons. The presence of a few polar bears in an enclosure near your survival base can add a charming touch.

    Let them be the shining examples of your personal zoo construction.

    As with any construction project, the potential avenues and permutations are boundless.

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    Simple Enclosure

    To construct an enclosure, one must first locate a level ground to allocate the space. Next, choose your preferred wall or fence to enclose the area. Personally, I opt for stone walls or brick walls, as they exude a robust facade that could withstand a bear’s brute force.

    Despite their inability to jump over or traverse barriers like fences and walls, bears can still pose a serious threat if they become hostile and attack from beyond such obstructions. To safeguard against such scenarios, constructing a wall made of sturdy materials such as Cobblestone that is at least two blocks high can provide a reliable defense.

    The Bears may be hard to spot through this barrier, but with a custom-made platform, you can safely scale the wall and witness their majestic presence up close.

    Incorporating a couple of spruce or oak trees can lend a natural charm to the surroundings. Furthermore, utilizing foliage to fashion a few shrubs in the vicinity can add to the scenic beauty.

    Big Enclosure

    Drawing inspiration from real-life zoos, I often employ a similar approach when constructing spacious enclosures. One such example that stands out is the placement of bears in a massive pit, allowing onlookers to peer in and marvel at these magnificent creatures.

    Next, I construct a grand barrier encompassing the area to elevate its aesthetic appeal.

    To construct a colossal enclosure, you will require an abundance of materials and an array of tools to engage in the art of terraforming. But, if you’re not keen on this challenging task while surviving, you can explore the land’s natural formations like crevices and hollows to fashion your enclosure within.

    A hillside nook with a petite cavern nestled within could prove to be a splendid option. Ensuring the cave’s depth is limited and that it leads to a cul-de-sac is key. Additionally, confirm that the surrounding terrain is effortless to fence off.

    Within my realm, I stumbled upon a breathtaking expanse. Nestled amidst rolling hills were two quaint recesses that caught my eye. To keep my focus on the task at hand, I encircled the chosen spot with sturdy cobblestone walls, ensuring that my passion for terraforming did not lead me astray.

    Terraforming wasn’t much of a necessity as I ensured the walls crafted from stone stood a block higher than the bears’ grasp. A cavern was erected with sturdy blocks of stone.

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    In order to prevent the water from solidifying, I strategically placed a handful of sea pickles in groups of four to obstruct the formation of ice. Of course, a frigid lake has its own charm, but if you prefer to maintain a liquid surface, torches or glowstone can also do the trick.

    I opted for jungle leaves to adorn the bushes as they captivate my aesthetic sensibilities.

    In order to enhance the intricacy of the cave, I revisited it and devoted my efforts to its refinement. I meticulously integrated stone stairs and slabs to heighten its ruggedness. Moreover, I revamped the shape of the walls enclosing the cave and incorporated a touch more foliage to infuse it with a natural feel.

    Let your imagination run wild when it comes to the walls. Experiment with combinations of different elements and adorn them with elegant lamp posts.

    Behold, a unique and distinct wall and platform layout that I implemented in a previous construction endeavor.

    Wolf Pen Fence

    Taking my initial inspiration from authentic zoo enclosures, I went the extra mile and constructed a charming viewing area right at the entrance.

    In order to compensate for the absence of luminosity, I adorned the area with luminescent lichen and interwoven vines to create a more organic ambiance. Should you harbor an inquisitive mind as to the procurement of vines, we also offer a tutorial on cultivating them within the Minecraft realm.

    To thwart the spawning of random Mobs in the vicinity, I would recommend incorporating a variety of additional illuminating fixtures. Relying solely on Glowing Lichen may not suffice.

    Keep in mind that the likes of lanterns and torches have the potential to melt the snow and ice.

    Consider opting for their soul fire iterations such as the soul torch or soul lantern, which possess the ability to illuminate without causing the thawing of snow or ice.

    Once your habitat is complete, you are welcome to welcome your majestic polar bears inside. Please exercise caution and avoid housing them with other creatures, particularly foxes, as polar bears are known to be lethal predators.

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