What Does Fortune on an Axe Do in Minecraft?

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In Minecraft, an axe with the Fortune enchantment can be very beneficial as it greatly increases the number of resources obtained when used. This enchantment is primarily applied to axes, which are commonly used for splitting wood and are among the most common tools in Minecraft. Players find axes to be very useful across various tasks such as building structures and gathering resources, thanks to the vast inventory available in Minecraft.

The more benefits you give, the greater impact it will have on your fortune. It will assist you in collecting items such as saplings and seeds. Additionally, it will help increase the total drops while farming. It increases the chances of obtaining apples, resulting in a boost to your fortune. It will also aid you in obtaining more watermelons from melons. Unlike other enchantments, this one does not require a significant amount of wood to be given.

The use of the axe increases the chance of getting good items while mining. It could help you with the effects of Fortune in Minecraft. The higher the level of Fortune, the better the drop rates will be. There are different levels of Fortune enchantment. Its use increases the drops when mining, allowing you to have a better chance of getting good items while using the axe.

Let’s learn more about it.

The probability. The greater the probability. The greater the level of Fortune on the axe, The probability of obtaining more items also relies on the Fortune level. Nevertheless, utilizing it on an axe will greatly enhance the drop rates of certain items such as melons and apples. Fortune on axes is generally regarded as not particularly advantageous. If you have the notion of gaining numerous advantages by employing Fortune on an axe, allow me to burst that illusion for you.

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Remember, Fortune does not always maximize the yield of items. The gameplay is based on chance. For instance, with Fortune III, the maximum number of melon slices that can drop is nine. However, the chance of getting all nine slices from the melon is only 2%.

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Does Fortune on an Axe give more wood?

It will only help to collect more saplings and a variety of other seeds, dropping some specific ones. The enchantment Fortune, if used on the axe, will not give you more wood, but it will surely aid players in obtaining more wood, which is why many wonder about its effects.

Is Silk Touch or Fortune better on an Axe?

Silk Touch is considered one of the top enchantments for an axe in Minecraft. Its primary purpose is for constructing objects in survival mode, enabling players to extract blocks without altering their shape.

The use of Touch Silk enchantment on axes can turn your valuable waste resources into something valuable. However, this enchantment does not work with Fortune on the axe. It is great for harvesting bookshelves and mushroom blocks.

It is pointless to waste a valuable enchantment on an axe in Minecraft, as there is no strategic advantage in obtaining anything significant without the use of Silk Touch. The axe is typically used for harvesting blocks and wood, and you can harvest any blocks without changing them only with Fortune.

Does Fortune on an Axe work on mobs?

Mobs do not affect Fortune, so it will not impact your work nor will it impact the work of others.

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Does Fortune on a shovel do anything?

Flint will give you a 100% chance of obtaining Fortune III. The higher the level of Fortune, the greater the chances of getting flint. Breaking gravel blocks with a shovel can quickly increase your chances of obtaining flint.

Nevertheless, extracting clay from the clay blocks using a shovel enchanted with Fortune does not enhance the quantity of clay drops.

What is a Fortune on an AXE good for?

Here are a few benefits of utilizing Fortune:.

When employed on the hatchet, Fortune III ensures a 100% probability of obtaining a loot. Enhancing the drop frequency additionally raises the likelihood of utilizing it on various types of creepers. Obtaining a greater number of saplings and sticks will boost the chances of employing the hatchet, enchanted with Fortune, on foliage.

Acquiring additional glowstone dust is highly effective. It proves beneficial for cultivating crops. The quantity of dropped items escalates without a corresponding increase in drop probabilities when employing Fortune on the axe while harvesting grass and ferns.


When utilized on the axe with Fortune, potatoes, succulent fruits, carrots, and wheat seeds augment the quantity of items in the drop by 1, 2, or 3 or designated thresholds, contingent upon the level of Fortune. Fragmenting watermelons generally yields more melon slices, apples, and saplings.

If you are considering using a Fortune enchantment on the axe in Minecraft, it may be wise to reconsider due to the potential inefficiency of resource usage. However, if your goal is to enhance the yield of certain items such as apples, melon slices, and saplings, utilizing the Fortune enchantment becomes crucial. Therefore, careful consideration is necessary as using Fortune on the axe may not always be a worthwhile investment of resources.

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There are numerous tools and enchantments available in Minecraft. Therefore, when it comes to various combinations, certain ones prove to be more efficient than others. It is important not to confine yourself solely to using the Fortune enchantment on your axe. Instead, experiment with other enchantments for your axe as well. Some combinations, apart from Fortune, are known to be more effective. Minecraft offers a wide range of enchantments and tools to choose from.

Simply continue, enjoy yourself, and discover all of them.

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