How to fix Minecraft Failed Attempt to Join Realm error on Windows 10

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If you need some guidance on how to fix this problem with Minecraft Realms on your personal computer, read on. This post presents a few possible solutions to deal with the issue of failed attempts to join a Minecraft realm on Windows 10.

Eventually, unexpected problems are bound to occur. With that being said, Minecraft also encounters its fair share of obstacles. However, similar to other video games, Minecraft offers numerous captivating gameplay elements that stimulate and test the players’ ingenuity and survival skills. Despite its simplistic visuals, Minecraft has earned a reputation as one of the most beloved video games ever created, allowing players to construct and demolish various types of blocks in a procedurally-generated three-dimensional universe.

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What causes the Minecraft Realms fail error on PC?

Please attempt again later. Some individuals have encountered problems when playing Minecraft on a Windows computer, resulting in a computer error message.

Participate in the game, immerse yourself in a realm, or when initiating the game, the player encounters this issue only under specific circumstances. Not exclusive to PC gamers but also present on iPad, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, it has been revealed that this issue is not limited to just one platform.

Minecraft server congestion and occasional server downtime may also happen because of its network-related issues. However, a prevailing belief is that the root cause of this problem has not been determined yet.

That said, ruling out network connectivity issues such as slow internet as well as intermittent or unstable connection is a recommended solution.

Attempting to join a realm using a login link or code, which is provided by a friend, can result in an error if the underlying cause is an invalid or incorrect login link.

Other factors to take into account when ruling out possibilities include a functioning VPN, firewall, antivirus, and an incompatible version of Minecraft.

Potential Fixes to Minecraft Realms error

Remember to test Minecraft after implementing each of the subsequent solutions to ascertain if the issue has been resolved.

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1. Quit then re-launch Minecraft on your computer.

If this is your initial experience with the error, it may simply be attributed to a sporadic malfunction. In order to resolve this issue, simply shut down the game and proceed to restart it.

If Minecraft appears to be stuck when an error occurs, you can launch it through Task Manager on your computer, searching for it in the background processes.

fix minecraft failed attempt to join realm error windows10 end task

Here’s how:.

  • Open Task Manager by simply right-clicking on the Taskbar located below the screen. In addition, you have the option to utilize the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Esc to access Task Manager. On the keyboard, you can also open Task Manager by using the shortcut key combinations Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Another alternative is to right-click on the Taskbar situated beneath the screen in order to open Task Manager.
  • Click to access the Processes section and then search for Minecraft in the menu.
  • Right-click on it and then select End Task from the provided choices.
  • Additionally, take into account terminating any other unused applications or procedures that are utilizing the highest amount of resources.

    2. Optimize Internet connection.

    Re-establish and then sever the connection to your Wi-Fi network if you are using Wi-Fi. Update your computer’s internet connection to eliminate network connection errors resulting from the underlying issue.

    It is also suggested to conduct a rapid speed test (speedtest.Net). This will assist you in determining whether the error is related to a sporadic or sluggish internet connection.

    fix minecraft failed attempt to join realm error windows10 fixinternet

    Switch it on again, and then reconnect it after the specified duration. Disconnect it from the power outlet and power down for approximately 1 minute, simply perform a power cycle on your wireless router or modem if your internet connection is unreliable.

    If the mistake is fixed, restart the game and verify if your computer can link to the internet upon refreshing your internet connection. Subsequently, assess if your computer can regain network connectivity.

    If you have established various Wi-Fi networks, attempt to connect to an alternative Wi-Fi network and determine if that resolves the issue.

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    3. Configure Firewall/Antivirus to allow access to Minecraft

    In this case, reconfiguring the antivirus firewall is essential to enable access to Minecraft. Eventually, relevant errors may be triggered, and some antivirus and firewall software may also interfere with the game.

    fix minecraft failed to join realm error windows10 firewallexclusion

    Here’s how it’s done on the built-in Windows Defender:.

  • Click the Start/Windows icon on the taskbar.
  • Click Settings.
  • In the Update & Security section, select Virus and Threat protection. This action will open Windows Security.
  • Select the choice to Control settings.
  • Scroll down to the section labeled Exclusions, and then select either Add or Remove exclusions.
  • Choose the Folder choice from the dropdown menu and then choose the folder called Minecraft or Minecraft Realms.
  • To include the game in the Windows Defender exception, simply click the Choose Directory button.
  • That should add Minecraft to the whitelist of programs in Windows Defender.

    4. Set Up/Use VPN (if applicable)

    Gamers have discovered a surprising adjustment via VPN. When attempting to connect to a restricted game server, the same issue arises, just like encountering errors while playing online games such as Minecraft on a computer, due to an insecure link between the device and the internet. This is one of the potential explanations.

    fix minecraft failed attempt to join realm error windows10 vpnsetup

    Your device is also safe from external attacks when enabled with a VPN. A VPN makes your IP address unrecognizable and keeps you incognito. With a VPN, all your data traffic is securely routed through an encrypted virtual tunnel, ensuring a secure connection between you and the internet.

    You have the option to manually include and link to a VPN on your Windows 10 device or utilize any of the complimentary external resources accessible on the internet. There are numerous reliable VPN providers that you can employ on your device, all serving the identical objective. You may choose to connect and add a VPN to your computer by either using any of the free third-party tools available online or doing it manually.

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    Among the latest and best free VPN options for Windows 10 computers, VPN Free Shield Hotspot, VPN Free Windscribe, and VPN Free ProtonVPN are included, along with TunnelBear and Speedify, although their capabilities are limited.

    Once you have set up your VPN account and enabled it on your computer, if you encounter any errors while launching Minecraft, you can fix them by downloading and installing any trustworthy VPN software online. If you wish to improve this, you may adjust the settings accordingly.

    Other Suggestions

    In this case, you should only try to do the thing again later. The problem is that the server is no longer congested or overloaded, so you can only wait until the root cause of the problem is resolved, which is the case when there are too many players in the realm.

    Additionally, please ensure that you are entering the correct username/email address and password to check if the information is valid or incorrect.

    If an error occurs while using a Virtual Private Network, try disabling your VPN temporarily and then try launching Minecraft again.

    Additionally, you can access the console and the Xbox website directly from the manage settings. There is also the possibility to join Minecraft clubs and enable the creation of settings for safety and privacy by checking them.

    Most importantly, ensure that you are playing a stable version of Minecraft on your computer.

    Server upkeep may also be the underlying reason. To verify and observe the present condition of the Minecraft server, you utilize DownDetector.

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